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  1. You epitomize the constant rhetorical talking points spilled by the right daily.
  2. I've answered the rhetorical nonsense eight ways to Sunday.
  3. Full blown TDS. BTW, efficient doesn't belong with twice as costly as any place on earth while leaving 10s of millions without coverage. Highly profitable for insurance companies, yes. Inefficient and bloated, yes.
  4. Point other than mad rant?
  5. No, you don't know. Really, you don't have any idea how much private insurance costs if you're comparing Advantage premiums of today to personal plans of yesteryear.
  6. A white guy shot Las Vegas to high holy hell. A white guy blew up a building OK City. Should we have "healthy skepticism" about white men?
  7. With the insurance companies involved every step of the way. Rhetorical.
  8. And that proves exactly my point. It's an unhealthy fear that isn't real.
  9. To feed the pigs that feed the government.
  10. The insurance companies all but wrote Obamacare. It's garbage.
  11. How is it healthy to believe that everything bad in the world is caused by Muslims and illegal immigrants? I don't see that as healthy.
  12. Dirt cheap in comparison to the crap the insurance companies are pushing. The doctors and the patients get squeezed while the insurance companies rake it in.
  13. I feel like Obamacare was passed because he sold his soul to the insurance industry. It's garbage that he pushed through without trying to take on the insurance industry. More accurately, it was like a wet dream for them.
  14. Our seniors get great medical care and have access to more doctors than I do with UHC. Only in the US do we have an entire industry dedicated to skimming off huge amounts of healthcare dollars without providing so much as an aspirin. It's nuts.
  15. Bernie took them to school on healthcare. Pretty funny to watch. I'm sure Fox stacked the audience with libs so that Bernie would look good. Or maybe there are a lot of people who are really pissed off with the healthcare system in the US.