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  1. The Rolling Stones........... Major suckage.
  2. Tells me that in the current political environment it's DOA. Can you imagine if everybody got to pay the same %? How could they divide and pit us against each other? If we were not being manipulated to fight against our best interests we might be able to focus our gaze on the true source of our problems.
  3. How much money is Trump going to give them?
  4. Why not tax everyone the same for any and all income?
  5. I'll see your speech and raise you a lockout.
  6. Free enterprise capitalism. It's just not fair for all. It does not guarantee equal outcome.
  7. The more she speaks the better it is. She does not lie about who she is and what she wants. I would ask her who the **** is she to tell me how much money I can earn. BTW, her own party rich folks will make sure she goes nowhere.
  8. I submit that she is no dumber than Trump. He problem is that she is a flaming Liberal intent on burning down the country.
  9. Can I come set up a tent in your front yard and then have you pay, employ and feed me?
  10. It's not new talking point.
  11. That takes care of the two biggest contributors. Part of comprehensive immigration reform would be to better track visitors on visas. You over stay we catch you, we jail you then we deport you. Our country, our rules.
  12. The Democrats because they must oppose all things Trump. And it would be a good thing for a GOP successor to run on security, both border and economic. There's a lot of value to keeping US benefits for US citizens and not illegal hoards.
  13. Sure, but it will be seriously curtailed. And the 20 million already here (the other half) will have to be dealt with thru comprehensive immigration reform.
  14. JMO, but I would say that would address approx. half of the problem.
  15. If the government shutdown was not designed to hurt why would Trump/Pelosi/Schumer be using it as a tool?