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  1. Name: skywalker (Luke Ferrone) Live: Cary, North Carolina Paddle: Scupper Pro TW (Just learning to paddle) Where I fish: Outerbanks and Monmouth County, NJ when I visit Occupation: IT Project Manager for Swiss Engineering Company
  2. Welcome to the World of Fly Fishing! Catching stripers on a fly is great fun. Since the fly line is in your hand, you are directly in contact with the fish when it strikes. Also, it is a great feeling to catch a fish with a fly that you tied yourself. (Should you learn to tie your own) Your choice of a nine weight to start is a good one. It is probably the best all around salt water rod size. I use my nine weight the most. As to the choice of flyrods, you should cast a number of different rods before you choose. There are many good ones to choose from. I personally like TnT and G. Loomis. Cost can be a big concern though. I understand that St Croix makes a good rod that is reasonably priced. The larger manufacturers will also give you a lifetime warranty on the rod against breakage. As to the reels, you should get one with a good drag. Again, there are many good reels to choose from. I like Islander and Tibor. I have had no problems with them as I routinely wash them after each use. To start, I would equip the setup with a full intermediate line to start. Stay away from shooting heads until you have some experience. Good luck!
  3. JonS, The big stripers are being caught at the shoals off of Oregon Inlet, although some are being taken off the beaches. Manns Harbor is a good choice for yaks as long as the wind is not form the North East (like last weekend). Easy launching from the west side of Umstead bridge.
  4. MikeC, You are correct with your fishing report. I saw an inshore boat return from off OI with some very large stripers. I also fished at Manns Harbor the last two weekends and the striper fishing has been incredible (even when wading from shore). Good luck with your trip.
  5. I have a Tibor Riptide on my 10 WT. G.Loomis GLX. It is a sweet setup. Nicely balanced. I have caught a couple of good sized albies off the beach with my 9 weight which has an Islander 4.0W on it and it performed perfectly. The albies took a good amount of backing in their first run, but at no time was I at risk of being spooled.
  6. I took a look at the Scotty Fly Rod holders on their Web site: These look great! Did you use one of the Scotty mounting systems to attach it to your boat?
  7. I might be interested in joining. Are newbies invited? I moved to NC in March and am just getting into kayaking.
  8. Thanks for the advise. I have a small boga grip but did not even think of using it. This seems like the perfect solution.
  9. Does anyone use a net to land decent sized fish from a yak? I was wondering how this is done safely. I could see how lifting a good fish onboard could be difficult.
  10. dougie, I figured as much. Good, this is one thing I do not have to consider while searching for my first yak. BTW - What yak do you fish from?
  11. Domer, I live in NC since March - oringally from Freehold, NJ and have yet to fish Harkers. I may be interested in meeting you and sharing a guide. When do you plan on making the trip?
  12. Does the color of the kayak matter if you are fishing in shallow water? I can see that a bright colored kayak could be safer. Thanks
  13. Thanks everyone for excellent advise and education. It will certainly help me make an informed decision as to the yak I purchase. I can adleady see the value in having more than one yak given the different waters and situation I may encounter. I will keep you informed on my decision. I am very excited to get started.
  14. Can anyone give me tips on where to fish in the Outer Banks during November/December? This seems like prime water to fish from a yak.
  15. JonS -> Thanks for your reply, this is very helpful. I recently moved from Monmouth County, NJ to the Raleigh, NC and will be fishing inside the outer banks which is huge water. You mentioned that the Tourer is good for longer distances, which I will need to cover at times. Is the Tourer stable enough to flyfish and with a little practice stable enough for a newbie? Obviously, one yak will not cover all situations. Also, you mentioned that Cobra is having a sale. What should I expect to pay for a fully equiped for flyfishing Tourer or FnD? Thanks!