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  1. Respectfully Tim, but I’m going to have to disagree with you. Violence against Asian Americans has increased 1,900% since the start of the pandemic with many scholars attributing this to and correlating it with the xenophobic rhetoric from the political environment(soft pedaling here qto avoid the PG move) and the use of terms like “China Flu”. To trivialize or attempt to make innocent how the term is being used and what the consequences of that have been for innocent people shocks me. That’s the last I’ll say. Have a good one
  2. No self respecting medical professional would ever refer to COVID 19 as the “ China flu”. Why, simple, because it’s not. It’s COVID 19... A shameless and reprehensible, oppressive government that abuses it’s people and suppressed vital information about an emerging pandemic from the rest of the world... you and I are in full agreement there.
  3. Point understood Tim, but let’s also not be naive here and at least admit that the term has been weaponized by many in a highly politicized way as an invective against a race of people.
  4. Good decision making process Mike. I agree. There’s a disturbing “Q” presence in areas on this site but at least I know where I stand and why I stand there... Staying out of the PG is better for my BP.. Good health to you and yours...
  5. We’re going to have to start referring to you as “blue moon” then. Thanks for getting the juices flowing!
  6. Leprechaun scat!!!! It means good fortune is headed your way!
  7. As noted, they are seen at the ‘ Chu during the winter. We had one on Big Chauncy in Westboro a few weeks ago and another was down around the Edgemere section of Lake Quinsig...
  8. Word is the guy/gal from Tennessee is in southern Alabama and sliding toward the panhandle.....
  9. You mean like “OJ” innocent?
  10. You meant “butt” right? No need to thank me! Helping handicapped insulters get their jabs straight is what I do..
  11. Agree. Under Trump it was normally a deluge of wet brown stuff that smelled like an open sewer....
  12. Yeah, only about the most contagious virus in our lifetime and about 500,000 dead. Sheesh, those media morons huh!
  13. I couldn’t even imagine an Olympic medal ceremony without our national anthem........
  14. Damn! I was praying that was the Striper migration sonar !!!