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  1. Yamaha....because I bought a used one for my boat and it has performed flawlessly. Also see a lot of dealers, mechanics, and parts availability for Yamaha in my area. Also for whatever it's worth, out on the water I must see 9 Yammis for every one of the other brands.
  2. I am very happy with the design and performance of the motorwell on my home built 17' CC. Keeps water out the cockpit with following seas. Valuable storage space in those stern lockers too. I have not had any problems related to fighting or boating fish with this arrangement. The motorwell bulkhead, sides and transom, all mechanically bonded together make for an extremely strong stern.
  3. Best to find plans that you wont have to make changes to the basic hull design. Building a boat is challenging enough and a lot of work, be a shame to put all that effort into an unproven design. This one has a beam of 36"
  4. How about a Tango skiff?
  5. Stitch and glue is one good method...very good but requires epoxy @ around $100 a gallon. My S&G center console build took around 15 gal. and a lot of fiberglass cloth and tape. The jon boat "big mama" was just screwed together with exterior grade screws and glued with pl premium glue...... cheaper, faster and easier for a novice imo..
  6. Two full weekends.......and a few hours during the week in between. In contrast...the 17' center console build took almost 2 1/2 years...due mostly to a limited budget.
  7. Search the gator boat website...... Plans for the boat were $25 ,instructions were easy to follow..... $200 for some cheap plywood......$100 for glue screws and paint. We had a blast with that boat...we kept it tied to a dock at a summer cottage where it got used everyday.
  8. I have built a few small boats including the 17' cc mentioned above. It was a ton of work to build but well worth it.....unfortunately it won't fit into the back of a pickup...lol Years ago I built a "Big Mama" by Gator boats that I did carry in the bed of my pickup...... great little boat that was very easy to build. Powered it with an 8hp outboard....had live bait well under the center seat to keep our shiners in.
  9. Very nice catch! I have been out a few times this week without any sightings....im about 10 miles east.......were you blind casting?
  10. Yes.....so glad I switched to TowboatUS. Signed on with another company before I knew any better, and had to call for help...response was very slow.....had no boats in the area. Fixed the problem myself after being told at least a 45 minute wait. Thanks to TowboatUS, who heard my radio call for assistance, and within ten minutes sent a boat to check on me.....they didn't have to do that......Thanks
  11. On a very dark night me and a buddy were returning to our vehicle...I had a 38# slung over my shoulder on a wading belt.....he saw an angler ahead and told me not to say a word....that telling him would only be an invitation to him and anyone he told to crowd us out of a good spot. I hid the fish as well as I could behind me and sure as **** the guy asks if we caught anything. My buddy responded "nope" and as he did I stepped on the fishes tale and stumbled a bit. Not sure if the guy saw it or not as i went through a cut in the dunes but we laughed at ourselves for being such liars!
  12. Agree completely......
  13. Kudos....good report and continued success.... I launched out of Westport on Wednesday...fished all day, unfortunately I only managed to hook up with a few shorts. Jumping Minnow?
  14. Yup.......I have to check into the fly fishing forum more often now that you are gone to primarily to the fly rod. Nice job man.