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  1. When it breaks the economy.
  2. Down right scary. It's rapidly pushing towards the breaking point.
  3. Some of the price run ups are being caused by low inventories of distillates gasoline, diesel, propane ect. US refiners are selling distillates to Europe and South America causing short inventories to be even shorter. Should Biden step in and say US first and world second? Or will he sit back and watch the US economy implode?
  4. Gas has gone up 10cents each day this week so far, currently gas 4.59 diesel 6.54
  5. Gas has gone up 10 cents each day this week. Effin disgusting.
  6. No doubt. My eyes are emotionless, what I see is what I see.
  7. All that medical work and nobody treated his brain problem.
  8. Way too many of todays kids have their faces buried in their phones to even notice the world around them. Even in groups they're all on their phones. Being me now I would not want to be them.
  9. Sadly, I don't think so.
  10. The Environazis don't even want new transmission lines being constructed never mind new power generation stations.
  11. He does not need to invade to destroy stuff. Hence the rational comment.
  12. What on the end of the toof brush?
  13. Provided Putin remains rational.
  14. Maybe it's time to kick Turkey out of NATO? They never should have been allowed in.
  15. This makes no sense.