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  1. Come on, have a sense of humor. We don't even know who the candidates are going to be at this point.
  2. Makes me feel great at bedtime. Non chemical sleep aids are preferable to the Dr prescribed stuff.
  3. That's a rutabaga. You'll get no argument from me.
  4. DeZzzantis When you can't sleep, listen to DeZzzantis. He offers a proprietary mix of a monotone voice and non-thought provoking words designed to quickly get you to sleep. DeZzzantis will help you get your Z's. Non habit forming.
  5. Are we talking 18 year-olds with 16 year-olds or 40 year-olds with 13 year olds? If the former, I don't give a flying ****. If it's the latter, throw the book at them.
  6. No, it is the reason.
  7. And if he ran as a Rep, the overwhelming majority of the PG would vote for him.
  8. No judge wants to waste the court's time with frivolous cases.
  9. They're obsessed with kid sex. It's bizarre.
  10. I believe that people who have sex (rape) with prepubescent children should be placed in general population for the balance of their lives or just thrown off a bridge to spare us the expense.
  11. Anybody can make an allegation. Every single one that made it to court got chitcanned. Are all judges in on the fix?
  12. They call drop boxes "Secure ballot dropoff locations". You can still drop your ballot in a box and illegals can get licenses which, according to Republicans, gives them the ability to vote. It's rigged for sure.
  13. Florida scans all ballots electronically and illegals have a loophole that lets them get get licenses. Does that explain how Florida went from a swing state to one of the reddest ish states in the nation? The fix is in, right?