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  1. Put some line on that reel would ya. Yours looks like mine after I hung up on structure 70 yards out and broke off at the reel. (out of curiosity i google earthed the distance to the snag) On the bright side. I couldn't come within 40' of said structure for the rest of the night due to lack of line.
  2. If you are learning why are you giving advice on something you have no knowledge on ......oh wait....that's all you do......smh
  3. Dude...i was wondering about if those holes would come into play in that exact way. Seriously that could cause more problems than solve!
  4. always found you had to move em too quick for inshore and surf fishing.
  5. 6kts is some of the most insane current you can possible fish. Full rip I think the CCC is a tick north of 4kts. I fish 3 often and thats very fast moooovin. Biggest fish I pulled out of 3kt was 51lbs while anchored. And that was on heavy chunking gear (tranx 500 and tallus heavy) and got that fish in as quickly as possible to avoid dropping it.. On light tackle I'd stand no chance. The other night I was using a light outfit in 3kt current having fun with fish in the sub 28inch range, And while it was fun. It was a challenge and don't come in easy. Only reason why I found it doable is that I didn't care if I blew up the rod. So I put a ton of pressure as to not to spend excessive time on the fight. The outfit was light enough outfit that gingerly lifting 20" fish is risking of breaking the rod You sure it's 6kts you're fishing with a light rod? Might be worth using larger gaped single hooks vs what you get out of a treble. Like a 5/0 or larger. Are the hooks pulling when they plane up to the surface and thrash or when they are deep? Are you keeping the same angle to their head througout the entire fight? Switching sides = pulled hooks and the pull rate goes up with time. 3kts current
  6. Either that or the talica. Although some talk about the Studio oceanmark blue heaven when talking about Trinidads and Ocea jiggers.
  7. Thanks for considering. I'm in central jersey. Wider coils of line means more line coming off the spool per wrap. More distance before the line has to switch direction coming as it comes off the spool. Meaning less turbulence. Which can add some distance. In the stella's case the spool isn't just a skinnier inner arbor to allow for more line capacity. The spool lip is a tad larger in diameter which means less decrease in diameter as line is pulled off on the cast. meaning more distance.
  8. $700 $650 Check or Cash meet up Shipping add 10$ Also worth mentioning I priced it as such so if the purchaser planned on sending it for platinum service straight away they would essentially be getting it for free.
  9. You got some balls!
  10. Problem is what hooks are you using. You'll never get consistent hook sets with 4x vmc's or most bucktails. With or without barbs. And punching into the wind. Get a big sweep regardless of wind or wave action and you might as well not even make a cast and grab a normal rod.
  11. I know two years ago I had a stint of 4 knots that slipped 2 before fishing them and two after. And then a bunch I couldn't cinch down...... I replaced my leader spool and it never happened again. (it was an old 60lb wrist spool that had been submerged over and over again. over the course of a pair of seasons) I made the mistake of tying a polomar knot last night in 40lb off a pr hung up at the end of my cast and broke off a the reel. On a positive note......I didn't have to worry about hanging up on the structure again...since i couldn't reach it.
  12. Aweseome!!! Congrats on a damn fine fish! And a first!!! I feel ya on the firsts get harder to come by! But that's what makes them special!!!!!!
  13. As FJ mentioned the coltsniper has a snazzy spring weight. I first used one of those style weight x fer systems in a freshwater bait years ago before they brought it over. With their arc minnow. Japanlureshop was blowing out 15$ shimano baits for 4$ and I think it was the best hawl i ever made... The spring weight has a cool feel to it almost like loading the rod tip. makes no distance vs the yozuri but its cool
  14. Super striike little neck sinking popper a worthy mention no?? Yozuri Hydro Sp minnow Bomber Long shot Lucky craft flash pointer 190 (if i remember correctly) Shimano Colt sniper Savage gear somethin er other Off the top of my head those are what i know of