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  1. That's about the boat I want. May be a touch smaller. Will begin serious looking in the fall when people are looking to get out of payIng maintenance and storage. Wish you better luck with catching, lucky
  2. OSV?..first I need decent 4Wd vehicle! Actually been taking my time doing the research watching what the locals have to decide on what to get in a smallish boat. Looking at a Carolina or maritime skiff.. I have slip. No, not fast And furious anymore! Now Slow and content
  3. Have lived here full time since last summer. Downtown OC bayside. We avoid the boardwalk during high season after sundown. Have not had not had 1 issue or ever felt unsafe. Neighbors have all been friendly..... But it is a resort town, so your going to have issues with those overdoing the partying.. Common sense should tell you more on how to avoid. Love the place. No regrets. Now I just have to learn where the fish are
  4. No. None at all. Fishing sucks too. Nothing to see or do here.
  5. Nice thread topic idea. -cousin was real sick with long haul..heard yesterday..she's now out of the woods. -And I dropped some decent weight on new regimen since NYD. Things looking up!
  6. Much rather have NO self service like NJ and OR. recently was filling my car and girl pulls up, puts nozzle in her car and walks into the convenience store. Then a hammerhead pulls up to next pump a beater and gets out with a lit cigarette in his gob. Another guy says something to him to put it out, and his answer. "FU make me". Also always liked the jobs for young HS kids Full Service stations provided. You guys trust your fellow Americans to be playing with gasoline while you stand there?
  7. ^^ Exactly. The person in the Jeep needed assistance for sure. Sheesh. But then after listening to the radio/audio & phone call I think I understand.. So glad we're leaving this s**thole Island.
  8. Agree. Smoking very bad. That's why I only use the edible weed.
  9. FWIW, open container, and even Public Intox, are only Violations in NY. Like a traffic ticket. Not criminal offenses.. So... drink up Shriners.
  10. Ron White Dennis Miller Andrew Dice Clay
  11. okay.. yeah right.."virtue signalling".. so if one ever talks about doing something with any degree of potential self-sacrifice for the good of other people esp those may not even know.. or if you ever mention yourself as being or doing something patriotic.. you're "virtue signalling".. what a crock. Some are just hopeless..but I knew that already. Carry on selfish ones. That's not a "signal" -that's calling it what it is.
  12. Fully vaccinated. I did it for myself, my family, friends, the people I come in contact with and for my Country.
  13. great choice! and Axl Rose may have range- but that does not mean he has a great voice (IMHO). I can't listen to him.
  14. Exactly. Well said and thanks.