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  1. Hey Bill , What was the name of the other guy in the yellow rain coat and and did he fish Baiting Hollow in the rocks ? I spent many nights talking to a older gentleman with a yellow jacket in the dark and never saw his face . We caught alot of fish late at night but never caught his name . He stopped showing up at the beach in the mid 90's and never new who he was . .....Shawn from Baiting Hollow (Devil's Playground )
  2. I bought the styker t top last summer and installed it with a friend and love it . It 3 hours to install and it fits perfect . They have a video that you can watch that helps installing it .
  3. I have the a70d on my 20ft. c.c. and love it . Once you learn to use it to its full ppotential you will love it . The fishfinder it very good and the unit can take the abuse of a c.c. .
  4. I went out the inlet and it was a little scary and thought why isn't any wearing there PFD . AS of Nov. 1 New York law requires one . If you going to fish the Inlet and there are 8' waves outside why would you wear one especially on a outgoing tide ! No one ever drowns with there PFD on !
  5. The Henderson is the most comfortable to fish with and is worth every penny . They seem to have the best fit too .
  6. Your allowed 50 clams w / no permit only in state waters . But if you clam in town waters you need a permit from that town . Most of Brookhaven , Huntington , Southold , Islip and most of the south shore bay waters is Town waters , from South Oyster bay to Shinnecock bay is Town waters . Check with the town that you clam in because the Bay Constables love to hand out tickets .
  7. I grew up on the Clash and saw BAD live in Sag Harbor . Watch some of their DVDs and you will understand why they "Were the only band that Matters "
  8. I looked at my log book and my math was correct . I went 64 miles on 20 gal. at 32 mph . My old optimax did it burning 28 gal. at 28mph . The new honda is a great so far . My friend has the 200hp honda with 300 hrs and its a year old and no problem, the engine is a tank !
  9. I have a 08 225 honda on a 21 Privateer and the engine has been rock solid so far . I went 32 miles and back out going 32 mph and only burned 21 gallons of gas . My 02 mercury 200 hp would burn 32 gallons plus oil . I have 130 hours on it so far .
  10. I'am in ... Thanks
  11. Are we going to be depent on another country for gas now ? How many people know where the the gas gets shipped from ? Most people on Long Island don't use gas for there house so we won't be saving anything. It is for New York city residents . It will effect us fisherman that fish the Race off of Eastern L.I. , When that ships come thru the race it will be the fisherman that will have to give way. The people from eastern Long Island have nothing to gain from LNG , it will just be a eyesore on the sound . I'am glad that Conn. won't let them in there state..
  12. 38'' and 19lbs......
  13. To Steve in Mass, I bought a Jutol w/ a cat. conv. It had a Owen Corning cat. it lasted 5 years and was very happy with it , do you know of a good company that sells Quaility cat. conv. to replace it , thanks
  14. I am looking to replace my wet suit and would love to find a good price on a 7mm suit . thnks