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  1. 'edit' my apologies, already been covered.
  2. Bought a 1.4qt Stanley vacuum bottle last year. Have been very satisfied. Have actually made coffee the night before and still had a hot cup in the afternoon the next day. I think it’s what they refer to as their classic line. Green bottle. No glass in these all stainless.lifetime warranty. Had and issue with the stopper, used their website to send a message. No questions asked, sent me a new stopper. Just had to give them the info stamped onto the bottom of the bottle. I have banged this bottle around and very impressed. Will buy again if necessary. Was not really expensive either compared to the Y stuff
  3. Dayum....I’ve only had the privilege of tasting the ‘A H Hirsh’ once. BIL had bought it in a lot at an auction. He’s not a Bourbon drinker so when I would visit he would bring it out. First time I tried it, I decided I was going to put some of this in my collection. Couldn’t find it locally so I googled it. #$&@....his bottle was the only one I ever sipped from. Pretty impressive stuff!
  4. That black licorice from there Germany and Scandinavia will curl yer toes. Man that $&#% is hard core, (but I kinda like it)
  5. LOL, coached baseball with a dentist once that told me what he thought was the worst for teeth. Pointed out to his Porsche in the parking lot and said "Fig Newtons bought that" " those little sugary seeds park right in there and stay until they make a hole". Damn, I love Fig Newtons.
  6. To each his own but candy corn kinda rates up there with store bought cake frosting. Not much more than Crisco and sugar. Cant take it myself, but there's those that love it so more power to ya. I remember that was the last thing left in the bag after it had been decimated, and always saw a surplus of the stuff at folks house that gave it out well after Halloween.
  7. Several years ago I rubbed some very early in the day for an evening cook. Used a rack in the Kettle. Came out with ‘hammy’ portion on the edge that guests claimed was a smoke ring. I told them no, that I had used a high salt content rub and that that portion of the meat was for all intensive purposes cured. The next time I did not do this and the same guests asked about the ring they enjoyed so much... so I rub early as that’s what they expect. Go figure
  8. Pipes, grain and honey...gona b listing tomorrow
  9. Probably why I like them the most I guess. McBarrens Virginia #1 and Orlicks Golden Slice were my favs. Had to put the pipe down though. Tended to smoke too fast and inhale more than I should have. Damn I miss it though when the weather turns cooler, just as you refer to
  10. I’ve heard others recently describe the same Bob. I use the Kingsford from Costco. It’s labeled competition for whatever that’s worth but I haven’t had the issues you and others have as of yet.
  11. Still cant break habit with my Webers. Had an offset New Braunfels for many years, but it was an undertaking anytime you wanted to cook. Had plenty of bullets electric and charcoal, but the simplicity of the Kettles and old school Genesis are my favs and go to's.
  12. Well, I can give you the just of it...its pretty much a 'to taste' thing I add 1lb of grnd beef to a saucepan and cover with water. break up the beef while bringing to a boil and lower to a simmer. toss in a cpl tablespoons of dehydrated onion and some beef base, or a bouillon cube. Its gone look like 'pink slush' at this point and a bit unappetizing, but be patient. Simmer until the liquid reduces, then add Tablespoon or two of ketchup, a teaspoon or two of yellow mustard, A tsp or two of Worcestershire and a few dashes of hot sauce. Then I make a spice mix of about tsp garlic powder, tsp onion powder, a tablespoon of chili powder, a dash of dry mustard. then ground red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, and cayenne to taste. dump and stir this into the meat mixture. taste for seasoning. A splsh of cider vinegar sometimes. Simmer and reduce or add liquid to your desired consistency. This is a very 'fine' textured sauce. In a steamed bun I usually hit the dog with a bit of mustard (sometimes sweet relish too) then slather a bit of the sauce, top with some diced onion. Sometimes we top with a cheese sauce similar to queso as well. This is just a starter idea, season and add to your liking.
  13. I've been getting the 'house brand' stuff at Aldi from Germany. Cant say I'm an authority or aficionado by any means, but I like it. The ingredients listed are cabbage, and salt so its no frills stuff. I like it right out of the jar.
  14. I’m with this train of thought...I like the texture when the raw ground is started in liquid. I also don’t quite like my hot Dog sauce to taste like my chili which I consider two different animals. I guess my hot Dog sauce is more along the lines of a condiment than a meat stew. It dose however contain chili powder, but that’s as close as it gets to my stand alone chili recipe.