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  1. “Fortune favors the bold”……….Hey Matt Damon, pull my finger.
  2. It’s engineered “therapy” with strategic design to slow or thwart the intent hopefully long enough for the person to decide to abort the effort and rethink their plight , call the Samaritans (# on the sign you just passed) or to enable a passerby time enough to engage a physical restraint…. The act itself , in that public place, is a desperate plea for help…. I wish this for no one…..
  3. Bourne pay per view! The Real Fishermen of the Cape Cod Canal.. Town of Bourne would make a fortune…..
  4. Thank you Steve Kerr…….
  5. Until it’s your daughter, right?
  6. It’s called the “Q” poo phenomena. It starts with Quinsigamond and then it’s the Quabog…. I’m anticipating a Quinapoxet bulletin momentarily.
  7. Not that mikez2’s well made and articulated point needs any support from me but I did a little digging and found the Oct.’21 Freshwater Fish Consumption Advisory List produced by the Mass Dept. Of Public Health. You name it and that body of water is probably on this list with some kind of fish consumption warning. Interesting is that I could not find Lake Quinsig on that list, despite its storied reputation. The numerous rivers, ponds and lakes on the list are there due to chemical hazards noteworthy for the usual suspects: PCB’s, DDT, Mercury,etc… Of note on that list are the “pristine” bodies of water, the Quabbin and the Chu. Admittedly, there is a note that while you are advised against certain qualified fish species consumption, the water quality itself is safe for consumption…. Things that make you go hmmm,…. Granted, the sewage spill in the Q was in February and after this report was released but as there are no consumption warnings here based on bacterial concerns and knowing there are many bodies of water in the state with high bacteria levels ……I’m with Mike.
  8. Not really following you on this one Bob. As you would know Lake Q is arguably one of the largest recreational fresh water bodies in the state of Massachusetts. It has historically been stocked by the state with trout for the expressed purpose of recreational angling for generations . Water quality has been issue for the Q dating back through those same generations yet that never halted any stocking efforts so not clear why it would now. I looked and could not find a state document detailing the water quality stocking standards for determining how trout get stocked. Point me to that if you have a link. Comparing the Q to the Chu isn’t even a fair fight so not sure what you were going for there. Why not toss in the Quinsig River, another industrial era polluted body that sources from the lake that gets a healthy stocking or how about Bell Pond or Jordan Pond in Shrewsbury, equally notorious for poor water quality, not to mention an unsurvivable max depth of ten feet. And as for the “ great unwashed” comment and the Q, sell that to the folks living in some of the million dollar properties that dot the Lakefront……
  9. Google Lake Quinsigamond sewerage spills and you’ll see this is a rather chronic problem. They had fairly substantial “accidents” in ‘13 and ‘17. As noted here water problems with high bacteria levels occur in the summer months with regularity. I don’t bother fishing it though it’s literally down the street but a friend hits it year round and takes a decent amount of trout even through the winter months where he fishes the edges of open water. The “Q” has always been a tragedy, beautiful yet abused.
  10. Mail me my “I’m with stupid” T shirt but I’m inclined to read it as b-ware does but I’ll eagerly await the results of Bob’s scorched earth campaign with the powers that be to clarify it……
  11. I’ve always wondered if under Chapter 91 where a public pond with accordant public access and right to circumnavigate, in the water, if a dock could be deemed an unnatural restriction to access thus allowing one to legally walk over or around it. I truly don’t know what that’s the principle on which I’ve rolled….. YMMV
  12. For freshwater, if you enter a pond at a public access point can you navigate/wade that ponds circumference legally as long as you remain “feet/foots” in the water?
  13. I’m confused. So you can only fish it from a boat? You can’t wade fish the shoreline?
  14. Many thanks! This is helpful. Sounds like we will be in the same waters so hope to bump into you.
  15. BBG- so you’d favor the sportsman over the salty? I really like the speed of the salty but I keep talking myself out of one and then into the other…. I need to pull the trigger…