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  1. The best way to guarantee catching them when they're around. Try as hard as humanly possible to avoid them
  2. Ever consider a split or rosco butt ring and a bit of safety silv 56 silver solder and torch? I believe it's what is used on crock spoons and tadys. Been doin this for a bit with everything listed below. Torch Flux Butane Solder
  3. worth mentioning. I don't watch cable news channels. Back in 16 when the Comey hearings were a thing. It was all over all cable news channels. But MSNBC's site had a little side box with Rudy Giuliani. 20 article headlines down. But it didn't mention Comey or Hillary. You had to watch it to see it was him talking about it. Making it 0 for that site vs hundreds on others.
  4. Found it odd that there was 10x the chatter on the ohio shooting vs the Texas shooting......I think it took me 10 seconds to figure it was a swing state vs red state thing. And yeah.....the police shooting got oddly little press....the morning after there wasn't nearly as much as when it was "developing" and when it was no longer a red banner on top of websites.....I thought to myself....Dude's not a white trumper. Or it's not a white on black crime. It's so predictable
  5. Hitena sent me some silky 16..............ummmmmm It's kinda not good.....and it's damn expensive...It's fairly slick. But damn does that color dye everything. 20 outings later and a freshly tied fluoro leader will get dyed. A dude from Austrailia sent me his Exist LT , mgxtreme spinner, a caldia lt and nexave. Along with some pandora and Gosen 16 braid. That gosen 16 is the nicest braid I've ever used. It's as close to mono as any braid I've ever used. But it's in the 100$ range for 150 yards. Power pro slick v2 is one of the nicest of the normal lines I've ever used. I've used it more on baitcasters and conventionals. And it stays like new for a crazy long time which is awesome. And it's much better than the v1 on spinners.
  6. Please...... Did you watch that documentary and rogan podcast. They have gravity generators'n **** there. Imagine how fast that thing would sink.
  7. I've been using 8lb,20lb, 65lb and liked it enough to have picked up 2 30lb spools last week. (I wish they made a metered line as I'd pick up a 65lb spool) Everything that sucked about v1 is not in v2. Compared to the J braids (x4,x8, Grand), the Spiderwires (stealth camo, Invisibraid, ultracast), Maxima 8, Hitena Silky, Finatic Pro....I've found the V2 to be a better all around line. It casts very nicely without being too limp and tip wrapping. It is very durable and knots really lock up nicely and wear well over time. It also doesn't really "break in" after a trip or two it pretty much stays the same. It's weave doesn't break down like the previous version and many other braids after use. On some of my setups which saw the most use. It still has that glossy shine. I feel the only PE lines that really make a significant difference in casting difference are Gliss/ nanofil/ ssp fibre glide But in my experience they have major drawbacks in the durability and versatility dept.
  8. I caught my first striper there over 30 years ago
  9.,-74.27687787,105.86072148a,11440.70705775d,35y,0h,0t,0r 3rd biggest lake in NJ Virtually off limits for my entire lifetime.
  10. When I saw him in the marlin on a st croix surf rod thread I was like.....jeeez.....Not even a congrats..... Kinda of a b.hole'ish
  11. a few years ago we drilled triggers and filled the cooler with some of the best tasting fish on the planet. Seeing them in gin clear water nip both sides of a senko until nothing more than a pencil eraser was left was a blast. I'll never forget as one approached the pencil eraser left over morsel. And straight clipped off the point off the hook at the barb. No hookset....All three of us watched it happen as we were laughing at how a pair 101 dalmationed the bait. I think it was a size 1 gami finesse wide
  12. I took a spine in the knuckle joint about 10 years ago. Go figure that's the joint that every so often gets stuck
  13. In some depth and a little bit of current when the big ones are on the feed. They are a blast for sure on even heavy bass tackle. The occasional slap in the nuts adds to the experience......even better when they slap someone else while your unhooking it.
  14. Stella and Saltiga sold pending payment. Thank you Jeffory and SOL PM on the way
  15. Hi Jeffory, If you cover the shipping you got yourself a deal. I'll even throw in a plug