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  1. Thanks again guys. I live in the Princeton/ Hamilton area and my appointment is at Princeton Orthopedics with Dr Gutkowski. He is propably one of the highest rated surgeon for hip/knees in the area. MY wife just had two knees replaced within the past tthree years and extremely pleased with the results and with DR G.
  2. Just had one taken down........about the same size.......Bald Face Hornets
  3. Delbert McClinton
  4. sorry.......make the hernia surgery date 9/28.........just over two weeks ago....
  5. Guys thanks so much for all the great responses. I have been on Tylenol extra strength as needed and in the evening Tylenol PM plus Aleve. This is the protocal suggested by my general sugeon.......ready for this.....just had major hernia surgery 10/28 on the same side as hip issues. The hernia surgery was a repair on the same surgery done in 2013. Obviously the initial mesh/ laproscopic procedure only lasted several years. I changed surgeons and he actually cut me thru the muscle , stitched up the hole and then reinstalled new heavy duty mesh over that for a better result. Needless to say I have alot of discomfort from that , compounded by the sever hip pain.......I am at the point I can not even tell which issue is causing the pain on any given day. Oh well......thank again for all the positive feed back.......
  6. Guys I am just about at the end of my rope. MY appointment with the orthopedic doctor is not until Nov 8th and I have been miserable, can not sleep well, difficulty moving about and would appreciate any and all positive suggestion on folks who have been thru this..............thanks.
  7. Geechie Boy grits is all wife complaints
  8. Hey Bernie.......what up with "colored"..........what do you think you are clear......your just beige color.....just saying
  9. Nice pics Cheeckakoe............on occassion we get many at times.....
  10. Dead Sticking is also called " watching " casting is fishing........just saying
  11. except for Carl..................
  12. Yeah.......kept everything 12" diameter and over and all logs cut 18" or less. We got several cords worth plus the 15 yrs of nice mulch. We do have a stove that is used daily all winter plus a fireplace......unfortunately the ash will be next year's wood.
  13. The chips will not be near any flower beds and we have a concrete base around our house that is 4 ft. The EAB would not be an issue per the arborist and chips too small/thin for any termite concerns.
  14. Unfortuneatly just had to have three Marshall Seedless Ash trees cut down in our yard due to the EAB. I have about 15 yards of chips that I would like to use around the house , paths, sitting areas, etc. Any issues to worry about. I always prep the area first and treat for insects prior to using any mulch type product and again after I put it down. I have been advised no worries.......just looking for any additional feedback. Thanks.
  15. please confirm meaning of "nobody should be shooting anyone YET" about never......not sure your intent