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  1. If that line was on the reel when you bought it, first thing I would do is bin the line, I wouldn't trust it. Before replacing the level wind worm & pawl, strip them out & give them a good clean. Load some new line & see how it goes.
  2. Ken - us ABU freaks need you back !!!
  3. Just a little irony. Seriously, as John said above, most oils will be fine.
  4. You can't use ABU oil on a Shimano reel, it will explode.
  5. I found the orange seals on mine caused a bit of drag, so I just removed them & left them off. Now they're super fast. As long as you keep on top of your reel maintenance, this shouldn't cause any problems.
  6. Rocket Reel Company have just brought out a handle with a single large wooden ball bearing knob - not on their website yet, but have a look on their facebook page.
  7. You could go all the way, double bearing, super light.........................
  8. If anything, the gears should wear in & get smoother with use. It could be something different, my first thing to check would be the 2 ball bearing level wind. These bearings are quite exposed, and especially when used in saltwater can deteriorate if not regularly maintained. If they're not running smoothly, they will really affect the feel of smoothness in the reel. I've given up using them on my saltwater reels, I can keep on top of the maintenance used in freshwater, but for the salt I've gone back to the original no bearing parts. If you make sure every part of the level wind is clean & smooth running before fitting, and use a light oil, you'd be surprised how well they run. Check out some Facebook posts on the " We who loves the ABU Ambassadeur" group by a guy from Finland called Nils Manelius. It's incredible how fast he gets ABU reels running with just standard parts, cleaned, polished, and properly oiled.
  9. Backing up Storm Boy on the level wind. I use the 2 BB parts on my freshwater reels, but not on my saltwater reels, they need too much maintenance. I prefer to keep my saltwater reels simple & basic. The standard level wind works fine if you keep it clean & properly oiled. I don't know if anyone's mentioned yet, you can replace that odd spool bushing with another ball bearing. Probably worth getting 2 new ones so you know they match, they're so cheap.
  10. IAR all the way. There's a clue in the name, it's instant. I've never had any trouble with an IAR bearing on my many ABUs, never mind a failure. I wouldn't have a problem with an AR dog as a backup, but not on its own, that's just too big a step back in time.
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