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  1. If the rules were even somewhat enforced the herd would thin out substantially
  2. How are you drifting on the bottom in 45ft of water with 1/2oz? What’s your setup
  3. Lot of fun for the kids on a sabiki rig couple garbage can fulls in an hour for the table
  4. Plenty of e bikes can make it there and back you just will have to shell out some bucks. You must be one fat bastard if you couldnt make it on a 250…. I could ride from demo to smiths point on a 250 and have plenty of gas left over
  5. Nature gets a break on the 100’s of miles of shoreline we have no access to.
  6. super strike shad spooge popper is all i throw
  7. If i catch a shad its an anomaly
  8. Keep your cheeks clenched
  9. Just an absolutely overwhelming amount of people on every 4x4 beach now not enjoyable
  10. The fluke are here i just cant hook them maybe ill try bacon. Thick cut or regular?
  11. I’ll come fix it but I get 90 seconds to grab whatever i want out of your plug bag
  12. Sand it and a black sharpie
  13. Had blues out front all they would take was bucktail with no trailer ? Maybe shoulda tried sp
  14. As someone who has admittedly mishandled a fish that size that died i cringed watching that video. They should have both landed that in shallow water had a quick picture and sent it on its way ... both of them know better and i guarantee they have had the “do you think it lived?” conversation. All about the attention.
  15. Crazy how well these new regs already starting to work. Been lights out every day for about 2 weeks now big fish are just stacked up everywhere in the channels never seen an april this good