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  1. Glad I got my two fish before the regs change.....
  2. Ditto. ^^^^. Grackle. Iridescence in the plumage playing with the light and angles gives a different look. The color in the bill is the same shade as the reflection on the feeders edge giving the impression of orange ... my two pennies...
  3. I went to the wake....line was long..... so I cut it.
  4. Largely for the safety of mariners . Maintained by the ACOE I believe navigational restrictions require all crafts to be under power at all times. It’s technically a shipping lane not a fishing lane. Though the chit show of watching someone trying to land a fish mid canal in a full moon pull with a tanker beating down on him would be YouTube gold!
  5. I think they already are.....
  6. Blessed to have a daughter playing this game at a very high level. Couldn’t imagine responding to her athletic activism like you suggest ..... but I appreciate the contrast.
  7. Who says they don’t feel good about the one their doing. They love the game as much as any man and give it all their effort.
  8. There are some boats that run out of the Dockyard that do the half or full day fishing trips (party boats not the heavy rig big boat big $ charters). They mostly do reef fishing trips but some will go out a little further and poke around for tuna , Wahoo etc... Dockyard is on the islands west end and is , of course, where the cruise ships dock. Beautiful place. Hope you enjoy,
  9. Amen Tim. Well said and on the money!
  10. Criminal call!!!! Hell yeah on the save
  11. No goal! Hell yeah!!!
  12. Well played first half by the U.S.. So far a Rapino-less U.S. has not been a real factor...
  13. Dewey defeats Truman !!!!
  14. Ok, I’ll bite. How much of the cost goes to the cause ?
  15. Forsters Tern