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  1. you got those down there too Mick? My lawn is covered in them right now
  2. At the rate he's winning money, he could bankrupt the production company by then
  3. Some great shot Mako! You take them all from the beach, or do you get in the water? Some of those shots look like you're shooting right down the barrel of the wave.
  4. Mahomes is a no brainer. By Baker, I assume you're talking about Mayfield, and with one year under his belt, I'll wait and see how he develops. Still seems a bit of a headcase to be, but the potential is there. Goff, meh. Hot and cold. We'll see how he performs in big games going forward. Regardless of ALL that, wait and see what those guys get when their rookie contracts are up. They'll be taking home their contracts in a brinks truck, and it'll make Russell Wilson's contract seem reasonable.
  5. This list is ridiculous. Straight up trade, are you taking a 30 year old Wilson, or half of the aging QBs on that list? And Dak and Newton? Seriously? What have they won? I'm not a huge fan of Wilson, but the guy is good, and whatever QB is up next will get the bigger contract. Look at what they paid Cousins last year. And he's useless.
  6. That's the Frank I miss
  7. I got on that road a couple years ago purely by accident. Absolutely insane. Something like 300 turns in 11 miles. My wife and kid were both feeling carsick by the time we got to the bottom.
  8. He looks hungry
  9. Nice Mike! I need to get out and fish.
  10. Very cool tom