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  1. There is another shipment of salt x Gen 1 reels (with knob upgrade) inbound.
  2. I already have it...it's not as refined as the ocea jigger star drags and saltiga star drags I own. The aforementioned star drags feel hydraulic.....you feel the gearing in the LD. It'll run in and get a little better but nothing like the star drags. For a 600$ single speed from shimano...I was hoping for it to be S tier. Keep in mind..it's the same price as the two speed talica 16IIA....
  3. I'm shocked this reel is priced at Talica IIA pricing.....It's nice and all...but it's not as refined as the star drags and it's a single speed. Gonna tear one down...If I have my torsa teardown footage somewhere I'll reference that. For pete's sake..slap that handle and knob on the talicas......
  4. I'll be throwing yozurehs.
  5. It was either me (Nick P) or Nick C. I made sure to get anyone with an issue up and running, and offer spoos for the inconvenience. Nick C did the same.
  6. scoobydoo


    The lure ratings are spot on...I made sure of that. Line flow on VS 200 and smaller spool diameters on both rods is phenomenal thanks to the RV guides vs KW. Super slow motion shows line slap occuring on KW frame legs, but not on RV. Smoother quieter casts after the lures apex are noticeable as the lure slows and the line still feeds off the spool faster than the lure. The rods are light enough that you could use a VS 200 for heavy conditions and for a light beach walking setup using a fuego 6000 (Think Daiwa ballistic 6000 with a zinc gear...which is a feather light egg beater that bombs due to it's line capacity and line lay...and it's 130 bucks) Instead of a metal ring or thread at the butt side of the joint...I got a little created and went with a carbon ring so that it expands at the same rate during temperature swings to ensure stability of the joint. Don't overlook the Fuji BRC rubber butt....so many use no name vinyl butts to save a buck....It sounds silly, but it's a huge quality of life improvement. Vinyl doesn't stay put on breathable waders.....it slides....the fuji BRC stays planted...the stable platform greatly reduces fatigue when working pencils, griding metal lips, and fighting fish.
  7. It's not bad, but nothing about it would make me recommend it over others. I received some hollow core samples and will stick with cortland or jb
  8. goofish is a tsunami slimwave with a paint job....I'm not kidding... I ordered one awhile back direct from them and I received a broken rod tube with a st croix premier spinning rod.....makes me wonder if something nefarious was up.
  9. havent had any time to look...any schematics available.? Dogs or ar clutch bearing....one of the reason why talicas were such work horses were the lack of bearings in favor of bushings...and dogs instead of a fragile one way bearing.
  10. I prefer it 10:1 over spinning when at all possible. I find the lexa to be the user friendliest of all of em. Throwing big spooks there's no better way.
  11. dead on has a new blend that's cheaper that may be up your ally.
  12. Yeah, we're on the same page... I never suffered an issue, even if sand got it it still functioned 100%...since the switch that controls the light is on the other side of the sealed housing....I think it's a brilliant design and wish more electronics would do something similar. Can it be improved...certainly. I don't like nitecore's other clicky lights....access to red sucks. And so many of their clicky lights have different morse codes you have to enter to change I usually just flashbang myself.....so i just stocked up on 90s..lol
  13. it does? it floats on an aluminum t track...the switch is inside the sealed metal housing? but yes....if you break it you have to buy new.
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