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  1. Isolated incident. BTW, who were they voting for, Republican or Democrat?
  2. They are morons too. This guy is a special moron.
  3. We know they want to get the guns but, NUKES? C'mon now.
  4. It's beyond stupid. He a special kind of moron.
  5. I would suggest lobbying your Senators to vote no on this guy.
  6. So this is about one moron that thinks the US government would nuke itself and its own citizens?
  7. M18 Sawzall cordless. That is all.
  8. Negative. History is littered with the dead from war and intolerance all in the name of religion.
  9. Who cares? Besides the Celtics are underachieving just fine with their current roster.
  10. It's going to say Merry Christmas President Trump I got nothing Have a Happy New Year
  11. Looks like a Coopers hawk.............with lunch.
  12. C Crippling to the left that would be.
  13. Mookie Betts Anybody disagree?
  14. $2.82/gal here in the Peoples Republic of Connecticut.