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  1. Correct. Usually a revelation is something that not many people know about. In this case it was just a simple observation that is already widely known and accepted by anyone that has seen this type of cognitive decline first hand.
  2. Agreed. Shes a doctor and should know better. As I get older, I am fearful of losing my mental capacity far more than any physical problems My wife has 50 years experience working with dementia patients and their families. Interviewing them, recording their symptoms and compiling family histories to be filed, as well as monitoring their daily activities. I have asked her to please not let me be seen in public when I start to show the signs. Dr. Jill is not protecting her husband from becoming a joke for all to see. Shame on her.
  3. Installed many kitchens....... I can barely recall doing some of these. It's why I take a lot pictures.
  4. Ive been a carpenter for almost 49 years........always loved my job. Too bad I have advancing arthritis in both hands...time to teach the younger guys so they can take over.
  5. This was a mock up of a bow shade I tried out..... using black pvc pipe stuck into rod holders and through a canvas cloth...was just ok. now im using the anchor shade..... stuck into the rod holder in the casting deck up front. Without shade and the sun beating down...i wilt.
  6. I've got a Taylor Anchorshade that fits into a rod holder similar to this one....easily stores under the gunnels when underway. Hydra shade in that picture. I added a rod holder up in the bow area just for more coverage Bow dodger is another option.
  7. I used autocad to help me layout and build this project....it's a great tool! Worked at a cabinet shop for a lot of years....i did the cad drawings for everything we built.
  8. The nice thing for me is when i need a new one....I will charge it to the company Ive work for the last twenty years. I am doing more work for them in my own home shop.
  9. Mobile base with wheels is a great idea
  10. I've been using the Dewalt 12" for years .....on my second one. If I was buying again I would take a serious look at the Makita 12 Bevel adjustment knob right up front....where it should be. I dislike having to reach to the back of the Dewalt. Just read that it's 9 lbs heavier That is a factor
  11. Mantel for gas fireplace
  12. Built these to cover some structural lally columns.
  13. Thanks .....I'm usually on the job right up to occupancy. Painters start doing wall painting and then trim as soon as its nailed up. We work around each other best we can.
  14. I agree.......dont sub it out.....first time doing somethings can be intimidating.....not this.
  15. Finish stairways are a fun challenge when they arent straight runs Coffered ceilings are another great looking detail that we do every once in a while.
  16. couple more......short walls will be one panel.....on longer walls I layout panels to be more rectangular rather than square....golden rectangle ratio is around 1.6 For me.... It is much less work to layout and build directly on the wall. On the bottom picture you can see a double door with a panel over it......not such a good looking detail to me. Same picture bottom right ...you can see my somewhat awkward attempt to get a panel in that short angled wall.
  17. Thanks......I started as a "carpenters helper"(That's what they called us back then) in 1973...couple of weeks before HS graduation.......learned framing condos on the cape the hard way with a very rugged crew of rough and tough rednecks. Made a man out of me from the softish scrawny teenager I was at 17. Then later on learned the finish work end of things from two highly skilled cabinetmaker types. Next June will mark 50 years in the trade that made me. Im of full retirement age but would rather continue working if possible, difficult with my arthritic hands.
  18. I am so glad that I dont have to deal with customers and the prices of the work anymore. It was always the worst part. Whittling the price down to get the work.....for the customers who think that you are bending them over! Do they realize how little of the price of the job we get to keep? They dont care if your goal is making money....as long as its not off their job. I love doing the work....customers....not so much.
  19. We cut open the subfloor so the post can anchor down into the framing.
  20. i dont think we will be slowing down much..and definitely not this year.....28 house lots just approved, with half already sold and waiting on us to build upon. The higher interest rates may have a delayed affect on us but this subdivision will sell out and carry us beyond next year I'm sure.
  21. After I draw all equal size rectangles....with 3.5" spaces between each and away from the corners, baseboard, and chairail.....I cut miterz on the ends and glue and nail to the drywall/plaster ... the verticle pieces first because they are usually all the same length. There are methods to get equal width rectangles on walls.. along with the spaces between....then measure the long points and cut mitered pieces in pairs for top and bottoma....glue and nail at angles with brads.
  22. So many houses getting framed up...foundations getting poured every couple of days...f
  23. Two of them attacked my pup in our own backyard....he survived but I had to run out the door naked at daybreak and rescue him......my .22 is at the ready and they will be shot on sight! I wont miss!