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  1. Not afraid to talk about the plusses and minuses of Trump
  2. Since our foundation is built on the belief in a higher power, it would be hard to justify that prejudice.
  3. Maybe I'm wrong, and please correct me if that's the case, but when has a bill not come to the floor because it failed the test of religious motivation?
  4. Who cares. There's no litmus test for the motivation for your beliefs. We vote on ideas, not why we hold them.
  5. Why is it a big deal?
  6. The reason it went 9-0 was that BLM would have gotten to raise their flag with no objection
  7. There are a lot of people, and institutions, who went hard in the wrong direction on this one. They ignored "the science" and scientific reasoning in the process. They suppressed reasonable criticism. Don't if the egos involved will be able to handle the reckoning.
  9. Anyone notice this case:
  10. I'm curious how you can know that half are due to genetic anomalies if they are "unknown" genetic anomalies.
  11. We'll if it's a human fertilized egg, that would make it a human being, so there's that
  12. To the point that you can be sure that either is acting responsibly and ethically, like when they decide to reassign the gender of a child.
  13. California tried to outlaw it, courtesy of the woke medical community But talk to anyone who's taken care of elderly uncircumcised men and you'll know exactly why it's a pretty good idea The WHO does mass adult circumcisions in developing countries. They know why it's a good idea.
  14. Unfortunately, you can't rely on the sanity of any of them