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  1. I'm sure you've kept men tied up in more uncomfortable spaces for longer than 14 days before you raped, murdered and ate their bodies.
  2. *He appeared to be backing off awhile back, like maybe he had a conscience, but that ended quickly.
  3. I know. I just told you that. Because you'll be in a straight jacket.
  4. Mick, when the dust settles, and were all still alive, we won't even be able to say "I told you so" because you're going to be locked up in a rubber room somewhere with no access to the internet.
  5. They're disks? How old are you Mick? Take a Frisbee. Hold it straight over your head, it looks round, throw it away from you and it's appearance changes as it flies away.explain how a setting sun and moon don't change appearance. You're psychotic. Fight the urge to kill your family. Please.
  6. Bernie, when Mick finally goes over the edge and slices his family into little pieces, will you feel even a shred of guilt?
  7. It actually has a lot to do with it. If you insist that the sun and moon are not spherical, then their appearance would change as they got further away. Pretty simple if you're not an idiot.
  8. My questions are great. The fact that you can't answer them and it throws off your troll isn't my problem, so don't lash out at me. You try to find these elaborate questions in hopes of tripping people up, but you can't even answer the simplest questions. Poor Mick, sitting in the mental institution telling everyone him and his friend Bernie are gonna save the world.
  9. Thats your excuse for not answering questions? Nice try
  10. He knows how the earth works
  11. What about the other 400 pages?
  12. I already proved you wrong
  13. Is that a scientific answer?