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  1. Here's a vid I cut together to show my better half of the close up of the seal and when the displacement of two passing boats pushed water up and almost washed me off the ledge. #sealburn But it shows how much line I have spooled on the reel. ANd how I've been fishing it. zero wind knots at all whatsoever. 14lb fireline ultra 8 These were just minimal effort lobs. And dialing up a few notches to hit out of range pods of breaking fish had the same result. NO ISSUES. Spool them up like you would a daiwa or shimano. And gain the advantage of 10-20% more distance per effort put into the cast. When spooling it up at a shop have them spool more than you may normally ask for. It can take it. Just spool up tight as @#$% upon initial spooling. I've been near some "notable" fishermen with fancy setups over the past few weeks. And with a shorter rod have kept up or outcast them. Not trying to pat myself on the back or trump myself up. It's just things ya notice when in a lineup. And I've seen lotsa guys picking cutting out braid blobs in the commotion of breaking fish. Without even a second thought about line management. It's been trouble free. I can't even say that about the Saltiga or the daiwa as their drag knobs that have that stupid split in the center that loves to snag braid when you close the bail. Even manually.
  2. The 3 spinfisher vi's I have. 1 being a bit different in that it uses a worm gear for oscillation. 0 out of 3 have that annoying knock. And that is out of the box without adding any grease as a buffer. That's actually something I looked for....
  3. Trade for the 11h version? It's lightly used.
  4. Instant sharpie just add ambien
  5. A few things worth mentioning. The one I'm fishing looks pristine. (penn reached out to me about the pain as they say they haven't seen any issues....crap i gotta get them the info) And it's painted plastic so it's not protecting anything. Cosmetic only. And it was in Elias' custody so I don't know what he did besides fish it and never rinse it. You'll see in the video it's not awful. Just not very good in that one aspect. And maybe a result of poor storage / transport or bad adhesion combined with abuse. After even more time spent on mine and spooling up flush to the lip and firing off cast after cast not paying attention to line management other than i normally do. It's performed flawlessly. I'm refilming the entire vid because I wasn't happy with the direction I went but here's a few clips with what I have which I'm sending penn showing the paint
  6. Thanks man! This was just a breakout section. hoping to get the whole vid out in a few days. I think people who gave up on penn spinners are going to be a bit surprised.
  7. Yeah. This was going to be included in the full review. But I didn't like the direction i went when i did the initial filming and decided to put it out separately. While i started over. Figured "hard use" would be enough
  8. Had to dig in my pm's but finally found it Differences between the slammer and spinfisher. And the gear/ rotor changes in the SSVI SSVI - IPX5 throughout ALL series, LC, LL, standard included. This is mostly the reason for the different rating. Different subseries have different amounts of seals etc. Would make no sense to make each one their own rating, reels are confusing enough as it is. The standard reel has very similar sealing to the Slammer III. - Aluminum main gear 2500-5500, brass main 6500-10500. Brass pinion on all - Graphite rotor 2500-5500, aluminum rotor 6500-10500 - I believe you pointed it out in one of your reviews, but the LL and standard spools are interchangeable with each other as well. - Only one handle option from the factory, however, I made sure they were interchangeable with the Slammer III handles size by size - Top stack HT-100 drag on all sizes (This is viewed as a negative by some, but it saved a LOT of weight, and we were able to keep the majority of our max drags, topping out at 50lbs on the 10500.) - New sizes are 2500, 2500LL, 4500BLS, 5500LC, 6500LC. As far as I know the 2500 is now the smallest sealed reel on the market. SLAIII - IPX6 (There are no subseries here) - Brass main gear on all, brass pinion on all - Aluminum rotor on all - Slammer Drag, Dura Drag (wider OD = higher pressures, and a longer lasting material than pretty much anything on the market) - Multiple handle options (remember the high speed handles work on the standard models as well, excluding the small sizes)
  9. yessir
  10. 13.34 oz with full spool of firelineultra 8 14lb
  11. Yes 4500. I think it's 6500 and up that get brass (can't remember off hand if if starts at the 5500)
  12. SOL Amazon link:
  13. Not the back bay 3k. But the standard saltist and bg. Yes. It's smooth out of the box and gets better after use. QC issues not included
  14. I have fished my 4500 on a 9', 9'6, 10' tiralejos throwing small plugs and bucktails up to larger 3 ounce lures. That 15 ounce size (daiwa 4000, shimano sw 5k 6k) is really good for a wide range of plugs provided you don't need heavier than 30lb braid and aren't fishing crazy current or surf conditions. And you're not winching/ skiing fish all day
  15. I would likely take it over the spheros. And really have to think long and hard as to whether I needed the better drag and bail wire found in the gosa. The salist is a bg with ball bearings that resist corrosion and magseal at the ar clutch. The Spinfisher doesn't have to worry about bearing corrosion because it is effectively sealed. And they have sealed bearings vs shielded bearings in the saltist. I'll take effective sealing over corrosion resistant all day every day on the beach. You almost gave up on penn............. I did give up on penn spinners. (not including the torque or Z) The slammer was eye opening...And the spinfisher is to the slammer as the stradic is the sustain. Difference being. Bigger spinfishers get better gearing. And metal rotors. My only concern is quality control.