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  1. That sucks man. Sorry for your loss. My parents have been "pretty" good. Dads gonna be 81 and in really good shape, moms 78 and overweight and has a tough time getting around. Thing is, my dad, who on the surface would appear less vulnerable, is wayyy more cautious than my mom. But they're both going stir crazy, and they go to the grocery store even tho me and my brother are over there at least 3 times a week bringing the anything they need. And when I do bring them stuff, my dad is really vigilant about quarentining the stuff for a few days if able, or wiping it down with lysol wipes if it needs to be refridgerated. My mom goes digging thru the bags looking at what is in there, and I'm always yelling at her to settle down. What're you going to do? At their age, they are what they are, and they know the risks. I can't treat them like children, I already have a 22 year old I'm trying to reel in.
  2. My parents had one hanging the back yard the other day, so my father put out 2 halves of an orange, and he came right down to it.
  3. I really like those fishing pictures, especially the top one. If it wasn't cheating, I'd consider them wall hangers.
  4. Me too. Slides in on the bottom left and covers content. PC, Firefox
  5. Timeless
  6. Freaking mocking birds by me go all night. In the spring when the windows are open, it's tough to not want to kill them sometimes.
  7. Common Gallinule
  8. I liked Mick so much more when he was posting pictures of boobies and hineys. This Mick is fun too, but in a really, really different way.
  9. Friend of mine sent me this from NW jersey this morning
  10. I dont know how it works down below Mick, but the burden of proof is placed on the people making the outlandish claims here in the US.
  11. Rt. 97 right above Port Jervis NY. I took this shot from the same spot a couple years ago. Guess I should try to get there in the fall.
  12. The 2 jars of caviar cost $250
  13. Thoughts and Prayers sent Red