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  1. Doesn't fit. There are places that didn't spike for months with minimal mask use. There's something else going on here.
  2. That would be a good point if you look at the down slope, but doesn't explain the spikes. The spikes happen in states with every level of intervention. California and Hawaii never opened up and they have the same effect as states with much less aggressive intervention. Seems like states with some level of population density are a bigger predictor
  3. Keep an eye on the green shading, that's downward trending
  5. So, now that Joe's got a VP, is there any reason at all to support his current platform?
  6. It's amazing how trying to be happy doesn't make you happy. Life is full of paradoxes
  7. It's a recurrent theme. Happens all the time in the Old Testament. Humans have a remarkably short memory and a strong tendency toward self destructive behavior. Think of the folks God rescued from Egypt. Think about all they witnessed. A few years later, they're making a golden calf. We've just moved on the latest golden calf.
  8. There are more intelligent atheists than this, but it's good to know the arguments.
  9. It's mentioned repetitively in the Declaration. The critique only applies to the Constitution. According to our founders, the core of our rights only exist because of the existence of God.
  10. There's the first two paragraphs right above. Why don't you count all references to God or a creator
  11. I am sorry about your dad. The local coroner may have signed the death certificate and it reflects very poorly on them, unless they actually called his family physician. They could have put respiratory arrest/cardiac arrest and used hypertension as an associated cause. If he had unilateral leg edema at the time, they could have speculated that it was a pulmonary embolus causing respiratory arrest. All moot at this point. As far as the Covid diagnosis as cause of death, you should have at least something that suggest covid. Even then there are many more possible causes of death that look like Covid that aren't Covid. So when is it responsible to list an unproven diagnosis as a cause of death. When you're in the middle of a pandemic, you want the best data you can get. Life and death decisions depend on it. As it is now, there area bunch of Covid ICD-10 codes that don't require any proof of cause.
  12. Here are the federal guidelines as of March: You don't have to like it but it is guidance The states that didn't lock down initially didn't have the early spikes places like the NE had, so it's not obvious it was needed. There's also evidence that lock downs don't off any real solution over the long haul. Hawaii has essentially shut down tourist travel since this started and quarantined everyone else. They're doing there own spike thing right now. There's no reason each state had to follow the same exact policy. Not seeing much or the "raging" or "uncontrolled" thing, except in the speech pattern of Trump haters
  13. Death certificates are usually signed by the decedents primary medical provider or attending provider if they were in the hospital. They usually have some knowledge of the patient.
  14. It was a deliberate misstatement based on partisan angst. IV disinfection (not with Chlorox) has also been researched. He was briefed on the novel research and brought it up in a presser. He took HCQ as a prophylaxis, like thousands of health care workers were doing at the time.