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  1. Thanks for the heads up Casey. I drive by there all the time but never stopped in. Went there on sunday with my son and got the beef brisket....St. Louis ribs.....pulled pork...mac and cheese....baked beans...cole slaw...potato salad and corn bread....all excellent imo I tried the sauces and liked them too. Definitely going back soon.
  2. Update: I thought I'd add a few pics to this old build thread to show how well my homemade boat has performed its intended purpose.... with 5+years of trouble free fun times fishing....and just enjoying time on the water with friends and family! Still get questions at the boat ramp from lots of people curious about the boats origin. They gaze and ponder....then questions "Who makes that boat? "what do we have here? " "A sixty horse outboard?" "Is that wood"? Then there's the day a police car followed me up to the gas pump and two officers got out of their patrol car...Wife said maybe you didn't come to a full stop at the last intersection.........Nope... just wanted to ask questions.......about the boat.
  3. Fair and honest review of your experience Zak. I'm not a fan of sauces on any of my food....
  4. Customer on this one chose cables. The short walls are because there is a roof structure on the outside.
  5. Fishing gear, like any tool, may or may not be up to the task, and most times you get what you pay for. You can buy a hammer for a dollar and it will drive a nail......chances are it wouldn't last a day on the job. After 4 decades of being in construction....i cant bother with inferior tools. Same goes for the fishing gear I choose.
  6. I've been a carpenter/cabinetmaker for 46 years...and have used Ipe for decking and many other projects and have never had a problem. I like working with it....used Ipe for the coamings and swim step on my boat. Its very hard, heavy and dense...... accidentaly dropped my anchor hard on the coaming and had to check to see if the anchor got damaged...
  7. Never caught one before or since then. Strange but not really ugly imo.
  8. This one looks to have some similar features...Wild River
  9. I've been using an Abu Garcia fishing backpack like this one for the last five years. Very durable....zippers never corrode....so many useful features.......just not sure if they are making this model anymore.
  10. I have been a carpenter since 1973, I was 17 years old and got a job with a framing company building condos on the cape. Right now is as busy as I have ever seen but a lot of the work goes to those with questionable legal status. Some pay no taxes, have no insurance, and offer their employees low pay and no benefits whatsoever, a legitimate contractors price has to cover lots of overhead expenses and customers care only about lowest prices. In the mid 80's I started my own home building and remodeling business and had a good run of ten years. I paid out so much money in taxes and insurance(workers compensation) it makes me sick. I spent way too many evenings doing estimates for jobs that I wouldn't get, customers seemed to always want to pay about half what a job was worth. About fifteen years ago I closed the doors on my business and took a job with a much larger and diverse company. The upside is 40 hour work week instead of 60....company truck and gas card, paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, and bonuses...... no crybaby customers to deal with, no more collecting money for insurance companies and government, no dealing with problem employees, and.................. no more being told my price is too high!
  11. Yep...at the shops they add about $16 in taxes on a 3.5 gram $50 ..... I will exercise my legal rights and grow it myself. Six plants will produce plenty...could do twelve but no need......and according to the law, I can gift up to one ounce each to friends.
  12. "This makes the recreational users the biggest killer of striped bass and not the commercial folks ". What a bunch of crap! Total bull**** story....
  13. check it out....skinny version
  14. I got the trailer assist, worth it, covers problems with the tow vehicle too. I called when i had a problem with my truck at the boat ramp, and the service was excellent.
  15. Thanks Casey....im thinking of starting another build as I transition into retirement in a few years. Going to need something to keep busy.....you looking for an old but nimble deckhand