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  1. Yeah I can do that. I’ll likely never use it again. SOLD! I’ll pm PP info.
  2. Last price drop to $35.00 shipped
  3. Price drop to $42.00
  4. Up for sale is a Shimano Cardiff 200a. Reel has some surface scratches & some wear on some of the hardware where I had to use a leathermen to take handle off (young and stupid). It has never been serviced properly. It does click down and allow line out and retirieve. Last time I used it was a few years ago and it started jamming up on me a little bit. Probably just needs some TLC from someone who knows how to rebuild it or make a great parts reel. Pricing low to sell quickly & due to the fact that it needs some work. $50.00 Shipped PP
  5. Done deal for $50.00 shipped. PM me about payment.
  6. Is the braid included?
  7. Seeing as this hasn’t moved in a few days I’ll offer $45.00 shipped. Can do PP, check, or MO.
  8. 13.9-14.2vdc running would indicate a properly functioning alternator. Anything less would be a failing alternator. Good battery will hold about 12.5-13vdc off a fresh charge.
  9. If you still have any available I would like to get an estimate with the the shipping for the following. Banana Head Long Shank -(2) 1 oz 2.20 -(2) 1.5 oz 2.70 -(2) 2 oz 3.20 -(2) 2.5 oz 3.70 -(2) 3 oz 4.5 Thanks Drew
  10. I should mention it is going to be a party boat charter. Maximum of 24 people. So I don’t think we’ll be doing any trolling. So far really do appreciate all the advice, and of course as always anymore so it’s even more Appreciated.
  11. I have some questions for some of the more seasoned vets about inshore exotic fishing. Ive been fishing for years but never anything crazy, usually fluke, bluefish ect. Me and my fiancé are looking to take a charter out of Point Pleasant in the fall for mahi, bonito, ect. I usually fish spinning gear. The website for he charter recommends 20-30 lb class conventional. My question is, is there anything wrong with using spinning gear in this application. Thinking a reel in the 6-8000 range with 20-25 lb mono (braid not recommended, and a med heavy 6’6” rod. Haven’t purchased any new reels for this yet. Wanted to get some opinions first. Thanks!
  12. If I’m not required to take the fish or turtles, I’ll take this. Only need the tank extra. Thank you -Drew
  13. Edited
  14. Sold! Thanks TimS and SOL!
  15. Price drop to $300.00 Great beginner kayak!