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  1. That was talked about in a thread a long time ago. A bunch of people mentioned similar things. I remember doing something similar by just programming an nfc chip to trigger certain things. Open weather underground to my location and record a screen shot. But it didn't work thorugh my pocket and case so I never bothered. That was years ago. if it's under 10 bucks It may be worth it.
  3. unfortunately disney looks to be scrapping the series....pretty much all marvel series. So that they can put iton their streaming service. According to the intewebs
  4. Fireline is a braid.
  5. I know one person personally with the 2500 who I've spoken too directly about his. Elias is not a fan of it at all. Very rough in feel and lacks torque. Although he didn't mention line lay issues at all. (I'm pretty sure it was a 2500) I think he put out a review today abouut it. And my 4500'd using 14lb fireline ultra and j braid stacked line like the japanesium brands. Unfortunatley I guess with the 2500 and light line there is no avoiding that gapping issue. I doubt it's 2 duds. I spooled up 8lb super slick v2 on a ballistic lt 2500 and it wanted to do that. Had i gone with 6lb j braid grand i'd bet it would show. Maybe the 2500 is just a crappy line layer. That 15lb (what is it P line cxx? or halo?) for it to show there isn't gonna affect anything. But it's no bueno that you can even see it. Faithless..I'm not doubting you at all.....I came into the spinfishers thinking they were gonna be **** line layers. But I found gaps to be much worse on battles and others if spooled under light tension. Higher pressure and very steady uniform pressure really made a noticeable difference. Gotta say though. Looking at the pics it doesn't look that bad honestly. Maybe it's the angle.
  6. What about interest....... SHould be 403456854 plugs by now I'll let 858893 slide for that avatard of yours
  7. can I has one!
  8. The problem is throwing into the wind. diistance is much less with a baitcastes as you really have to throw a low bore. And ripping into a head wind....lightweight, high speed aerodynamic lures isn't all that fun with anything but a dc reel. and even then it's not oodles of fun lol. Any svs infinity or magz sv spooled reel you'd have to have the brakes up enough to kill distance. ((important to consider I'm talkin hero casting punching in to wind)) And you'd need heavy drags and strong handles. And a gear ratio to get fish on you need capacity. Only two reels come to mind. And I haven't used either of them. The new antares and calcutta dc. (i have a few dc reels but none full 200 sized capacity) Don't those clarks and drones cast poorly??? and have a tendancy not to fly straight? I'd bet a baitcaster would staighten em out a bit. But all bets are off in the wind. What's you spinning setup currently for that?
  9. Tady jig Not the aluminum ones but the small stubby lead ones. they swim real nice. Big hopkins too
  10. Popped up a separate thread with the tear down vid. I have a feeling the evict wouldn't fare well for long if you melt pain on stellas
  11. Once again, this isn't a review as I never had them out on the water. Just an unboxing, analysis, and teardown to show what this new series of egg beaters is all about from an un-biased perspective. (even if you muted me you would get a good picture of what they're about) That said. These reels are pretty smooth out of the box. And once run in I'd bet get even better. Though...I don't understand why they would leave the rear end of the reel and clutch of the smaller reels so exposed. When they obviously saw the benefit to add seals elsewhere. Time will tell I guess. For me and my fishing. Would I buy this reel. No I wouldn't. If I bottom fish I use conventional reels. And for other applications where I use spinners in this size range. I don't winch fish it and prefer a more water resistant design. So I can still get years of high performance out of a non stainless gear train, and shave off quite a bit of weight. While keeping water out.
  12. Isn't that for clipping to reels? So they don't fly out of holders? Little much don't ya think?
  13. Sir Hawk seems to have the inside scoop on that. And stated it's no longer a parallel foot
  14. where are you located for pick up? I'm in bridgewater NJ