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  4. I'm in.
  5. Yes, it was called Fly Fishing Profiles and it was on the Outdoor Network.
  6. Yup yup. Love the Nitto Terra Graplers. Have had them on for 60,000+ miles and still have a decent amount of tred left.
  7. Reel #1 SOLD to NickDub. Will send PM now with payment details, etc. THANKS!!
  8. I cannot post pics from my DoD computer, but will get some up tonight once I get home. Thanks!
  9. SOLD Nautil with 30# power pro to midwestexcile (great screen name, BTW). Will PM you payment information and get your mailing address. Thanks. STILL AVAILABLE = Never used nautil without line....
  10. Gents, I've got two Mitchell Nautil 7500 (yellow) spinning reels for sale. Both have the large, stock "banana" handle and have NOT had the bails modified. One has NEVER had line on it and comes with reel bag and spare spools. The 2d has 30# power pro and was out fishing ONE time and also comes with the reel bag and spare spools. Asking $135 each, prefer payment via Paypal or MO. Pics available upon request.
  11. Bumpin' to the top.
  12. I'm away this weekend, but I can get a few up early next week.
  13. How about I meet you 1/2 way @ $125.
  14. St Croix doesn't make a 3-piece 10# Legend Ultra flyrod (at least according to cabelas website), which is why I'm asking.
  15. For the old is the rod? Can I see a pic of the full pick of the reel seat anf fighting butt? I'm assuming a 4-piece rod, correct? Very interested...thanks.