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  1. I appreciate the offer but the perch pattern is what I need with a few lost so far this year.
  2. Picked up a few elsewhere so at this time I'm looking for: Stick shads 182 floating, sinking and fast sinking & 155 in floating magic swimmers 228 in slow sink and 190 in sinking or fast sink
  3. Read the bold part. If this doesn't make sense to you then you really don't understand how the tides work in the canal.
  4. I was there those days and every parking spot anywhere near there was taken so I would hardly put it all on this one angler. I'm also sure you're acutely aware that these "spots" change with each day/tide/time during any particular tide etc.... so the argument that that area is burned is a bit absurd.
  5. I'm with you and appreciate your approach vs. simply coming in and criticizing & telling people you don't know what to do. I see no evidence these fish were out of the water more than any other fish that was CPR'd in the canal though.
  6. Are you his supervisor?
  7. People not following through isn't good form here but first time buyer and all I would be generous with turning this into a lesson vs. a witch hunt. Reply in your thread asking him to follow up. No action on his part just don't offer anything else to him in the WTB section
  8. Just be direct and tell them in a PM. I wouldn't make any offer to anyone who was direct in communicating that with me.
  9. I would take 3 of the 228 magic swimmers for $65 shipped I'll cover the paypal fees?
  10. Shimano says its 300 to convert which doesn't make sense for me. Nice reel and good luck
  11. Will it accept the 5.8:1 gearing from the same year 10000? Also wonder what it would cost?
  12. Looks good. As someone else mentioned, St. Croix has discontinued the current model with the titanium guides and I found 1 new for 465. I would be comfortable taking yours at $375 if that works for you? Thanks,
  13. How much would you like for it cash picked up near the canal? I'm not in any real hurry if it takes you time to be in the area. Thanks,
  14. Sounds good. How's the condition?
  15. Thanks for pointing it out but I have one of those and don't need a 2nd.