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  1. I was prescribed Colchicine by my Doc. It worked great at flare up. It wasn't FDA approved. In 2009 it was patented with the brand name Colcrys and became unaffordable to me. I have a stash to last for awhile. Don't know about Allopurinol is but I will inquire with my PCF at my next physical. Thanks.
  2. It's no joke. I have the prescribed medication from my PCF and would rather down pomegranate juice at inception than take another pill. It hurts my stomach. Thanks.
  3. Waded out far enough , started punching the wind and ended up with a nest. Peeled line off to fix and plug wash washed up on shore. Pissed , I just ripped it off the rocks knowing it had to be fowled and bamm. Never forgot that night, not the first time. My mentor told me the wind is your friend , just know how to deal with it. Thanks.
  4. Aside from pregnant women and some of us with gout issues, fish with the highest Omega 3 content would be my go to. Wild salmon, sardines, mackerel, sprats to name a few. Thanks.
  5. Nighty night, the tog don't bite. However, on an overcast day my mentor put foil on the sinkers and added a small spinner just ahead of the offering. He schooled me three to one. Thanks.
  6. I hope the pic was a joke. The demarcation zones , both horizontally and vertically are way off , big time. My best advice right now is for you to research USDA cut charts. If you are serious , visit The Meatworks Livestock Institute in Westport Ma. for a walk thru. The knock section is off limits but further processing and smoke room should be open. Call first. Thanks.
  7. Save the stomach, tie up the open ends and inflate it. Makes a nice kick ball for the kids . Thanks.
  8. OK. with respect. If I get a call for a 4lb rump roast , it comes from the bottom round. Got the order for two spoon roasts and cut them from a hip, which is also from the rump. They are related and both are attached to the aitchbone. Thanks.
  9. You are wrong in so many points. Don't have the time to dissect and elaborate now. But I will. With respect, thanks.
  10. With respect, flour and yeast will be harder to come by to make a traditional style pie making that pizza oven obsolete . Thanks.
  11. TC, this is it. Thanks Chit for your post.
  12. OK , here's my report SOL style. Went out the other day at a UDL landed three stripers , one was legal. Sorry , if you want a pic I can show you the turd in my septic tank. Will be going out early tomorrow , my day off, to a fresh water UDL hoping to get three more trout to make a total of nine from what I have for the smoker. I've been getting my limit using the ###%%.&&& in no time. As an essential worker from the get go , I'm tired . Hope you liked my report. Thanks.
  13. Beautiful weave on the bacon. The stuffing you used is awesome. Thanks.
  14. Bait fish , Ebb tide, before false dawn. Good luck. Thanks.
  15. With respect, I've worked at a USDA inspected abattoir as a master cutter and processed many retired dairy cows. As far as the knuckles , you missed where I typed they where USDA. Thanks.