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  1. Snagged a floating rattle trap in a tree (mess of vines hanging low.... Broke off. Retie another floating trap. Two casts later..... Hit the same vine.... Woudn't you know it....first bait popped out and lost the second... Whats even better....The fist one had two trebles on it...the second one I removed the rear.... The cast before I snagged the first one I was gonna switch it out out to the single trebled .... AWESOME!
  2. I gotcha... One of my subscribers....(amazingly over the top generosity) builds me a crazy amount of insane tools and other one off pieces of equipment.... I don't know what he's going to charge me....he's never charged me in the past... The motor and head would have to be a few least the ones in the picture he sent me. One thing I would like is to try decorative wraps....(if I'm gonna dedicate the space for it...might as well take full advantage... I want him to build in a way to index the chuck or mill in detentes for rotational positioning...... As I think that would be helpful....rotate 2 or 3 clicks, move thread half an inch over...repeat.... NO clue if that's helpful...but would want that... But I settle on left side motor to build from butt on left to tip on the right. Thread carriage on the front.....clockwise winding with reverse.....capabilty to ream cork, eva, composite. As narrow as possible wheels. Etc. I'll keep ya posted
  3. Retracting... Machinist offered to build one to spec.
  4. Grew up with Don Mattingly as my idol...was number 23 from 4 years old till 19...Played first base or pitched every game of my life.....watched so many games...and remember many of the great ones.. Right before finally turning off baseball (and team sports)....I recalled I wasn't a fan of the Yankees...I was a fan of Bernie, Jeter, Petite, Rivera, Posada, Knoblauch, Tino...etc... The final nail was Arod getting a 250 million dollar contract then becoming aroid.... That and I prefer not to waste my life watching other people play a game... It's literally no different than the kids watching people play video games on twitch.... And life is too valuable..I prefer not to waste life staring at a piece furniture (*tv) during the warmer months.... (I type this while staring at a piece of furniture....while waiting for a piece of furniture to render a video I plan to put I can earn a living that pays me based on how many people stare at their furniture)
  5. That's cuz you be a poooooo Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Glad you enjoy em.... and are able to gain something from the time spent watching them. The company tailwalk makes the Hi Tide series....(their customer service blows..I bought direct from the owner of the company...had two rods that were warped....1 year to get replacement tips......was dealing with the owner) Shimano has many more japanese seabass rods than just the Dailuna...some get real pricey. I think Major Craft has a jdm seabass lineup. One thing I've learned about JDM rods....if they have a chart with rod actions...showing bent rods...They're accurate..very accurate which makes online rod shopping pretty cool and easy.
  7. I believe he put something out with em....
  8. Been wrapping a few more rods than usual... Looking for a nice setup with a good thread carriage and tensioner so I can just buzz on guide wraps nice and tightly Must have drying capability or a second drying setup. Must have quality chuck Must have quality carriage Looking to be within $400-$800 with trades. Thanks!
  9. Lol.. PM buddha he has the dailuna and his cousin has the labrax... Both awesome. I like buddas dailuna (it's a few powers lighter though) I like it better than my tailwalk hi tide TZ. Those Daiwas with the carbon fiber guides.... Even at the 600$ price tag are chinesium
  10. Rapala shadow rap shads are some of the longest casting jerk baits made. Sadly...they come stock with literally the worst hooks of any 10$ bait in the history of baits. Lucky craft wander and stream drives launch for their size....
  11. I know people have had issues.... I'm not one of em....Had a dial not want to pop all that easily...(a time or two)..but it popped.....and loosened just fine... (I can see if you have weak hand / wrist / pinch grip strength it could be a more significant issue though) 5 years and a few thousand miles on the sand....and I can use em today...just retired em because the heel cup and insoles and toebox line wore through to plastic and it damaged my waders.. (same set of boa laces and dials since new replaced em not long ago but didn't need to) To say you can't use them for heavy salt...just isn't true though...
  12. I'm pretty sure it was a part of the 90's bulls 3 peat team.....
  13. Unless it's not on porpoise...
  14. Here's something that'll blow your mind....Hodgman Aesis.............with the interchangeable soles.... Are really friggin nice....Got em about 2 weeks ago and have logged around 150 miles on em...I think the spices are bigger than when the korkers were new.... I got em from my buddy's shop for next to nothin...thinking I wasn't gonna be a fan.....low and behold...I dig em... (boa dials still loosen like the korkers)
  15. BKK titan.....