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  1. He is still saving to buy that new Peterson surf rod from Mac Reed! Tell the old dog I said hello.
  2. Not compared to that big guy you hang around with. His tackle "bucket" was like a Dick's Tackle "Closeout Bin". I watched him catch quite a few fish on his "go to" black back F-40 Rebel in the day though.
  3. Built by the same guy. Very good fishing plugs, but, they definitely had durability issues like paint peeling and water logging. Surfsters and Dannies were his best IMO, although the hooks on the Danny models tended to marry. Best to remove the aft belly hook.
  4. Live Killies(Chubs) a couple of feet under a bobber is unbeatable for White Perch. Grass shrimp as well.
  5. Amen. This site is currently wrought with Canal Derangement Syndrome.
  6. I thought this thread was about Bait Shops of the Past? I realize that most "surf" fishermen today think that the Canal has always produced the way that it does currently, relative to other areas, but in fact , I seem to recall it being a location that produced some very large fish at times with 2 or 3 large fish being a good catch , even for the regulars. It is the past 10 or 15 years that have been the "Glory Years" for the Canal, which is longer than most locations hold the top spot, but that too will come to an end. I realize that on-line shopping has been the death of many a tackle shop, but , changing migration patterns and the resulting good or bad fishing that follows are the cause for many of the aforementioned closures. When there are alot of fish around, everyone is a fisherman!
  7. Looking for a couple of used Gibbs Needles. Must be thru wired.
  8. No thanks.
  9. An unused Pearl White Domsson Danny swimmer, nearly 7" and a used 6" Bob Hahn Green Surfster in nice usable condition. An early paint chip on the Surfster has not increased since a clear coat was added. The Danny is of exceptional quality and a really nice example. Both plugs for $40 shipped, firm.No splitting, thank you.
  10. You got'em hobobob. Thanks PM coming.
  11. Thank you. PM coming. Thanks SOL
  12. A lot of 2 oz. NIP Stetzko Mr Wiggly Lures. Two of each color listed $165 shipped as a lot only. No splitting.
  13. A lot of 5 well used loaded 5 inch Redfin Floaters. Four are loaded with HG and one is loaded with shot(top one in photo). All have new VMC 4X hooks. Proven, old school fish catchers. $25 shipped.
  14. You got them JaredMopar. PM coming Thread closed, thank you.