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  1. Steve - Doing well. Still working on getting unfinished projects down around the house. Sold my 1st thing in buy sell trade forum ! Beach house fishing rack.
  2. Steve - He's been posting on facebook.
  3. Good point! Was just wondering if id be able to get new caps inside. Thing is, I do not remember Derf ever taking them off once we has the rack set up for the they may be rusted inside ally across.. could get new round bars.....but not sure I will use them enough to warrant $..It's been baby steps back into it..
  4. ok thanks! new caps came with the new towers. not surprised they rusted...been using that set up for decades..
  5. Trying to get my Yakima roof rack on 4runner. Had been on a Tacoma that had clips on the cap of the truck. Bought the towers that attach to the factory rails. In order to do that I need to slip the round bars into the new round bar adaptors. for the new towers. Problem is that I cannot remove the end caps - they are rusted on. Tried WD 40. That is not working. Wondering it I remove the plastic end cap part that is now kind of coming off, and just leave the rusted part in the tubes. Good idea or bad idea ?
  6. ok. SOLD. pending working out details off line.
  7. Not sure how I would get it down your way. No longer have a truck. Not sure if it would fit in back of current vehicle (4runner). Sand Spikes - some could come with it. I may want to keep 1 or 2....been easing back into surf fishing. Holder holds 6 spikes.
  8. Price Drop $550. Custom racks like this one are hard to find !
  9. Schedule 40 anodized aluminum custom cooler/rod rack built in 2007. Was mounted to front 250 ford and 350 Needs aluminum weld for large cooler - we used wood when 1 weld came loose - works fine with wood (included) Pics saved from SOL Sand spike holder on bottom 3 front baskets - large one holds 128 qt cooler ( included) holds 10 rods plus 2 angled Attachments to reese hitches included - with lockable pins Cutting board front mount included 2 license plate holders in front (licenses shown in pic NOT included ) 1 st 3 Pics below are when it was new. Last 4 are current pics. Want $600 cash. Can not deliver - pick up in Lancaster, PA.
  10. There's a pier at Kiptopeke and some sandy shoreline north of pier. Have seen people fishing from pier. Used to overnight there on way to Cape Lookout.
  11. ok good ! Thought the pics got sent around - was always the "project" after we got home.
  12. Totally assumed oak inside would stay same.....that is NOT getting altered ! waited 15 years for that to get done. NOT going to mess that up ! I did replace the 1 window with double glass, low e....looks the same as the Anderson's between the glass. John - no worries. Was going to call you about this - then figured if I posted on SOL, you would probably chime in !
  13. WOW ! Lots of great memories. I know I have a couple CD's of pics from earlier food flings....pretty sure copies were sent to Tim. Tim - if Fred didn't send CD's, I am almost positive he posted them all on SOL. If I am wrong, let me know.
  14. Have been thinking about this for months. Right now I am leaning toward glass replacement for windows in my "sun room'/ remodeled carport.. here are my reasons: 1. Derf wanted to replace sashes - that is not an option. So replacing glass using original sashes is not much different. 2. $$ - A LOT cheaper replacing the glass. I had one replaced as a test. I saved 50% of a replacement (and I have 8 windows) 3. Moisture issue I had last year was cos I has the house humidifier too high. Did get a little inside frost during the last windy, very cold days (below 0). Thinking that the vonyl got very cold and was still related to inside house moisture. 4. If I get new window units, I'll need to replace all the cedar siding Fred and John installed a couple years ago....So, there's some sentimental value to not doing that. 5. I'm better off using $ on insulated indoor window shades. I have insulated shades right now, could upgrade to better ones. 6. The room has a lot of glass, so no matter what I do, it will always be a little cooler in winter and warmer in summer...that's the downside of having so much glass.. Any flaws in my logic ?
  15. Stax - Sorry I missed this post....great to hear from you. Was kind of wondering if you would be back this year - now I know ! She wears the hat well ! Now you need to put a fishing pole in her hand ! Hat should give her some good karma ! Deb