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  1. sorry have to pass
  2. hot chillys long johns for base layer
  3. wts bm Donnie jr's blue one is deep diver both new $95 shipped - I am not splitting - no paypal - mo or check
  4. rm smith poppers are $18 each top one is $15 it has a mark on it plus shipping top picture second one down rm smith danny is 5" and 1.8oz $25 new plus shipping 2nd picture 2nd one down rm smith peanut new 4" 1oz $25 plus shipping 3rd one down is used unknown builder 4.5" 1.1oz $15 plus shipping
  5. $95 shipped
  6. I have these bm Donnie jr's new blue one is marked red lip deep diver
  7. poppers top 4 are rm smith 3" - 1/2 oz top one used but great shape next 3 new then 2 - 1oz gibbs 3.5" bottom is new
  8. ok I have dannys small jrs and poppers first picture is dannys a ruru 1.5oz , 2 new afterhours 1.8oz new , beachmaster 1.4oz new, BC 1.8 new--- second picture is small jrs 1st unknown builder 4" -1.5oz rm smith new 4" at 1oz next 2 unknown builder 4.5" at 1.1oz and a BC is the builder 5" 1.4oz new and I think unknown frog pattern 4" 1oz new
  9. ill put some pictures up tomorrow
  10. ok pm me your info
  11. gill netters are catching none and are monk fishing and you cant sell your tags you have to go on there boat but they are not even setting there nets fish are all 2 miles off the beach
  12. i would take 1/2 of them if you want to split
  13. try sp minnows or bombers or a danny plug at night real slow
  14. any chance I can get 5 and 14