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  1. Saving you when the heat get turned up? That is awfully nice of Tim.
  2. C'mon man, you know we all love ya. It's a damn shame you get booted so often.
  3. Oh they scored a bulls eye alright. They just need to look in a mirror to see where it hit.
  4. But he did! There is only temporary sadness from the Liberals and this failure to uncover the truth will only serve to further empower their determination to find proof and validate their feelings.
  5. Meaning what? Go ahead and just say it.
  6. The bloodbath will be the Democrat primaries. Although I would really enjoy it if AOC publically told Pelosi what to do with herself.
  7. What did they turn down and what are they demanding? Why would it be a disaster?
  8. Ironic that Pelosi will be the sanity within the Democrat party that keeps their ship above water.
  9. November 2020.
  10. Fair point. Do you think him being "extremely political" will adversely impact his ability to perform his job honestly and lawfully?
  11. Why are you calling him extremely political?
  12. Refusing to bend to the will of Democrats is politicizing?
  13. If true is that a bad thing?
  14. Well, NJ must be full of criminals............... Besides the ones in Government.