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  1. FIFY I have a blue HUK one......never wore it....
  2. Is this real life???
  3. Way to look like a gay bank robber................................................................
  4. LOLOL..... Or.....epoxy a magnet to your fridge I type this having just sprayed wooden eggs with epoxy refrigerator paint.
  5. LOL... It's a bit different. It's centrifugally braked vs magnetically....SO all the externally adjustable benefits of the really strong and variable mag brake go out the window. Along with the stainless steel gears of the HD. Which then kinda make it a ho hum reel unless you can score it for cheap. Take a look at the Okuma Komodo too...CLicker, stainless gearing, non disengaging levelwind. Non- disengaging levelwinds don't stress the levelwind worm and pawl when pulling out snags.....which happens much more when chunking or bottom fishing.
  6. I bought every single Key chain Carry Knife on Amazon for under $15 Used them for a few weeks....compared, contrasted, and critiqued them. So much garbage.....Amazing how the Kershaw at under $7 shipped was so much better than the rest...Like on a complete different level. Comparable to knives costing almost 5 times as much. SOL link to the Kershaw Cinder (($6.39 shipped)) I never buy stuff to review then return it......but a bunch of these went back.....Simply put...If you sell a knife...It needs to do 2 things. Not cut me when not being used. And cut whatever item I'm trying to cut. Many failed to do just that.
  7. I had a few conversations about this with a few different people after returning some items to amzon and dropping them off at ups...nothing new...but they started a program where you just bring the itme....and they bag it label it and slap it on a pallet...... There were 7 people in front of me...4 behind....all returning items to 350 pm on a tuesday.... This new system went live monday...... I envision the future.....with so much chinesium instabrand garbage......and so many real brands selling that same garbage as " our name brand"....UPS trips to return garbage to amazon will eventually be a "trip to the store" It's only a matter of time before they change another aspect of the market. I know for a fact AMAZON execs meet with companies and offer them multi year contracts to sell exclusively on amazon....with in writing guarantees of increased sales volumes and margins.....allowing them to cut their sales and marketing staff at the same time........eveil bastages....... That said...I sold 110 reels and 140 pocket knives in under 10 hours by posting a link and a video. Had I linked anywhere else..i'd have sold 1:50 as many even if they were priced the same.
  8. Make sure they're carbontex or high quality....the chinesium stuff found in a bunch of reels is barely held together and can flake apart when handles..... If replaced....that crap can destroy gears if it gets in the mix. I've used alcohol, soap and water, and just wiped clean and reapplied. Never noticed a difference.
  9. I hope Cersei's baby if she's really pregnant (she took a sip of wine this last who knows) She has a dwarf baby......
  10. I know exactly where he was. I was on the phone with him before and after. And the discussions about spawning classes when and where...along with discussions pertaining to his time spent with fisheries biologists...... What you bring into question is part of the reason why he left after 4 days. Instead of staying. My comment was basically bringing the perspective.....where do you draw the line...... Time......or place. As an example.....I put in a crapton of time trying to break the smallmouth bass state record this season prior to 10 mins from now. Because the cutoff is April 15th to June 15th.....Yet you can put them in a livewell....transport them across the lake.....and target them...... Yet stripers......ummmm.....kill kill kill.....except for lil tiny areas....and some little tiny areas...use hooks that have a bendier bend.. I think what is interesting.....and worth noting......speaking of gazz.......where are all the girls....He had a bunch of males gazzing on em over 40"
  11. Those Stripers had a long way to go from where they were to where they spawn.
  12. I hear ya...I fully believe ya. I was just putting out the reality of it...know what I mean?
  13. The creaking is likely the flexing of the rod and the epoxied guides finding their happy place. No clue of the guide finish issue is related to before or after receipt of the rod. Always inspect thoroughly upon receipt. I'm curious... If You bought this at a brick and mortar store... Then a month later show them the scraped guide.. Do you think they'd replace it? If it took you a month to see it.. Do you think you'd have noticed it prior to purchase
  14. I dunno man.....I've put decent time on pretty much every surf worthy reel...never once had a premature bail trip issue..Even with reels that people claim to have issues with. The only spinning reel that I had casting issues with was the star s the roller arm on one pickup was closer to the spool than the other. And the line lay sucked. I always looked at Wind knots and premature bail trips with modern reels as more of an indian instead of the arrow sorta least 90% of the time.