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  2. From the album Forum Attachments

  3. That was gross.
  4. A day catching nothing sure as hell beats working. Heck, I would even take the hooks of lures and cast in lieu of sitting behind this desk right now...
  5. I would have put them in my car (no, not automobile, lobster car), hung 'em from the dock for two weeks to flush 'em out, then in the pot they would go. I can't STAND when fish is wasted.
  6. I'm thinking of running out to Wildcat Knoll Saturday for some cod. Anyone fish the area lately? I'm thinking water temps. should be low enough to fill a cooler for the Fry Daddy.
  7. Far out of my reach.... now. But, in twenty years they will be one of the few boats built today worth picking up and by then within my range.
  8. Stupid people suck.
  9. How many tons is the condensing unit? Most likely the 'branch' duct in your system is comprised of flex duct. Flex duct = static pressure = poor airflow. Poor airflow around the face of the coil can lead to ice-up. Take a look in your basement and see if there is a bunch of flex duct running between your floor joists. If you have runs over four feet you are wasting energy and efficiency (high static = more energy to power supply fan). My advice would be to replace flex with round duct. Make sure you insulate. I see hundreds of systems 'designed' by installers that all suck. A well functioning system is one that is designed and installed properly. Your coil should not be icing up with a setpoint of 76F. You should also hit a 76F setpoint with little difficulty.
  10. The tag is def. up there. I may ask a friend today at the boatyard, he knows of a few in the water.
  11. Don't you think 5/8 is a bit overkill? Strength is in fibers. Fabmat / 'hairy mat' will offer plenty-o-strength.
  12. Take a Skill saw and cut the decking into sections. Then use a sledge and bust them out. Very quick. You can then use a 4' pry bar with a cats paw to rip out the screws, or run the Skill saw down the length of the joist cutting the screws off. This may make fastening the new decking down a bit tricky though. DEFINATELY use the tongue and groove method of fastening the new decking, much better! Good luck.
  13. Evap coils ice up when they run for extened periods of time and the ambient air humidity is high. Check your setpoint, are you below 70F? If so, try bumping it up to 72F.
  14. Friend of mine was driving from the Cape to NJ this weekend. I asked if she checked her oil. She replies "Ya, it's not on the thingy, but its ok because I'm getting it changed next weekend." I added two quarts to a four-banger.
  15. Has anyone thought of the Surfhunter 25 and Surfhunter Center Console built by Hunt Yachts? Gorgeous boat. Still, IMO, you can not go wrong with the 26' Fortier. One of my all time faves!