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  1. In your mind, did she prove she was Native American?
  2. If she used it in relation to any employment, then she may have used it for financial gain. As we know, minority status is the Holy Grail on an Ivy League CV. Much more so than actual achievement. It's hard to overstate or minimize her actions. We'll never know if she would have her job at Harvard if she hadn't claimed NA status prior to her employment there. Nobody really knows. We just know that she made the claim in an official capacity prior to working there. It's also pointless to assume emotions and motivations on Trumps part. We'll never know that either.
  3. Greetings Aquacide, All is well. Hope all is the same with you. She has definitely claimed to be of NA ancestry, and to have had her mother experience prejudice because of it. The DNA evidence doesn't suggest enough recent ancestry to support that claim. She has also used the NA designation in her career Per Snopes "The legitimacy of Warren’s claims to Native American heritage has certainly been challenged by many critics, and it is true that while Warren was at U. Penn. Law School she put herself on the “Minority Law Teacher” list as Native American) in the faculty directory of the Association of American Law Schools, and that Harvard Law School at one time promoted Warren as a Native American faculty member. But specific evidence that she gained her position at Harvard (at least in part) through her claims to Native American heritage is lacking. But, there's enough ambiguity to the claims and counter-claims that both she and Trump will declare victory, and fuel a few news cycles over it.
  4. She and Trump can sit down and compare their "semi-truths" and the names people call them.
  5. Trace amount of ancestry, well below the threshold to be legally considered a NA.
  6. Legally she's not even close to being Native American
  7. That may be the best advice ever. If you;re mentally and organizationally ready for the wipe out, you're less likely to have it happen. Sometimes you set up perfectly and still get caught by a nasty wave coming in. If your mind is in the right place, you'll deal with it more effectively. The best thing to do is to set aside some time just to play in the surf with your boat.
  8. That they did. Just like the joke about driveways and parkways.
  9. Surfskis are long and thin and made to ride along with waves Wave skis are short and are made for surfing (sort of a sit down surf board)
  10. I think that comment is the foundation of most conflict Assuming you know the negative emotions of those you disagree with is dangerous territory. (Let's face it, you really don't) Assuming you know the psychologic state of those you disagree with is even a step further into the abyss
  11. Ever try anything from Island Waveski?
  12. I do miss my Sea Dart. The Shearwater uses the same hull cross section design, just narrower. Classic boats.
  13. More and more manufacturers are making plastic rec/surf skis. Epic's V7 and Nelo's 510 are good examples. The have storage and are easily modifiable. Still pretty light. Stealth makes dedicated fishing ski's but center of gravity is a bit high for me. Also hard to come by. If you can find an old Heritage Shearwater, that's a pretty good compromise, but that's a skeg boat. Also pretty high COG for what it is. But, caveat emptor, you really want to be comfortable in a narrow hull and know how to use 2ndary stability.
  14. I would never put a hole in the hull, but that's just me. I just bungee it down and cast when I take a break
  15. My bad, it's actually an "under hull rudder" . I do have a boat with a fixed skeg but it's not big enough to make the boat go stern to the wind.