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  1. Because people stopped drinking the Doofus flavored Kool-Aid and see how an unpredictable "leader" creates unpredictable markets.
  2. Rasmussen....LOL They predicted that the Dems would pick-up something like 14 House seats. Total joke.
  3. The ghouls are heartbroken. RBG is alive.
  4. Millions and millions of illegal voters voting in the primsries. Massive fraud, yuuuuge.
  5. It'll be funny watching you bunch of ghouls as she outlives all of your crackpot right stories and predictions of her near demise.
  6. This cold sucks. Last night it went down the 36 and today we couldn't crack 50.
  7. I wonder which playbook that came from.
  8. QE and the Treasury borrowing money are not the same thing.
  9. As I suspected. Remember all the Republican hand wringing before 2017? Faux outrage?
  10. Tax cuts pay for themselves.
  11. Is it gay if you thought he was a woman?
  12. Calling your friend queer is pretry normal. Being the first on every penis cake, outing, or whiff of gay story is obsessive.
  13. It's been an open secret for years in the PG. Everybody knows.