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  1. I'd be quite content to see those rioters having the sh*t beat out of them and left broken and bloody in the streets. I guess you and I are seeing this thru different optics.
  2. It started with Obama telling people to get if their faces (remember that) comments and it's only escalated from there. It sure as hell is not Republicans giving stand down orders to the police. If you want to hear somebody come right out and say you should riot burn and loot you won't find it. Even Democrats are not that stupid but it sure as hell is tacit support and support by doing nothing to stop it.
  3. They all are responsible for it. They are both reckless and fiscally irresponsible. It's a Washington governmental problem.
  4. More lies.
  5. By adding to it. I think Washington believes debt does not matter.......
  6. Another 7 or 8 trillion more added to the debt. Is that moving in the right direction?
  7. Yup, I do know this story. Another state that's begging to Feds to clean up a mess that it made.
  8. How did they weaken water quality standards? What was rolled back or removed? or is it more like they rolled back excessively crippling standards to what was perfectly acceptable earlier standards?
  9. Are they casting a black Lois Lane as well? I suppose the super villain has to be a white guy. Forgive me if I could not care less about who plays Superman. But let's not pretend we don't know why this is being done.
  10. Does this have any bearing on their issues? If so please explain. If not, why mention it?
  11. Good thing only Democrat run cities have sewage system problems.
  12. This only proves that you've been an asshat from young age.
  13. I think we all know how the cancel culture advocates. I think we all know that you approve of their "common decency" tactics
  14. What would have changed if Republicans were in charge? Nothing.