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  1. Dam u hit a nerve! That looks crazy good. Can’t find a good Eyetie Sammy down here. Well sort of , but few and far between. Oscarmeyer don’t cut it.
  2. I’m more concerned when I eat a mid-rare venison backstrap (only way to go IMO) than with commercial pork. If you don’t eat today’s tender loins and loins medium it’s like cardboard. A little glistening pink and that’s some good eat’n to me
  3. So some grilled Octopi, Chorizo, bit of sheep’s milk cheese, and some trimmings with a cold one. Helps dealing with the frikn rain. Now to hole up with a few of Kentucky’s finest and call it a day. Cheers
  4. A Paul Harvey moment. Good Stuff
  5. Pre-season freezer clean out. Dug out some fillets for Sunday Lunch. Still good
  6. LOL inside you’ll find buckets of the old carbon steel wood handle knives. All the lady’s have big forearms and thick wrists. Go figure
  7. This is the yard outside the packing house down the street. They haul these shells back out and dump on the beds.
  8. Weve got beds all around us here. Lots of friends are watermen (Crabs Summer, Oysters Winter) lots of the lady's in town worked in the packing house. We get together and I watch them use those narrow bladed knives with the wooden ball shaped handle and they can go through a bushel in no time.
  9. Cool, I did find a better picture that showed this. I've got one on the way now. I love my Boston, but I want to give the turned up point with the wider blade a try. Thx
  10. I think I'm going to give a New Haven a shot. We open an S load of em during the season. Does the New Haven have a turned up point? I cant quite tell from the pics I see.
  11. I’ve got a Boston and a Galveston. I find myself reaching for the Boston more often. Took a little getting used to, but the smaller point seems to find a place in the hinge quicker. Wifey likes the Galveston better. Gives her a bit more leverage on the twist. Gotta love those Dexters for the bivalves. I might have to try the New Haven pattern now. You’ve peaked my interest
  12. Have to hand to Maryland Jimmy. Could not get an appointment in VA with trying 2 counties, VDH, and state employer. Nephew called us one afternoon and said he could try and get us an appointment in MD. A few hours later Got a text from Go Vax that we had appointments for the first poke the next morning at the mass vax site @6 flags. Drove up from the northern neck 1st thing the next day and was quite impressed with the organization of the site. Seemed to be run by the military. We never even got out of the car. Many folks there and we were in and out in about 45 with the 15 min wait. We are both double poked with phizer now. Second visit was just as organized as the first but even more traffic. Thumbs up MD
  13. Yeah when I was first married my FIL (Korean) and I were visiting one of the few Asian markets back then. I happened to see those on the shelf as asked him what they were. He told me they were good spiced up with a cold beer did I want to try. Ok he grabbed a can and I grabbed some beers. We made it back to my place and we opened both....nah, the taste was different but not unpleasant, but the texture was a gritty mush. I drank the beers though. He even commented this was not a good batch. I’ve never given them another chance so don’t know what ‘good ones’ are like
  14. Ok I'll tell the Fam. Its a whole new world
  15. Not Jimmy LOL, but yeah its prime. I was looking at some prime rib eyes (my go to) and they were running $17lb. Then I saw the strips next to them at $14lb beautifully marbled. then my eyes wondered to the whole 15lb prime strip loin @ $9lb! couldn't pass it up