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  1. Backside of democrat is getting worse every year. Hordes start filing in once parking is free. Nothing but a trail of empty beer cans bait bags and boxes, snack wrappers, line, and other misc trash.
  2. Would love to know the number of employees suckling at the tit of these birds every year
  3. Right but i thought its not usually 1/4 mile short of the rock pile where everyone surfs. Cut the front side down to nothing... guess maybe im mistaken.
  4. Anyone know what the story is with the new fence at demo? Fence is about about 1/4 mile before the rock pile.... Big sign “No vehicles beyond this point” Backside is also totally closed now. No access to the walking jetty
  5. If I am able to catch one can I eat it? Anyone ever eat one ?
  6. Good call stu-c thats the dog. Hopefuly its found a new responsible owner
  7. I was diving an eastern long island bay relatively close to shore just sorta floating near the surface minding my own business when a school of about 30-40 of these large (20-24") fish came from nowhere and lingered for about 15 seconds. They had a thick yellow stripe down the side and a powerful forked tails you could hear the tails beating the water when they darted off. Almost had the profile of a bluefish but 100% was not a bluefish weakfish or tunoid Anyone have a guess what this may have been? Could it have been some kind of jack?
  8. Tiny hooks, squid or clam on a high low with prob 2oz lead Should pick up a few kingfish or a stray fluke
  9. Pretty sure a blue claw would kick that pansy ass mitten crabs ass
  10. Whichever one is dumb enough to sleep with me
  11. Love that boat
  12. great boat great bang for the buck but like someone posted above i do find it to be a bit of a wet ride
  13. Learned how to fish soft plastics fishing for large mouth and converted it to salt for weaks and stripers
  14. just tell em exactly how you want it spooled. Most b&t guys spool it the way they like ......usually way too much backing and 100 yards of braid Then again they could be just cheap
  15. I actually switched to reeling with my left hand a few months ago just so i wouldnt have to switch hands every time i casted. Yea im lazy