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  1. I'll take this ETA: payment sent
  2. I will take the blue one pm sent
  3. I'm a buyer for the 2 pencils @$185 I pick up paypal fees?
  4. I will take the big don / rm please please send PM ETA: PM sent
  5. I would trade for the green/yellow PM sent Thanks,
  6. This is a new 2014 Luna Looking for a different new Luna pencil Thanks
  7. 2nd bar is new from 2017 Looking for new Dmag pencil. Also consider other fishy 2nd bars. Thanks
  8. Sounds good. Sending PM Thanks,
  9. Marcano, Thanks for posting. Would prefer something less flashy but am curious about the lengths and weights. Thanks,
  10. This is a new 2017 2nd bar in jersey killer. Looking for a new dmag pencil.
  11. I'll take them at $160 Please send PP info
  12. I would like these. Please send PP info Thanks,
  13. I would like these. Please send PP info. Thanks,
  14. Ill take both 2nd bars please send pp info
  15. I would like the large yozuri. please send payment info.