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  1. any interest in a pencil for pencil trade. I've got a new luna glitter pencil yellow/redhead.
  2. How about 110 I pick up the paypal fees?
  3. PP sent, thank you
  4. I'll take the bassmaster please
  5. No offense but I do all comms in the thread. I'm donating this plug to the christmas family Thanks,
  6. I'm pretty firm on those but i do appreciate the offer Same with these and again I appreciate the offer Sounds good TO ALL WHO PURCHASED, all plugs are packed up and will be dropped at the PO tomorrow am. Please PM me with any questions Thanks
  7. I changed it to $43 PM sent
  8. OK, Green needle to BB13 with the pikie Thank you.
  9. I would accept $43 if that works for you.
  10. New hat $45 paypal, MO or cash shipped
  11. I'll add one of these new stetzko needles for your 2?
  12. I would like this please
  13. all prices shipped paypal, MO or cash 3 BM atom 40's $90 2x1990's and 1 recent run 3 unused BM 6" dannys from older runs. $80 SOLD 2x lightly used Plugcaster darters $65 4x SS darters $55 SOLD 3xnew bottom gently used 2xLarge luna swimmers $125 for the pair Basswoods $25 each WHITE BW SOLD BUNKER BW SOLD All new All new 2x NB smaller size mack bottle darters $40 2x SS mack needles $85 1990's BM CBjr light use $25 New BM jr's $25 each BM Jointed w/JR lip $30
  14. Any interest in these? Gold/cream & Blue/White are lightly used. Both have hand made lips and the blue/white is engraved signed lip. Blue/white has screwed in lip. Black/purple is new but has a couple storage dings. Hand made screwed in lip. LMK