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  1. 16 mins ago, Maine Guide said:

    It will be interesting. A good portion of my time at work was spent entertaining. The Palm, Smith & Wollensky, Del Frisco all saw plenty of the corporate Amex. 


    Even on Monday nights in Boston those places were packed.  I’m sure the vast majority was corporate money being spent.  I cannot imagine they will ever see that kind of volume again. 

    I'm a management consultant and our company is planning on completely remote business through spring 2021.  We're primarily in data analytics and resource optimization, human and capital.  I spent 60+ nights in hotels last year, 100k miles on airplanes, tens of thousands on rental cars and restaurants.  I'm one of a dozen people in my position, and we're a relatively small firm.  Even our sales team is setting remote appointments, and they travel more than our project teams.  The travel/dining/hospitality industry is really going to suffer from these kinds of losses. I know we are not the only company significantly scaling back our on-site appointments.

  2. Larger jerkbaits - 15 total, all in new or like new condition  $37 shipped

    5 F7's

    3 Countdowns

    5 Husky Jerks

    1 F9

    1 X Rap




    Smaller Jerk Baits/Crankbaits - 15 total, new or like new - $35 shipped

    3 F5

    1 F5 jointed

    1 small countdown

    1 salmo

    1 pins minnow

    1 small yozuri rainbow trout

    1 rebel swimmer

    1 rebel crankbait

    1 rebel crawdad

    3 husky jerks (HJ6, I think)

    1 Rattlin Rapala



    Larger spinners - 11 total - new or like new $22 shipped


    1 1/4oz rooster tail

    2 Mepps Black Fury #3

    6 Mepps Aglia #3

    1 Mepps XD #3

    1 Blue Fox Vibrax #3



    Smaller spinners - 10 total - Mepps, Rooster Tail, Blue Fox - Sizes 00 to 1

    $20 shipped



    Spoons - 35 total - $60 shipped

    Acme Little Cleos (1/6 oz)

    Kastmasters (1/8 7x, 1/4, 1/12)

    Acme Phoebes

    Mepps, Luhr Jensen, Acme, Thomas, etc.


  3. 2 hours ago, Jay Dog said:

    Not questioning what her work is worth, but if there are 20 kids in a class at 2-3K per course thats 40-60K the college takes in per course and actual instructor cost is 10-15% of revenue taken in. 

    Original question was high cost of college due to salary of instructors.I don't think that is primary cost 

    I work as a management consultant in the higher ed and healthcare industries.  Faculty costs are absolutely not the primary factor in increasing tuition rates across the US.  It's actually one of the areas administrators have tried to trim the most, by way of using more adjunct faculty and TAs.  


    A few of the big hitters driving up costs:

    • Rapid and constant changes in technology over the last 15 years and the necessary infrastructure to support it
    • Aging campus plant and infrastructure, and the increasing maintenance and repair costs
    • Insane growth in administrative departments, including adding departments that never existed (Office of Sustainability, Diversity office, etc.)
    • Expanding campus footprints and adding lavish student amenities (rec centers with climbing walls and lazy rivers, large residential suites with private baths, etc.)
    • Decreasing pool of incoming students means price per student has to go up to maintain expenses
    • Decreasing State Appropriations to higher education

    You will see significant numbers of small, private campuses closing in the next 10-15 years or being swallowed up by larger campuses.  You will also see a number of public, regional institutions close or consolidate.  


  4. On 5/15/2018 at 7:32 AM, albacized said:

    I know Atlanta is the hub for Delta Airlines and from what I recall (from like 10 years ago), there are numerous concourses to access various gates for Delta flights (with an underground train that accesses all the gates) - if I have an hour and half layover, are all these concourses close enough so I can relax, go find some food, then walk to the gate? At this point, I don't know the gates yet, since  this is still over two weeks out, but assume its the farthest distance between gates

    I fly through Atlanta weekly on Delta.  There are delta gates at all all concourses in Atlanta (T, then A-F).  Atlanta is huge, but you should still have plenty of time for a meal and to walk or tram to your gate.  The best restaurant at ATL is One Flew South in Concourse E.


    Other good spots are Chick Fil A and Varasanos in Concourse A, Paschals in Concourse B, and Chicken + Beer in Concourse D.

  5. 16 hours ago, mcdonams said:

    Any way you can put up a couple more pics of the continental rucksack?  e.g. w/ top closed, inside, back, etc.  any idea how long ago it was purchased?  Trying to figure out if it's the newer version.  Thanks!

    I can post more pics, but it will take me a couple days.  It looks new inside and out. I bought it probably 5 years ago, and used it once.