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  1. interested in a new baseball cap?
  2. 6.5" body $35 shipped
  3. both for 30 shipped. definately been wet but no damage at all. the darter is black/flo yellow/white
  4. How about a 200g blue mack new $30 shipped firm.
  5. How about a donny jr eelskin? 55 shipped.
  6. I've got an Olive/silver and an all white. Any chance you can use both for 45 shipped? Otherwise I'll do 25 for the olive silver
  7. ratty bandito!
  8. I would take the pencil at 85 shipped I pick up the paypal fees?
  9. I should have mentioned I'm really looking for new plugs in colors other than green/blue/pink mack and no blurple. If you have a new 60g in another color I'm game
  10. I would consider the 2 28g and 1 of the 38g for 2 new 100g in different colors than blue mack depending on the colors LMK
  11. I used it once for about 2 hours the upgraded to a Rupes polisher. No blemishes or defects Has 6" backing plate, 25' cord, 3" backing plate included. $129 shipped conus paypal or MO
  12. Sounds good. Thank you! Going to close this up and all plugs go out tomorrow USPS
  13. Add it for $70?
  14. Sounds good