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  1. Reduced $10...
  2. Reduced $20...
  3. Shakespeare Squatty Body 5247 stainless steel 36 inch marine VHF antenna. Brand new in package. $30 picked up in Spring Lake Heights, NJ.
  4. 15lb Anchor for $15 picked up in Spring Lake Heights, NJ.
  5. Yes its going to be ceramic tile
  6. Ok I just realized after reading some other forums that I should just put more plywood over the plywood that is currently there to get me to 1 1/4" thickness. After I attach more plywood is it preferred to use cement board or that orange ditra stuff I'm seeing?
  7. This was great advice thank you. The circular saw was definitely the way to go. I used a circular saw, oscillating tool with wood blade, pry bar, and a hammer. All in all took about 2-3 hours. The subfloor is now just 1/2" plywood and it was installed pretty crappy, there is some gaps along the seams so Im going to rip that up too. What is the preferred plywood and thickness for tile subfloor?
  8. So I'm redoing the laundry room in my house and want to put a tile floor down. Currently there is a vinyl type floor with a thing layer of crappy plywood underneath it. Whoever installed the vinyl floor had a heavy hand with both the glue and nail gun which is making it nearly impossible to get up. Underneath the vinyl/plywood is particle board. My question is can I lay cement board right on top of this existing floor (pics attached) and then tile right right on top of the cement board? If not, what is the best way to proceed? Im not particularly worried about the threshold leading into the hardwood floor in the hallway as the laundry room floor is already lower the the hardwood.
  9. Appreciate you reopening the thread, decided to spring for s3 for another 30 bones. GLWS
  10. Will you take 55$ shipped, can PayPal immediately.
  11. Eh, they were so heavily stained by the time I primed and painted them all I found it just worth it to put new doors in. IF I could back to day 1 I would rip them all out and just put in all new pre hung doors. It all worked out though, Jaeger lumber had the door.
  12. Thanks for the help guys. I live in Spring Lake Heights, NJ. I called Jaeger Lumber in Belmar and they said they can special order it. Will report back.
  13. So I'm replacing all the doors in my house from the old brown original doors to white and I've run into a problem. Every other door in the house has been a standard 80x24" or 80"x30" where I can get just the hollow core door at homies for $25. Every door has been pretty easy until I got to this hallway closet. This particular door measures 80"x20" and a replacement seemingly does not exist or is not made anymore, I can't find an 80x20 door anywhere. They have a few pre hung doors at 80x20 but im to late in the reno process to go back and install the pre hung. Do I need to pony up the $200 for the pre hung just to use the door? What are my other options? Can I get a solid core door at 80x24" and circular saw/plane to 20"?
  14. Thanks guys
  15. Thanks guys, very helpful info and cleared up a lot of my questions. I have one more question though. The vents leading the outside, leave them open or closed? Or does it depend on the season?