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  1. Eh i dont mind some fish in the skunks thread. Keeps it honest
  2. Add me to the never been cut casting list. Been cut slightly plenty of times by a tangled sea robin on a high low rig though when i have to grab the main line and slip. I throw a pretty long cast but im not out there swinging my rod like im driving railroad ties with 1 swing like some people i see. I think it has something do with hand size/angle and finger length in relation to how the line is coming off the spool.... Like a lot of guys have said the drag on the reel is what should be holding the tension of the line during a cast not your finger.
  3. Wow nice fish did something take a bite out of his tail??
  4. 1 baby fluke in 3 hours then 4 nice blues and 1 legit mid 30’s Ole time beast that i casted to 3x and missed in 3ft of water and finally hooked up on the 4th 20ft cast. When its your lucky day its your day all fish caught on the same frazzled hairy piece of 20lb fluro fluke rig with a stillwater tied on and 10lb braid.
  5. I thought you invented sluggos
  6. Small bucktail 1/4oz with no trailer try a few different speeds sometimes they wont hit unless you are burning it.
  7. You sure it was a banana and not a taquito?
  8. Probably 20+ in the lineup at 5:05. Fished my own spot for some jumbo sea robins some shad and a fluke. Didnt see another fish caught
  9. Wait until you see it tonight. I live around the corner I left the ocean at like 4:30 yesterday to grab food and there was about 5-6 guys i went back at 5:45 and just said out loud you gotta be f’ing kidding me when i looked over the rail on my back. They coulda been slaying 40lbers every cast and i still woulda kept driving. I just don't like people near me like that in MAY
  10. I was in montauk last week on a Thursday and it was out of control.... forget the next 4 days. I was in spots i never see another soul and it was overcrowded with people kayaking swimming dog walking picnicking you name it parking enforcement and police were everywhere too. This corona **** is really doing a number on a lot of places that got no traffic where you could legally park there are now parking by permit only signs up in places ive been going for many years.
  11. Porgies are in THICK to 4lbs at west end jetty every cast on pizza dough
  12. Did you release the milf ?
  13. Time to break out my 4 piece in a “camera tripod” case and 3500 reel w/ a few rigs in a lunch bag
  14. Lets not cry over spilled guineas
  15. Lets not get give them a reason to shut this down ...tide is coming in swell is building and it is SOFT SOFT SOFT right now like quicksand soft. Just a pileup of trucks at the entrance as of 4:30. Air down to 15-17 until this blow passes tried to warn as many as i could but stupid is stupid does Hopefully nobody gets washed away tonight.