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  1. I ordered 5lb of 5oz and 4oz a couple years ago....think an egg...but squashed flat with a brass eye. Normally I'd nnot have any left...the planing aspect plus high speed reel makes for much higher chance of getting my rig back. I still have plenty Easy to drill and add grip wires if needed.
  2. The rivers in my neck of the woods have provided a helluva a challenge. Normally I'd have a bunch of monster smallies by now....but I can't find em. Big channel cats are now smashing squarebills more than smallies.... at a 2:1 clip On top of that.....the 3 years of very high flows (dumping round valley was epic as it ran a foot + high and gin clear) followed by two years of crazy every other day rain....has chopped off banks clean making many very steep so access has been cut down. I like the challenge....enough to not have touched a tributary since april.... Switching it up this week though....unfortunately my waders booties shredded and need to go out for repair for 3 weeks and the skeeters are nasty.....
  3. Don't ain't got a pool.....the lid just blew off the garbage can and landed upsidedown and said fuggit.....
  4. I gotta say.....I love when sharks make the all those viewers get funneled into this video. Since it's ranked top 10 globally for a bunch of shark keywords.....It gets an extra 20k to 100k views in a few days All for a silly dogfish........lmao 6,000,000 friggin views of a dogfish......aka BENNY JAWS (and nobody knows what Benny means lol)
  5. True story......Adrian F and I were overnight chunking......the only thing that would scare off pesky blue dogs was spraying it with water.........Not smakin it in it's nose...bonking it with the bend of the gaff.....nothin.... Spray it with the raw wate washdown and it bailed every single time..... That GW is a BEAST!!!!
  6. I always perferred the brass eyed flat bank sinkers in sticky bottoms.......they seem to plane upwards out of harms way a bit quicker and found I hung up quite a bit less....
  7. I'm a big fan at how they went about certain things on this reel. I'm curious if the main gear is a step up compared to the Exsence....which if memory serves correctly was an uncoated forged alu. I like that o ring supported bushing at the main shaft under the seal. (on a design I've been sketching up it's nearly identical the o ring helps it float but instead of brass mine was delrin) Great Pics!
  8. That's what my bench looks like at this moment... Abu premiere Stradic FK Stradic FL Ballistic LT Tatula LT With a caldia LT in the back LOLOL......
  9. FYI Princing will be the same as the current FK for the USA market. Release date/ purchase date should be ICast.
  10. THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for sacrificing your stradic to a bucket of I so badly want to enjoy a new release without having to worry about did water screw it up lol. 9x out of 10 it doesn' I air dry it and replace / replenish the lube.....but its a mental thing...... I think I'm just gonna go by your results.....which were pretty predictable....Hydrophobic coatings in penn, shimano, etc.......don't prevent water intrusion when submerged. I feel like they only work when the rotor is turning and under minimal pressure. Where did ya add the bearings? the worm?
  11. My first tuna was in the 120 range.......I thought my drag was set right on a zb 25.....nope......probably around 10lbs That took a solid hour plus...lolol That was special Lots of funny stuff can happen in an hour when you're not putting alot of pressure on a big fish that's designed like a race horse
  12. I'll tell you one thing................. Huh?? My daily driver has been an 11 ounce reel on a 11' rod...and everyone of the 20 or so people that I've handed it off to were blown away at how comfortable it was to throw. The reels i've been using have been a Abu revo beast 40, Concept z3, Omoto Willpower, The rod is rated 2-8 If that's the case why doesn't it apply to smaller setups. My Steez ags 8 footer feel 10x better with an abu mgxtreme, or aldebaran vs a Calcutta TE DC at double the weight or even a 6.5 oz Metanium DC. The Tatula LT 2000 feels better on my 9' tailwalk hi tide tz than my 3k or 4k stella. Didn't expect it to at 5oz instead of 10...but yup....big difference. In the end though...who the eff cares.....put whatever reel on it that makes it comfortable for you
  13. What does Otony say? Does that look like an intelligent engineering decision? LOL I noticed 3 drrrps when I took it apart on a whim on a tackle shop counter....all 3 drrrps were either changed within the series..or in the next 5 minutes.....and it took them 5 years to make the reel.....smh Was the design a problem?? It didn't prove to be....would they have to make it bigger and
  14. 2 hour battle with a 100lb tuna............... That's special