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  1. Does your dick hurt from having a woody for almost everything I post about Trump and fantasizing that I'm all bent out of shape over him?
  2. You mean like Trump's father coming here from Germany and spreading German style hate by refusing to rent to blacks? Stand up kind of immigrant, right?
  3. All of them except one was born in the US. What ****hole country are we talking about? It would be no different telling Trump to go back to Nazi Germany and not expect his supporters to get all twisted up.
  4. Wound up? It's pure entertainment for me. It's his minions that lap this stuff up who are wound up.
  5. Of course alluding to people of color and telling them to go back to the ****hole countries they originally came from isn't racist. It is calling the US a ****hole because that is where they are from. Nice to know what Trump thinks of his country.
  6. Behavior unbecoming for the President of the United States of America and his base goes out of his way to defend it. What has become of the Republican party?
  7. Just whooping up his base. Playing the race game is sport for them.
  8. But, but, but the labor force participation rate. 96 million Americans not in the workforce. Anybody remember how focused Republicans used to be on this stuff?
  9. Didn't a member plant a Lep Stick on a deserted rock island and leave it there like Neil Armstrong planted the American flag on the moon? Or am I misremembering?
  10. He'd be a huge supporter of socialized medicine and EBT cards. Definitely wouldn't have voted for Trump with all of his dalliances and caging of children.
  11. God loves liberals. His son was a liberal too.
  12. Total loser opposes the Patriot Act, tariffs, and civil forfeiture. Must be a commie.