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  1. Stax - Sorry I missed this post....great to hear from you. Was kind of wondering if you would be back this year - now I know ! She wears the hat well ! Now you need to put a fishing pole in her hand ! Hat should give her some good karma ! Deb
  2. Steve, Pretty sure Ginger is still at F + F. Bob Fox moved back to Michigan several years ago. Passed away about 2 years ago. Be prepared for changes down there... Deb
  3. Mid September can probably be iffy....All depends on the wind direction. Should only have issues in early AM and early evening. If staying in cabins, should be ok outside on porch. Walking around at ground level could be another thing. Cabins are filled late Sept - November cos that is when fishing really picks up. Would take bug spray - Kari used to have some at the ferry landing. Natural blend that worked pretty well. Don't know if she still has it. It's a great place to go. Totally different than anywhere else you can go on the east coast.
  4. Hi Dave! Been a long time since I read one of your stories ! ROFLMAO ! I can just hear the 3 of you bickering back and forth !
  5. Sorry for the delays in posting this annual award. Since we did some thing a "little different" it took longer to coordinate everything. For many years, Grandpa Old Spook, also known as “Hawk”, was a colorful, gentle, well respected, and well-loved member of Stripers On Line. He was a man of a simple means, had few financial resources, and at times had to persevere though some difficult obstacles in his life. But he was the kind of person that would give you his last penny if you needed it. He also was always willing to immediately step up and share his experience, knowledge, and advice with anyone that might benefit from it. On July 29, 2005, Hawk unfortunately left this world way too soon, and left a hole in the hearts of those that knew him or had otherwise interacted with him. Shortly after, Bill Charleston, in an effort to fill that hole and to carry on the spirit and memory of Grandpa Old Spook within the Stripers On Line community, conceived the idea of an annual award in Hawk’s name, along with a plaque, which would be awarded each year to a member of Stripers On Line who exemplifies the loving, giving spirit that Hawk showed and shared with us all. This year we are posthumously honoring a two people who were both loved by many and will be very much missed by all, Bill Klein and Hugh Rowan, aka “ Plug”. I know Fred would have wanted them to share this award with him and it is fitting that the 3 of them will be together on the award (as I am sure they are now). As Tim said during discussion regarding the recipient(s) of the 2017 award, "All three were wonderful friends and brothers, not just to each other, but to many others on the site - all three were enormously important in the development and growth of this site from its earliest days - and all three were admins on this site." Bill Klein was well known as the "Keeper of the Krispy Kremes" for always showing up with a couple of boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. He was the admin of the DelMarVa forum, always interjecting his dry humor when the forum got a little fiesty during those long, cold winter months when cabin fever set in. Hugh Rowan, aka "Plug" was well known for the infamous eel pic taken at one of the early Indian River Inlet Flings (IRI), his special spot (the pulpit). He was also an admin for the DelMarVa forum. Both Bill and Hugh loved fishing and sharing their "words of expertise" to anyone that was willing to listen whether it was on the beach or on SOL.
  6. Ummm do not agree about letting toyota service maintain a tacoma. Took mine in for leaf spring recall. Muffler was not seated properly when I picked it up. Also rear clunking on way hoe. They did not tighten the driver rear shock bolts.....never going back to that dealer again....mine is a 2009 tacoma.
  7. Hope this works...pic of tattoo of infamous Plug pic at IRI fling years ago. his daughter had it tattooed on her arm. Really cool !
  8. Fred made yellow and red prototypes for the front rack. We liked red better on beach.
  9. Writing on wall.....has been since Hatteras. Only chance of not becoming like Hatteras is possibility of change in DC.
  10. Bev - Please know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers.
  11. Check out Frisco Woods Campground in Frisco. Not sure if that is too far south.
  12. Thanks for posting Ditch. I had Jean take pics of the memorial board at the fling for me. Had not gotten around to adding pic in here.
  13. I have a couple things I'll bring. Wanted to get more things together, but can only handle being in the camper (aka tackle shop) about 5 - 10 minutes per visit..
  14. Been thinking about you. Sending big hug ! Great to see your stories again !
  15. planning on coming. will bring food (not sure what right now) and donations for auction.