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  1. Lol!!! But now you’ll have the FAA up your backside !
  2. “Ask” as in you are ordered to wear a mask in public or would you like to be denied entry or pay a fine? I love word play!!!!
  3. No shirt, no shoes, no service and no one complains about their rights being violated but asked to wear a mask to thwart the spread of a lethal virus and well now that’s where I’ve had enough.
  4. Bead head hare’s ear nymphs in 12–16 have worked for me but agree fully with wooly buggers in black and olive....
  5. Rand Paul was disgraceful today. Fauci is a national treasure at age 79 and just about the only person in this without a compass White House that I’d listen to..
  6. People have the constitutional right to be stupid........
  7. What a beautiful bird!!!!!
  8. Great stuff rst3. Do you think a wave of infection in the Southern Hemisphere is percolating and they will have a strong outbreak as they enter their colder months?
  9. So I’ll try it again. Faced with what we knew two months back and the catastrophic overwhelming of the health care systems in Italy and Spain with everything pointing to the same potential outcome here, you would not have required we prepared like we did? You would not have imposed social distancing measures or required facial masking? As for COVID deaths being some kind of phantom phenomena manufactured to pump up numbers, where is your proof other than intuition and anecdotal inferences? I sure as hell am not hearing this nonsense from the MD’s and nurses on the front line that I speak with... What really haunts me though is your seeming fundamental lack of understanding about how COVID works...
  10. And SIM already told us he wore a mask and goggles when at the plant to make sure HE was protected. Good on you comrade!!!!
  11. Understood. But faced with the modeling officials were receiving and how highly communicable this incurable virus is, what would you have done? Not building out to prepare for a pandemic peak would have been the smart move after seeing what was happening in Italy and Spain?
  12. Seems great we didn’t need them. Where’s the funny part?...
  13. Motto of the Canal Porta Potty’s, “where the big ones always get released”.....
  14. Stop this madness ! You and I like “I love Lucy” reruns!!!!! Krist! Next thing you know we’ll be fishing together and I’ll get you to wear a mask!!!!!!! Dogs and cats living together.....mass hysteria!!!!!!