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  1. Before I read it something I can outrage over? If I can't get outraged publicly it's not worth reading.
  2. So you'll get it down to 1lb 10 ounces for 500$ Is that worth it to you? Or ya cold just buy a lighter more capable reel. That does everything a helluva lot better.
  3. pinched wires....the bane of all troubleshooters. That sucks....
  4. That's my main gripe can't get buckles through the holder
  5. Tell me you don't know how to read...without telling me you don't know how to read
  6. same as tuna gear really, just thinner braid to prevent scope. You can't put tons of pressure on em as you'll pull the hook anyway.
  7. I think you'll spend more in fuel than baitmasters would charge, as they're off of NJ but a good deal souf...
  8. hey...i represent that......
  9. keep in mind that testing is really only being done in the major population centers......they ain't got **** out in the sticks....and there are a lotttttttt of sticks. That strain or a strain that comes out of there will be the new global strain...and it will be the endemic source. I think the end of january 2020 I was talking about what if India /COVID.....and here we are.....shame. There's nothing they are going to be able to do other than weather the storm....fukin o2 is selling for 100 to 200x the standard price.....sad.
  10. I have the 7.5 and 5.5 Mine stay open a hair and stop on the cutter. Try loosening the cutter screws while closing the jaws....may be a bit of wiggle room. The gap on mine isn't nearly as wide as on yours. Nevermind...saw you went through the needful
  11. What may prove out over time and what may be interesting is if the original strain of novel coronavirus wasn't that transmisible, and not that dangerous. Keeping in mind The shanghai university did close down due to a bug well before the whistle blower in china said there was a dangerous bug. And not long after we found out about it there were already multiple recorded strains. Using the cruise ships as a spread pretty readily.....but not like an out of control wildfire.
  12. To each their own. I prefer the single source presentations of all the data that I can view while listening. Or listen while doing something else. Efficient information's an art Cable news is like watching sports center for 5 hours straight.
  13. It's up to the content creator. Youtube doesn't just put good info in front of you. Us an incogneto browser and see what is displayed. There is plenty of incredibly useful and accurate information available about a wide range of topics. Perfect example is weather. You have Frankie from nova scotia the gent with the disability who screams....up in smoke who googled weather terms once and things he's a hurricane expert.... Then you have tropical tidbits who is a degree'd meteorologist, physist etc. Who is far better than anyone on the weather channel or cable news. Just need to know find em. Dr. John Campbell is one of the very good ones. I see no point other than political baseball to watch cable news at all. Rantingly, Drudgereport, drudgeretort...skim the links for about a minute and you have everything you didn't need to know.... I live in bridgewater so hyper local news doesn't occur.
  14. No. The winds have been typical. Maybe a touch more "Not from the souf" I recall a year when we had 47 straight days of south winds from april on. ocean temps were chilly. I think it was 2010
  15. Here's the link to the publication