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  1. Customer provided us with a picture.....a little more labor and material than your average jamb with casing detail
  2. I like it...looks more authentic than the faux panel moulding we just glue and nail to the sheetrock
  3. Maybe you need it spelled out for you..........Parents as in "parenting" in the sense of raising a child to be a decent human being and taking responsibility for them.....not just a sperm donor...... who moves on to the next piece of ass....... and a willimg female participant in the act of sex. Are you really that stupid
  4. For the guys that do a lot of production sanding work the abrasives are as important as the sander. After sanding **** for the last 50 years..... I havent found better performing abrasives than the Mirka brand. Which is better Mirka vs Festool? Mirka offers a better user experience with less vibration and noise which makes using it for a long period of time more comfortable. However, there are other things that you may want to consider, such as price - Mirka's sanders tend to be slightly more expensive than Festool's.Mar 4, 2021
  5. My two guys.....they have had my undivided attention since they were born...no need for them to look elsewhere for guidance. Im very proud of the men they have become. We saw the street sign and realized the photo op.
  6. I aim to "scare" or instill basic decency in the offspring I created. You know fear is a form of respect....as in fearing the loss of someones approval....namely your parents.
  7. Credit to D_L for posting this in free parking ......i thought it would fit in right here
  8. I raised two boys ......grown adults now......If they ever did anything even close to that....it wouldn't be the police or law enforcement they would have to worry about as much as their old man kicking their sorry asses....im 67 and no doubt could and would. They have too much respect for my wife and I as parents to ever do something to shame us. .... just to add that my wife ...who they fear...would slap them silly
  9. Just imagine the impersonations.... poking fun at todays dems would be ..... some funny as hell material.....Lori lightfoot, fedderman, mayor pete, the vice pres and lets not forget brandon! A buddy of mine put an obvious joke about biden on facebook ....they took it down calling it "unverified and misleading information."
  10. Beautiful work I especially like the stairs and front door trim.......can I steal that detail? Heres some other stuff I got in the files.
  11. double post
  12. Beautiful work I especially like the stairs and front door trim.......can I steal that detail? Heres some other stuff I got in the files.
  13. Maybe SNL can get Trump to do his baldwin impersonation....just for laughs. I dont watch the show....do they have a joe biden impersonator? Probably not....no f'n sense of humor when the jokes on a lib.
  14. Yes regular compressors for nail guns wont run the air powered sanders.
  15. They are covered until we need heat for the finish work and the hardwood flooring to acclimate ...at which point they are uncovered....still enough dust around to clog them.
  16. Shipwreck....you are correct. Dont most big cities have a YMCA with a pool?....thats where this inner city kid learned to swim......i didnt cost me a dime. All you needed was a parent to sign you up with a consent form.
  17. Maybe we should fund building ski slopes so inner city kids wont be shut out of yet another sport. Like I was.
  18. Our systems use the 4" deep filters.......but the super fine sheetrock dust gets sucked in the returns and shuts things down. Funny but the filter doesnt even look dirty. My lungs should be clogged by now doing the finish work all these years....but by the grace of god go I. My clothing emits clouds of dust with just a tap.
  19. Sanding can be a bitch.....but it doesnt have to be. Can be a pleasure with the right tool.....well not really pleasure....but the difference is significant.