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  1. But you cared enough to look it up.......
  2. I'm glad I could help........
  3. You mean you did not invent warp speed? Well, that's disappointing.......
  4. You might just be....................clueless. Are you new to the computer age? Maybe some kind of fossil that never advanced past a couple of soup cans on a string?
  5. Oh please! You're not that stupid.............
  6. Maybe you should sign up as a witness for the prosecution. Tell them all the things your feelings know to be true.
  7. JMO, I suspect you are not a conservative.
  8. Then we will have another round of rioting as the mob will not accept the verdict.
  9. Good luck proving that at trial. You feelings are inadmissible as evidence.
  10. Involuntary manslaughter would be my guess.
  11. Only an anti American racists would support the rioters. Please note I am not including you in that group. Nobody has supported the length of time the tactic was used. And given the officers history nobody is supporting him with one notable exception. The police labor union. There the main problem with rooting out abusive cops. Just a coincidence that they are supported by Democrats.........
  12. I think they should go protest (wink wink) in front of the Pelosi compound. Maybe loot her ice cream supply.
  13. Someone did endorse the tactic. Do we know what he died of yet? Have you seen the autopsy report? It matters with regards to what the officer gets charged with.
  14. Perfect opportunity to restore law and order if they become rioters. Set the example of what's no longer tolerated and what will happen to them.
  15. Bull sh*t. If they want answers they need to look in the mirror for the source of their issues and look at the Democrat machine that has kept them in slavery since the 60s