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  1. Of course they will. I bet they could fly as configured now without ever having another crash. A simple software fix to dumb the system down, a second attitude input and everyone will fly fat dumb and happy.
  2. Smurf motor has no business being in a full size pickup truck.
  3. Nope, he will simply keep on badgering you. Don't encourage him by responding.
  4. Perhaps if they did not run idiots and loons as candidates?
  5. Hell, just show them your feet........ That be more than enough to scare off most anybody.
  6. Some people just hate that Charter of Negative liberties.
  7. You just line up with the Democrat talking points and away you go. You're not the worst but you certainly are the most regular.
  8. Actually this level of hypocrisy on display here is unfathomable. I almost can't believe you had the audacity to say it.
  9. Funny stuff coming from the alleged Libertarian..........
  10. Not for nothing but 20 Billion over a decade is pocket change compared to the yearly cost to the taxpayers for illegal immigration. And all things considered I'm not really concerned about immigrants that take the time and effort to go thru the system and come here legally.
  11. Based on what? OMB is not a good platform to run on.
  12. No, we are not in agreement.
  13. Stuck working....... Couple racks of ribs for the grille.
  14. 9/11 did change everything............. Not for the better, but, everything did change.
  15. The old saying is true........ When you give up your freedoms for security you have neither.