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  1. They Live
  2. If true, this really sucks. fm seemed like a really nice guy. And a big part of this forum
  3. Betchya BC wishes he could have those comments back
  4. I'd just like to point out that Frank would've loved this discussion.
  5. I thought about that trade as I typed it, and wrote it anyway. Most teams aren't going to give up a boatload for beckham. Maybe, just maybe, you find a playoff team desperate for a stud receiver, but i don't see it. And even then, a late first rounder and maybe a third? Pass rushers are worth more than just about anything but QB'S these days.
  6. Thank god you warned them. They must've missed your post that day
  7. Problem is, you're not gonna get a stockpile of picks for him. Not because of his attitude, but just because no one gives up a stockpile of picks for anyone anymore. It's just not worth it. One player doesn't make the team, you need a well rounded team. Look at Barkley. Guys a stud, and everything the giants could have hoped for, and the team is still a mess.
  8. Defense is horrendous. Offense is worse
  9. I agree with all you said, but that line might need more help than just RT. Solder looks awful so far
  10. Where's BC to blame the defense on that one again? How many times is the offense gonna set the other team up for the win?
  11. Mick that purple mushroom looks awesome, and scary at the same time.
  12. Really nice Jim. Love the second gourd shot. How's the foliage up there now? Almost over? Might head up to Maine next week for a couple days.
  13. It wasn't in the news last year either, until Trump tweeted about and put it back in the spotlight. Just like everything else, people forget and the next big story comes into the headlines.