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  1. If you sit on your hand before you crank its like someone else is reeling your rod
  2. Whats with the barrel swivel? You tie that on the fly?
  3. Thats a drum not a sheepshead
  4. Those look like hot garbage compared to the other guys lol
  5. There’s goliaths the size of volkswagens in both the pj and bridgeport ferry slips. Bluefish heads on 16/0 circles after dark
  6. I’ve been raking leaves for 2 weeks already here hope to get a few more tomatoes before the first hard frost.
  7. 1.5hr fight? On what an ice fishing rod ?
  8. Any word out there? Haven't been down in a while
  9. I find the beaches you mention to have too much sand most of the year
  10. Not sure the scientific name but its definitely a coney island whitefish
  11. Whats irritating is the whole stretch from the front side jetty to the entrance cut i didnt see any cages. They are all mostly on the point past the salt pond where we dont drive to begin with
  12. Still closed, plovers everywhere, counted at least 10 nests towards the point. Walk was fine in the morning but i damn near steamed myself Alive on the walk back in waders at noon.
  13. Still closed? Wanted to put in a full shift tomorrow morning on the fly
  14. Leveled the pond and woods for more plover habitat to more efficiently close the beach and draw in more plovers