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  1. Yes..... Aerial view ......foreground is Cuttyhunk........Canipsit Channel......then Nashawena at top of photo . Nashawena from the hill on Cutty. My first trip..........approaching the harbor at Cuttyhunk.
  2. Cattle cooling off on one of the Elizabeths
  3. I agree....way too cold right now. Maybe the seller would at least agree to test run the outboard engine for him ........using a barrel of water.
  4. Go for it! .....never owned a boat before.......no other way for me.
  5. Bumping this 10 year old thread...The boat has been a great pleasure to use...had some great times with family and friends ....looking forward to the upcoming season!
  6. This is what I found....looks like the right size We having been using Therma-tru for years.... no problems reported https://www.thermatru.com/explore-products/design-your-door/step2/
  7. Have you looked at Therma-tru? https://www.thermatru.com/explore-products/design-your-door/step2/
  8. Code here is ....a 4" sphere cannot pass through.....done stairs on over 100 houses in the last 45 years.....never had a code issue with any of them...yet.
  9. The wider rail is nicer..accepts wider balusters too ....Stair supplies are all picked and ordered before I am involved.
  10. Thanks......here's another....this style is not as popular as it used to be.
  11. I install kitchen cabinets on new houses all the time from very simple to sophisticated. Got one recently that the cabinets and design came from Lowes. Cabinets weren't bad but.... Looking at the plans I could see right away it was a a complicated design...big job with stacked cabinets and lots of optional bells and whistles. Usually we direct our customers to a kitchen designer we use all the time. He's not perfect but when there's a problem it is taken care of right away. But this customer wanted to save a lot of money by going to Lowes. I started noticing missing and incorrect items and plan discepencies right away ...I backed off installing and i brought this to my boss' attention and the customer was notified. Turned into a #^&#^&#^&#^&show when they tried getting help from Lowes. I could see that whoever put this plan together had amateur level experience. Took weeks to get it all straightened out. House didnt get finished on time due to the customers decision to reject our designer to save money.