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  1. I have a Rainshadow SUR1204F two-piece spinner. Rated 3/4 - 4. Never seen water. $150 picked up in Duxbury or meet up within reason. I'll post some pics if you're interested.
  2. Payment sent. Thanks for the lesson and the reel.
  3. I'm feeling pretty stupid. I saw the "pickup central Connecticut" and missed the "shipped" in the original post. To add insult to injury, then I write "Fair enough." Now, that's stupid. But I suppose a deal is a deal. And $69 does sound like a fair price -- $60 for the reel and $9 for the reading lesson.
  4. Fair enough. Paypal OK? PM your info and I'll get payment out.
  5. If you're willing to ship on my dime, I'll take it.
  6. I've got a Blackburn rack you can have for free if it's worth a trip to Duxbury to you.
  7. If you decide not to ship, I'll take them, picked up for $45.
  8. Aside from the spool bearings, is everything else OK? No cracks in the frame? No corrosion? Drag is smooth? No missing, buggered, or cross-threaded screws? Etc., etc. If the bearings are the only problem, then I'll take it.
  9. Could you do $70 for the TI musky rod?
  10. Replacement hips --- left and right.
  11. Could you do $70 for the TI musky rod?
  12. I have no use for the cannonball. How about the large ear ball and the Hot Lips for $50?
  13. Could you do $40 for the Do-It Large Ear Ball?