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  1. I'm not going to make this political. It's about a supply chain and product shortage going on around the entire globe. Nobody is unaffected. Food is going to a challenge well into next year. Now go look to see who does most of the processing and handling for the majority of our homegrown food.
  2. I call it the H-2A program.
  3. We're not talking illegals, but you knew that already.
  4. No, all fresh fish are packed into holds when talking about domestic snapper, grouper, swords, tuna, tilefish, wahoo, and mahi. With shrimp there are domestic ice boats and freezer boats. Probably for some of the northern ground fish too. I can't think of a single southern finfish that is frozen at sea in the US.
  5. No. They provide sustainability of the fishery in theory. It's the illusion of freshness and safety that makes people seek "local" fish. Swordfish from buoy bosts in Ecuador are better quality than long trip fish out of the Northeast. Trinidadian tuna is some of the most sought after fish in the business. Of course if you're buying locally pinhooked product, than yes it is fresher. OTH, how is a grouper from a 14 day Gulf of Mexico trip out Florida's West Coast fresher than Mexican day boat grouper that are in Miami 48 hours after being caught? Imports are subject to more scrutiny from the FDA and NOAA. All imports must come from FDA compliant plants, product is inspected more frequently, and NOAA does chain of custody audits a LOT. Imports are much more regulated. They also have to comply with EU standards which stricter than ours (if they ship to Europe).
  6. Lol
  7. Don't eat imported food and don't order from Amazon. Start a boycott.
  8. I agree, but the issues are much deeper than that. The lack of migrant labor is driving inflation too. There's not enough people to work slaughterhouses, process chicken, and other dirty, cold and wet jobs that Americans haven't done for over a generation. We purchase a lot of East Coast white shirmp. We are unloading boats almost every day right now. The run is on as we ramble on here. That won't scratch the surface of demand. Without the supply of farmed shrimp from India and Ecuador, the price of shrimp would be through the roof. Same thing with domestic swords, flounder, tile, halibut, tuna, mahi, snapper and grouper. We buy them all domestically. They are some of the lowest hanging fruit to sell in the seafood industry. Grocery stores with big green signs pay crazy money for domestic product. However, there isn't nearly enough production. It's all seasonal and highly regulated. Then factor that fewer boats are fishing due to the virus and it's a pipe dream to think we can meet demand with domestic only. Developing countries are critical to our food supply. You need to view the whole picture.
  9. How do we do that in South American and Asia? It's really bad in other places, even where there is no "free money". It's just anecdotes but we're hearing about some pretty serious despair around South America and SE Asia. Fishermen are wandering around drunk and homeless because the boats aren't going out. We are getting pinched by food and gas prices. Imagine what it must be like in a developing country as their food costs soar. I have to go to Ecuador next week to ensure that we do have supply lined up. Not looking forward to it at all.
  10. Our containers of shrimp for the holiday season are coming in February. We don't expect relief in the seafood supply chain until sometime after Lent next year. International labor shortage, less fishermen working, delays at ports, lack of reefer containers, lack of air freight capacity, more expensive air freight, competition for available product. Bend over and lube up.
  11. The vast majority of the hospitalized are unvaxed. Everybody knows it now. No more making stuff up because it suits your feelings.
  12. It's delusional bull**it.
  13. Stop making stuff up.
  14. We already know that most of them will be okay. The unvaxxed seem to be in clusters which not good
  15. Crystal meth is easily available too. Third highest violent crime rate in the US. Great place to raise a family.