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  1. Spot burning has been discussed endlessly on this site yet some of the biggest offenders are regular contributors here. Everyone who knows anything about fishing likes to be by themselves. A thread called "Fish Report 2020" is hardly the place to maintain any realistic secrecy. The " your not helping" part of my response was for Codfish, not aimed at your attempt to close the barn for him after the horse got out. The entire origin of this thread is about spot burning!
  2. A little late for that; Don't ya think? Spoiler alert! YOUR NOT HELPING.
  3. Top one ,please.
  4. Will take the 7" Redfins, please. Will send payment tonight.
  5. He could use both the pancake and the call at this point. Definitely give him a call.
  6. Thank God. It had to have been a multi- hour call. He was thrilled. John has kept him pretty busy the last few years but this Covid 19 thing has really put a damper on his activity this season.
  7. I would have told you to call the old dog a long time ago if I knew that you could afford it. A 5 hour long distance call gets pricey, doesn't it? LOL. Anyway , I heard all about it. You made his day, week , maybe entire Summer with your call.
  8. Payment sent. Disregard my earlier retraction.
  9. Offer retracted, sorry.
  10. Conrad ,please.
  11. Respectfully offer $50 for the white Danny.
  12. The only thing migrating to the Cape in any numbers right now is New Yorkers! The Bass should arrive just in time for Charlie Baker to shut down recreational fishing.The freshwater ponds will be void of fish by then anyway as there are more unemployed people fishing them than there are on a breaking tide at the Canal in June.This sucks.
  13. They were actually made of Phillipine Mahogany, not Teak.