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  1. ill reopen this thread any 5 lures for $125.00 plus $8.00 shipping - that's $133. shipped -cash or united states postal money order or pick up
  2. sorry I was away _ if you still want them please send cash or uspmo only for $70 plus $7 shipping $77.00 total
  3. I'm closing this thread believe me these baby's are Large Cow killers.
  4. thank you pm your mailing address ill do the same cash or united states postal money order only please .
  5. I have them up on the sell site -John Habs Sr. rolled by him
  6. do to no reply pulling these cow killers ill keep them as back ups
  7. I will split the lot the 2 ounce needle $40 - 6 shipped the 1 1/2 ounce stubbys - $70 --$7 shipping these were rolled by john Sr. as I purchased them personally from John when he rolled his needles the nose areas were much thinner than later production. there old lures probably close to 16 years of age fyi cash or uspmo only
  8. price reduction the lot of 7 lures not made anymore $160 plus 8 shipping or pick up for $160. cash or uspmo
  9. pm me ill give you my phone number we could meet around exit 61 off of the lie or near st Josephs college off of sunrise hwy, thread closed. thank you SOL
  10. pick up long Island New York
  11. there 7 1/2 inches long I think they are 2 1/2 ounces unhooked
  12. after 30 years of fishing I can honestly say each weather condition changes what would be my favorite Lure. As the wind the tide incoming out going tides the Moon tides Rain, Heavy Rain ,Snow all play such an important part of what lures to throw. Fishing day light is so much different than fishing Night Time. I prefer night fishing over day fishing as until late September bass usually feed at sunset into the night . Now at night my surf Bag has 3 different colors of Spro 65 S - SS Darters 3 colors - 3 2 ounce B.M. Needles in three colors 2 B.M. dannys 2 Yo Zuri original Tomb Maru s on the side of the inside of my bag 1 large B.M. Donnie Danny or a large old mans needle 4.25 ounces. in the slots for bucktails 2 white jetty casters 1 black 1 blue top pink sides white belly I tied all 1 1/2 ounce or if the tide is rough 2 ounce, Now in my truck more goodies but each night everything changes as the weather controls what I use I love rubber shads elleys . good luck learn each lure as that plays the most important part of what to use and when to use it. tight lines- Lockbox
  13. a lot of 4 Al Gags wood pencils. New, never carried $60 picked up or $69 shipped Cah or USPS MO
  14. 2 Beachmaster Jrs !6 years old, new and never carried $70 picked up or $78 shipped Cash or USPS MO
  15. 3 habs Sr Needlefish. 1 is 2.5 oz and 2 are 1.5 oz new and never carried. $100 picked up or $107 shipped Cash or USPS MO