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  1. Does it do all of the calibration for you through the software, or is it still something that you have to judge how sharp a picture is and then calibrate it yourself?
  2. I like him too. But 2 nights this week I noticed he didn't bet enough to win if his nearest opponent got the answer correct.
  3. Praying mantis' leaving the cocoon this weekend. After about an hour, we were lucky if you could see one or two. They disperse pretty quickly and disappear.
  4. So, because of @DoorGunner , I picked up a bunch of these praying mantis cocoons earlier this spring. I had never seen them hatch in my life, and the kid in me really wanted to see it happen. My wife sent me a picture while I was at work on Friday of one of them hatching, but of course, by the time I got home, they were long gone. I walked out of my front door yesterday morning to check on them, and one was just starting to hatch. These things are so friggin cool. Me and my family sat and watched them for over an hour as these little buggers popped like blackheads out of the cocoon and dangled, before forming into little tiny mantis' . Naturally, the camera came out and a million pictures were taken.
  5. Had a Rangers hangover and completely forgot about it.
  6. The hatch just blew!!!
  7. That is pretty awesome though, even if the quality isn't there. I always find it cool to capture that moment that might otherwise be missed by the naked eye
  8. They never seem to happen the night before my day off. I may catch a little bit of it, but getting up at 4:30 will keep me from watching the whole thing.
  9. So, you're saying I gotta get them drunk
  10. That's a Lotta bugs. How the hell are you supposed to fool a trout under those conditions?
  11. I thought the big factor was the chip shortage. They have the cars, just not the chips to run them.
  12. Aren't you like 15?