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  1. If this was ever put up to vote...I'd show up for it.
  2. That kia looks like they chopped the rear third off a tahoe...or at least one of the renditions looked that way...... Looks kinda like a suzuki vehicross and a taho had a kid. Have you seen that new VW suv.....Looks to be the best square footage for the $$ reminds me of the Trailblazer in looks. Not seein many on the road but the pair I saw looked good.
  3. Now that's a fast fancy fly wheel!!
  4. It all comes down to what it's like after the 10th outing and 20th outing. I didn't like Superslick after the long term. Lots of braids are great when fresh shiny and stiff. Once the coatings which permiate the weave break down. Is when it shows it's differences.
  5. I've been splitting time between Finatic pro and Grande. Gonna go with some v2 in early 19 provided stuff stays liquid.
  6. My friend Braden and Josh played with the Salt X and Evict. Both were left very impressed. I hope to get my hands on them to tear down in the upcoming weeks.
  7. Nice title Confirms my suspicions S C U M B A G
  8. Wow. Just goes to show how so many companies miss the boat on marketing. Made in the USA from a brand I like. Yet I never knew they made a paperclip. Lmao! Thanks! Would it be too much trouble to ask for measurements or a photo next to a tape measure. If they're smaller I'll order a bag. What was the price of the bag? By fairly well have you experienced any issues or just tricky to get on some lures or hooks
  9. I never used the heavier ones just the smaller 2 sizes Numerous times the bait would come back hanging on by just one leg. And on more than one occasion that one leg would be slightly bent open. (not user error by putting on the lure incorrectly) Are you talking about this clip as that is the one i am referring to. Far and away the most insecure clip I've used. Even though it looks as if it would be ideal (which is why I bought in the first place. Plus I'm a big fan of spro rings and swivels)
  10. I dunno man...I like a faster action for jigs than that. ESPECIALLY when around grass.....soft action rods load up way too much when hung up in grass....and when it tears free it moves multiple feet instead of inches. And when using spinnerbaits....softer rods are more likely to hang when coming up and over timber for that same reason.....the tip gives and the bait stalls and rolls over instead of just bumping up and over. Frogging it'll probably be fine.
  11. A friend of mine (Braden) name dropped me to Alberto at the Folsom Atlantic City show last week and scored a handful of the new micro clips for me to play with. Thanks Guys!!! I put a pair of outings on them so far Scooby through rigging dragging shale and rock bottom and throwing jerk baits for some cold water smallies. So far I like them quite a bit. I like how with cold hands I don't have to pinch and turn anything like I have to do with the welded decoy spiral snaps (which can end in a puncture) and same with my favorite mini clip from Mustad. The Fastach clip. And compared to the norman speed clip. Its easier on and off. And will work with owner cps hooks and not bind in the eye. The spro split snap looks like a great design combining the Norman with the others....but its almost guaranteed to cost you lures. No wonder they came out with a replacement. Please for the love of god....Avoid that clip of any size at all costs....IT'S GARBAGE The owner duo lock zo wire clip is nice. Far and away the most compact for it's capability. But suffers the same issue as larger duo locks only with a flimsier wire that when fishing cover can open. And it's super thin wire diameter can be an issue if you don't match your line diameter properly. (tie a knot on an attachment point of such a small diameter and your trusted knot will be weaker than what you are used to) The evergreen snaps are the strongest and most secure of the tiny duo lock styles but you need pliers to open and close them so that almost defeats the purpose of and adds time to lure swaps which I don't like. And prying metal with metal just doesn't sit right with me when at such a small scale. So yeah.....With all that being said....I like how these new Clips work over the size 1 fastach clips which always seem to have a stubby wire form compared to the size 0. Which makes attaching lures sort of a pain at times. So for 2.5" and larger jerk baits. I think I'll be making these my go to. Also worth mentioning..Some square bills the fastach is a pain. And when your commit to these clips it means removing all your line tie rings. It's nice to have a clip that gets on and off easy. Funny thing.......I just received my black friday bulk order of fastach clips today Going forward I think I'll be using the size 0's for trout sized stuff. ANd the TA clips for everything else. (still haven't scoobydoo rigged with em yet..which I will after I locate the main populations of fish....with the drastically changing water levels it's been a i've been covering water vs slow probing which i like to do with the SD rig...that swinging lead plays nice with fastach clips. Not certain how it works on the micro TA clip)
  12. when I used to fly fish I always wondered why there weren't any reverse barbed hooks...always thought it would make more sense and be less likely to foul....20 years later now I know someone thought of it
  13. If learning a cast that is new to you. Repetition with maximum focus on casting technique and the minimal amount of fatigue is key. For that reason I'd forgo using lead and pick up a pack of cheap hockey balls and fill em to your desired weight. shove some chord in there with a bent wire to keep it in place. And just tie your line to the chord (this works great as the ball won't roll around when being retrieved and it'll skid along the ground on the way back.) Practice on a tame high gear ratio levelwind reel that way you can get right back into the casting motion with minimal effort. I think the fastest tame levelwind reel is a lexa 400. Line leveling will fatigue your wrist and slow gear ratio reels will as well. Not too mention melting your thumb on a hot reel isn't fun either. With that setup I can focus on what's important at an exponentially faster rate than what I was doing years ago. Just like in golf. Film yourself. Set your camera back about 50 feet and record in the highest frame rate and resolution that you can. Do your best to have the background not be a bunch of trees as that can mask the rod. The hockey ball shows up nicely on film as well. That way you can see how the rod reacts to your casting motion. And build from there As of this post there really isn't anything other than "theory" for many casts out there available online. Videos available are all very out dated and filmed at poor angles which don't show much of value in terms of what and where the lead is going. Many don't even show the rod tip and many that do don't show footwork. Most videos only show one piece of the puzzle at a time. And even if you slow the vid down to .25 speed in the youtube setting. You can't tell what plane the rod rotating one and where the lead is in relation at a given stage of the cast (Spent a few hours looking and found nothing of value to a beginning caster) It's kind of bizarre actually.
  14. I use the 50s on some larger fw lures and I don't really swap all that much maybe rotate between 5 or 6 swimbaits per outing. I use the 75's the most and they don't give me any problems at all. The only clip i have an issue with regarding is oddly the size 1 fastach. Something about the wire former for that specific size in the multipe packs purchased from multiple sources at different times of year. Don't have a long enough tag end and ya gotta fight to get it on the lure. The smaller size doesn't have that issue nor does the larger. But I move to TA clips as mentioned above when I go larger than a size 1 in the fastach style.