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  1. Mokes has better fights with his shadow.
  2. If you like fake staged fights it's not bad.
  3. The moment he put his hands down to his waist he should have been tasered...................... repeatedly.
  4. Nope, his head will explode and sh*t will go everywhere.
  5. Cops are Jets fans and planted evidence.
  6. Same thing it means to Republicans. It's a freekin lie.
  7. Absolutely.... We need a flippin the bird emoji.
  8. They can use unicorn farts to generate the electricity.
  9. Every time I see your avatar the first thing that pops into my mind is "hockey puck"
  10. Allow me **** the UN
  11. Doesn't seem to prevent you from alleging the absurd.
  12. The big one can't come soon enough for that city.
  13. What the heck is Red doing in NY?
  14. Bye bye Bernie..........