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  1. (LOL...the other pic, I was trying to create a collage on my phone to post it. Didn't work out so well. I should have just posted the pics separately. Grip was too big, wrap was too small, couldn't see the details in the red shades.)
  2. This one turned out nice in person. That red almost shimmers like a jewel.
  3. From the album cross wrap pics

  4. From the album Decorative Grips Photos

  5. Time for me to add to the thread.
  6. Nice!
  7. I knew I should have patented this wrap when I started doing them on a regular basis....
  8. Yup, there is. I have had a few. I think they were special order. I got them from a buddy who had them made, if I remember correctly. I just looked, only identifying marks on it are W.B.P.S-24.
  9. Walking passed this in the rod rack, the way the sun hit it, I had to take a pic. The side view of the sparkler I posted earlier.
  10. From the album cross wrap pics

  11. Figured I would throw this in the mix.
  12. From the album cross wrap pics

  13. I will take the 525. I will swing by and pick it up.
  14. I got tired of worrying about my guides taped on quite a few years ago. For the last 4 years or so, my tourney rods have been wrapped with thread and just enough epoxy to hold the threads in place. So little, it isn't even pooled on the thread, the thread texture is still there. I haven't had to worry with it. I did pull 3 guides out one time on a crack off, but that was 1 cast out of many hundreds.
  15. I like that Mako...