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  1. Ill take lot 2 thanks
  2. Are you open to trade of high end plugs plus cash
  3. I meant dannies sorry bud not giving up a Donny for a belt. The danny is something Everyone should have in there bag at all times you'll be very happy with a white danny
  4. Yes spins i have yellow ..olive..Pollack...donnies a white or a yellow
  5. How about a new beachmaster junior what color would you use
  6. I've been saying it for three years now the coach needs to go. He sucks i hate his lack of energy on the field. He looks like he's on thorozinn..one of the zombies from walking dead would get the players excited more
  7. Ill take the hoodie.if a post office money order is ok
  8. Ill Take one green wirh eyes and one yellow with eyes atom40...thanks
  9. Still have a hard time getting the tails the color on the package evan with the jaquared dyes. How are you guys cleaning your tails first. Im washing them in warm dish soap rinsing them putting them in the pot of dye with a water temp below 170 for a hour. Any longer the tails come apart thanks again for any help
  10. Tommy. That is spot on. Im very comfortable with a 12 conventional better of course with a 11'spinning throwing lures im better with a ten ..so i guess at some point genetics takes over
  11. With every thing being equal will a 13' outcast a 12' rod same blanks same line same weight same reel? ??? Just curious. ..
  12. Whats the price of this knife i would like to offer you some new plugs
  13. Those look great. Did you mix any boxes. Or are they just stock colors.
  14. Red.pink.black.kelly green. All the colors that i need to be bright ..i geuss the rit is ok for the pale shades ..