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  1. You can thank me later. I send piles of money to the FL dept of Revenue every month. Glad I could help you both out of the hospital and I hope that you're okay. That's how socialized medicine is supposed to work and it's good to see you advocating it. Any other meds you think should be covered by the taxpayer?
  2. Confucious say man who bite fingernails no scratch ass.
  3. Is your mind soft? Why are you people so easily suckered by short clips from right leaning sources? I thought you were a deeper thinker. Guess not. You probably think the election was stolen because you saw narrated videos on the internet. You saw what they told you to see because it's what you wanted to see.
  4. Rant. Take a deep breath. It will be ok.
  5. You mean right wing news outlets?
  6. Idiot > Trump Pretty sad, but true. It's gotta sting knowing the guy you voted for lost to a rutabaga.
  7. Nope, because all of it has something Chinese involved, whether it's the packaging, the dyes in the labels, the fertilizer for the grapes. Something Chinese is almost certainly involved in the production process.
  8. There is not button to shut him off. Fake news.
  9. Make a list of products with zero ties to China. No Chinese components, no Chinese chemicals, no Chinese anything.
  10. There is no button. Risch is a total sucker for fake news as is anybody who bites on this story.
  11. Sen Risch was suckered by fake news. Righties are so gullible.
  12. Supposedly most of his inner circle was in on the call. What the hell was the matter with the man?
  13. Now that's funny. If the same thing were happening to Biden, you'd be calling them Patriots.
  14. But but but.....Anything except the subject at hand.
  15. Just how unstable was Trump?