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  1. It's not fear of dealing with criminals. Anybody who is out there looting, committing arson, or vandalizing should be prosecuted. No excuses. It's the justice system that in part, perpetuates the behavior by returning better skilled criminals to the street and puts police in a position where they assume the worse when dealing with black suspects. It creates a vicious cycle of bad experiences between the police and the communities they serve. The other half of the equation needs to be addressed at the community level. Having a father in jail makes it seem normal to a little kid and he grows up not expecting a different outcome. It's no different than kids who grow up in abusive, unstable, or substance addicted homes. It's far more likely that they'll have one too. People in the community need to get to these kids right away and try to steer them in the proper direction. Easier said than done and it would take at least a generation or more.
  2. You might be right, but wouldn't depraved heart murder or similar be in play no matter the cause of death or toxicology report?
  3. Life changing events for both right? Now get back to us with how much impact your upbringing and life experiences impacted the person you are versus what the government tells you that you are.
  4. Oh, I get it now. Voter fraud is no big deal.
  5. Not if he isn't a resident.
  6. Obviously if somebody commits a crime, they are responsible for their actions. How they are handled by law enforcement and the criminal justice system are matters of the government.
  7. Interesting. This was buried in another story on Fox News and I haven't heard anything else about it. Unless Derek Chauvin was a resident of Florida, it looks like he's not just a murderer but could also be a Republican voter fraudster.
  8. Loaded question or what? What you do you figure the politics of most of the cops who have pulled the trigger are?
  9. Do you really believe that or have you been suckered by the official list of right wing talking points? How much of what the government has said to you has impacted who you are as a person? Now weigh that against the impact that your upbringing and your real life experiences had on who you are as a person. Tell us your findings.
  10. It has a whole bunch to do about race. Just look here on SOL. Some of the very people whose immediate instinct is to defend the cops when they shoot a black man, will cry government oppression over the Finicum shooting. They see a man almost kill a cop with his car and martyr him after the cops shoot him. They see a cop slowly murder a black man for eight minutes and they circle the wagons around the cops or say they need to know more facts before deciding. Maybe it's not racial at all, but it has all of the optics of being racial. If you can't see it, it's willful on your part. If there were a Finicum incident a few times a year, you can bet the house that the militia kooks would be out killing "jack-booted thugs" and declaring themselves victims of a rigged system. The black community deals with exactly these types of incidents on a regular basis. Don't you think it might get inside their heads just a tiny little bit? Do you honestly believe the highlighted paragraph? While it's not you're MO to be hyper-partisan, that's exactly what you're doing. Can we see some stats to demonstrate that blacks are treated equally in the criminal justice systems of Republican jurisdictions and that racial bias only occurs in Democratic jurisdictions? I'd like to read that stuff.
  11. Who doesn't think that looting and rioting are shameful? Do you want me to direct you to some early posts about Floyd and how if he hadn't committed any crimes or resisted arrest he'd still be alive? You only had to watch the video once to see it was a murder, but the immediate instinct for many is to circle the wagons when a cop kills a black man.
  12. I don't care who made the policy. I abandoned the Democratic Party 10 years ago. There's no time like the present to address how we handle low level criminals and if we want to continue down the street of warehousing them in private prisons with sole intent to punish them. I don't know what we expect to happen when they get out.
  13. Exactly. I'm not criticizing the way you run this place, just stating the facts and that those want to see FB or TW get spanked should be careful what they wish for. The next guy could come along and use the precedent to go after something they like.
  14. I'd say about 99%. The cameras will focus on the action. People shouting and holding signs don't get the same coverage as those looting a Target or stomping out police car windows.
  15. This thread is about our approach to law enforcement and criminal justice in general, not just the riots. It is failing. You'd think with the proportion of our population that we keep locked up, we'd at least have some of the lowest crime rates. Instead we return people to the street better educated at committing crimes than at doing anything productive. It's a fool's errand to think it's doing any good to lock up so many people in punitive incarceration system and expect things to get better. I'm not talking about the worst of criminals, so please don't come back with murderers and serious violent criminals.