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  1. 434 where I'm at........ My house is at 62 in the living room according to the air filter
  2. 12:30 PM Mahwah NJ I brought my dyson filter to the office...pinned at 50ppm....should be at 0-1
  3. There is an Acme on the middlesex dunellen border...(may have closed ) They innovated with a self checkout 20 years ago......and it's a sneak peak into the dystopian future...it's a now defunct non operable area of the store...or it was last I was there a few years back. Now grocery stores are forced into that with high wage requirements. Like shoprite having 2 open registers at 630pm.....wtf. They have 2 or 3 people on staff monitoring the self check outs.... and i can't have plastic bags......
  4. I had the same issue....clown pants..... Bought all sorts of size large high end waders.... Kept the Orvis pro zips and Simms g 3. The orvis still don't fit right...but I can wear them in shorts or adidas style pants. Simms I can wear heavier layers when it's cold. The new grundens look good. Know a few with them and they like them. WIthout the lifetime warranty...beans are no different than the no name amazon brands.
  5. Wait....you have to euthanize a fishing rod if someone else touches it....... But you spray snake oil on your fishing line? **** ****ing christ.....lmao
  6. Ahhhhhh....... The Japanese art of taking 24 minutes to tie a knot....
  7. The biggest head scratcher is WHY did Van Staal redesign the VR50 and subsequent 75 so that the foot doesn't fit reel seats that one would normally use that size reel with..... Early iterations of the VR50 fit just fine....the NEW and IMPROVED versions, you have to jamb it in. And even still it only really inserts up to the corners. NOTE: The VSX 2 50 fits as it should. Fuji size 16 seats don't fit the VR50....Which is the most popular reel seat size found on inshore rods and rods that you would most commonly pair with a 2000-4000 sized spinning reel which is where the vr50 sits. No excuse for this oversight.....
  8. I think at this point I can finally say i have too many rods.
  9. Picked up a 60 yesterday along with some big spooks... I have to admit.....I didn't look at the prices..... I laughed out when I saw the total.....II thought it was like 120 bucks....not 300.... Note....I didn't look till I got home
  10. You posted on a public forum? What part did I get wrong?
  11. You bought a rod that retailed for 250$ for 99$ on close out. 5 months later the rod broke The owner of the brand offered you the purchase price towards a product of the same brand There was nothing in their range that you felt suited your needs. Posts about it online Asks to close the thread stating your intent wasn't to bash..... waits a few days...... Then bashes...... BRILLIANT!!!!!!!
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