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  1. ship
  2. bar
  3. Broke multiple ribs while working , self employed at the time. Needed my yard cleaned up before the impending snow. Called a landscaper/clean up guy one block away, no response for a week. Went to a gas station for ciggs and saw a beat up pick up , four different colors with rakes. Asked them if they would clean my yard. They followed me to my house and did a perfect job, working into the dark with lights on there heads. Guatemalans. I see the owner now driving in a fleet of shiny new vehicles. Thanks.
  4. Can't find a supermarket meat cutter these days. At one time there was an apprenticeship program but no longer. The Old Timers that where taught the correct ways are now all retiring. So much knowledge lost , it's disturbing. No school for the trade and the culinary art graduates aren't meat cutters , I've witnessed several being tested. Now the products you buy at the meat case in some of the big box markets is precut and prepacked and just labeled for sale. If you want a custom/special cut , good luck. Only a couple small markets and Mom and Pops are still Old School. Thanks.
  5. crack
  6. Off to the "Cooking your Catch " thread with this gem. Cicada pie. Thanks.
  7. Pic of Easter Ham ready to go in from last year. Will duplicate Sunday. Thanks.
  8. Rolling Rock , Fall River, MA.
  9. Rolling Rock in Fall River comes to mind but it is in a city , not in the woods. ? Nice find. Excellent photo op with family and pets. Thanks.
  10. Finally got out there. Maintenance on waders was good, no leaks!!
  11. This is the only picture of my mentor, Mr. Chicca ( kneeling in pic ) that he gave to me. Thanks.
  12. Purchased a maitake spore plug kit to Inoculate a couple of oak limbs. Any advise is appreciated . First time. Getting too lazy to forage. Thanks.
  13. Anyone been out recently , lets see them. Thanks.
  14. Will do next time , thanks.
  15. Cut into medallions and pan fry with veggies, chunk and put on skewer with veggies , cook on grill or you can pound with tenderizer hammer between layers of plastic wrap and make turkey parmesan. I've made parm with them and it came out pretty good. Just remember to remove the tendon. Seasoning on the medallions and a coat of oil on the chunks is important. Thanks.