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  1. 2, 3 and 4 most certainly are Left wing editorializing. It's expected.
  2. If they want to trash Trump I think they get loads of air time.
  3. I've not heard anyone say anything yet about the indictments. But I can't imagine any of them not hammering Trump over this. You know the media is going to be asking them for their opinions.
  4. Or the dopes in California will come to the realization that what they mandated can't be done and they allow more time to transition. If not we have another round of supply chain disruptions.
  5. Gave him up or were lying their asses off to try and save their asses. When in doubt, Trump made me do it.
  6. California is effed. Shippers will simply take their ships and containers to other ports. There's no possible way to comply with what the idiots in California have mandated.
  7. Biden can't beat anyone. Trump is the only one that could lose to Biden.
  8. It's Trump, of course there's an ongoing investigation. The Left will never stop investigating.
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