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  1. Ha ha........I recall an alfred hitchcock episode where a detective comes to the house of a missing woman....to find her husband finishing up troweling a fresh batch of concrete on the basement floor.
  2. Met my future wife in eighth grade.... but didnt date until senior year in HS....married 45 years now.......they are only a problem when you dont obey. Having said that...she is still the best thing that ever happened to me. "Women" cant live with them....cant bury them in the basement" j/k
  3. Our HVAC guy is waaaay behind on these 28 houses we are currently building surprised he hasnt been replaced.......supposed to have ac running before we lay down the prefinished hardwood floors. Boss offered to bring down a window ac for me.....but hasnt showed up yet. These are smaller houses on very small lots....selling price in mid 600k The crew with the hooded sweatshirts on.......what the hell is up with that? Must be chilly here compared to back home...
  4. Guatamalins framing the houses in our subdivision were still wearing their hooded sweatshirts yesterday. I've worked construction since '73...starting out as a roofer/framer. Started a strip and re-roof one hot july ...large commercial building... ..temps in mid nineties all week...with a crew of five newly hired laborers.. in my charge....one by one ...over the next few days.... I watched as they went to their cars and left....by the end of the week it was me and just one other guy. Installing kitchens these days...its hot......but not like being out in the sun.
  5. Savages at play https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1546702323468144640/pu/vid/732x720/MYzQUlxieOPSEvOl.mp4?tag=12
  6. "Sperm donors" would be more accurate.
  7. It does an incredibly accurate and fast job of mitering prefinished panels......I use it on all my kitchen installs. Could I do the job without it? Of course.... but it wouldnt be flawless.
  8. In mostly all cases... money to buy tools should be charged to the job they were needed for to complete...as overhead...never from money intended as wages or profit. These necessities depreciate , wear out, need repairs and maintenance or replacement in time. I've been in the trade since '73....worn out and destroyed my share of tools over 49 years. I'm in a unique situation now...when I need anything in the way of tools....i charge them all to my employers account...no questions asked....ever.
  9. Great job Seadog! Heard the story on the radio! You got some awesome video of a baby whale frolicking right off our coast! *
  10. Thanks....i was very entertained by that.....hilarious......and right on point. I havent heard of him before now...so going to check out some more clips
  11. The only blm signs you will see around here...is on some of the multi million dollar properties in town. Maybe they have reason to feel guilty...i dont know. The working class....blue collar areas have none ....zero. I have nothing to feel guilty about..... and being born with white skin is not a good enough reason to.
  12. I've used pvc...azek for all my backing plates......and I've got plenty of leftover pieces...if you need some.
  13. Ok...I'm offended now But....You and I are getting off the subject of Bidens illness
  14. Whatever makes you happy....I got my man card while you were still in diapers and I've been called worse by better people than you....not offended
  15. I don't think of the observations about Bidens mental state as insults. Some of us have loved ones that have exhibited this deline.....it's not pretty....and doesn't get better.