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  1. No but you don't know me so ****
  2. BTW, I have a life to live so I won't be seeing your reply here. I have better ****e to do right now. Have a great day!
  3. No sir, it was you who started with the stereotyping with you driving at me being a tree hugging liberal. You also called me a *** which I take offence to. Proudly married, thank you very much. Yes I did throw a stereotype out there but I guess my stereotyping was dead on though huh? First clue being that you were either offended or identified with (and don't like what you see in yourself) in both my posts. I am CORRECT
  4. Not quite. Don't know what guyliner is and I drive a real truck with less than phenomenal fuel mileage. Mokes seems to me to be another one of those tools ( this place is rife with them) who says he fishes but in reality spends all his time glued to his computer trying to put others down because they have have lives and he, obviously, has none. Seems they are mostly conservatives as well and will lump everyone who has a real thought in their heads as stereotypical tree hugging liberals. Strange how it works out like that.
  5. My street was clear by 6 am. I was really hoping to try out the 4WD in my new truck. Stupid Brookhaven.
  6. CONservatives will do anything they can to carry a firearm.
  7. Do you really need to question everything I say? You need a hobby besides trolling the internet.
  8. It doesn't matter. Unless they are solid gold, the guy is charging waaaaay too much.
  9. They are pretty easy to do in your driveway. You should figure out which side is bad first. No need to do both sides if only one is bad. You figure it out when you corner. If it louder on a right hand turn then it is the left side and vice versa. BTW, $1100 for four ball joints is an absolute rip-off. You need to find a new mechanic.
  10. I think so. I have had much worse for much more. I don't think I paid that much for it though.
  11. I did this last fall. We were picking for Port Jeff and Long Ireland brews. It was a really good time. Free beer, food and a few ounces of hops to take home. Met some cool people and even brewed with John and a friend of his. Hoping they do it again this year.
  12. I thought the Sculpin was a really good beer. Totally worth picking up.
  13. John is buying that harvester himself, well, with help from donations on ********* . The machine and shipping is around $50,000. He will help out other hop farms on LI once more farmers start planting hops. I believe there is only one more farm besides his out on the east end and it is small production. He is boosting his production by a few more acres and, I think, he said, five more varieties. I can't wait until harvest time!
  14. I have a porter that should be bottled up this weekend. We'll see how it turns out as I think I added a little too much black patent so it may be a bit bitey. I also added some juniper once fermentation was done. Not sure if I put enough in or not. Pretty much just an experiment. Whatever happens, it is still beer.
  15. I hope that turns out well for you. I had the Flying Dog Wildeman which is a pretty hoppy saison. It was so over the top with the bitterness and the sourness that it was hard to drink.