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  1. I think it’s safe to assume my original hypothesis was correct. They’re garbage lol. And I will definitely be getting some wobble head jigs from Dan in a few weeks or so.
  2. As I lie here with my current insomnia, I ponder a question. I’m sure everyone here at some point or another, has seen the red, green, or yellow dyed minnows, shad, & spearing that come vacuum packed in plastic bags. Packed with preservatives to be made shelf stable. A. Has anyone ever tried them? B. Have they worked? C. Better or worse than fresh. (Had to ask) By no stretch of the imagination am I rushing out to stock up on fruit cake style dead fish but I am curious to peoples thoughts. (Unless I hear some extremely positive reviews lol)
  3. I was talking to a buddy of mine the other day who typically is more a surf guy than a boat guy. I, on the other hand and more of a boat guy. And he was telling me that people use green crabs when targeting bsb. Which I’m sure works but seemed odd to me. I’ve done tog trips and I’ve done bottom fishing trips (Ling, cod, sea bass, etc.) I understand green crabs when toggin and typically when I’ve gone out for the later, the normal bait is clam. Can someone tell me if charters/ head boats would prefer to use crab over clam for bsb & other bottom species? And yes, I am aware that people typically like jigs & such but this is purely a question about bait. Thanks!
  4. Shimano tranx, Daiwa Lexa, Penn Squall low profile, Penn fathom low profile. Probably in the 300 size for a 7-8’ rod.
  5. Not sure if it applies to cross trek but most new Subaru vehicles come with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). Some people are very weary of them (myself included). They’ve been around for awhile now but I’ve heard some people talk of major issues.
  6. I’m going on 4-5 weeks now. At least I’m not the only one who’s getting the same song and dance.
  7. Looking to reach out to those who filed their taxes early to mid February. Have you received your federal returns yet? I personally filed on 2/15. Got my state return back (very unusual for NJ) but still waiting on federal. Dont think it’s worth trying to call with everything going on atm. Just figured I’d see if anyone else was having similar delays.
  8. Makes you really think about mileage on used SUV’s, trucks, Jeep’s ect. Great point tho.
  9. Would like to place an order for the following; (2) 1 oz (2) 1.5 oz (2) 2 oz (2) 3 oz All banana head & orange/chartreuse. Thank you! Drew Just pm the total.
  10. This has to be for cat food or something of that nature.
  11. PM me PayPal info and I’ll have it to you in next 30 mins. Thank you
  12. I’ll take it. Do you accept PayPal?
  13. A lot of smaller charter boats in NJ will due tuna trips. Some of the party boats in Brielle & Pt. Pleasant. I know the Gambler in Pt Pleasant does some smaller 12 hr pelagic trips in the late summer early fall usually around $125-150/ person.
  14. If deal falls through above I will take for $30 shipped.
  15. Yeah I can do that. I’ll likely never use it again. SOLD! I’ll pm PP info.