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  1. Thanks! Temping.
  2. What are the specs and condition of this rod? model number?
  3. Pp received and in the mail.
  4. Cool. I like it!
  5. Thanks!!! I will do the same.
  6. I am new to plug building and my workspace is in my basement. So the temps are below 60 in the winter. What sort of considerations are there for sealing/painting in the winter? I seal with the spar/spirit mix. I have been thinking of setting up a box to 4" vent outside with an exhaust fan. Has anyone done this? Sort of want to minimize the fumes. If you have an there are considerations or even design/pics, please share.
  7. The thing about shimanos are their million parts. My only experience with them in the surf was over a decade ago was with a stradic and i roached it with 4 months. i did replace the parts but the reel was never the same. I suspect a cascading effect. ...one part is worn...the whole system gets out of whack and the need to replace more parts is required. I like reels with fewer parts like vs. They arent as smooth as a shimano or other more land based reel, but they are more reliable in the surf zone and are dyi friendly.
  8. I would sell this pair for 80 shipped. Both have been fished. The bunker has more wear and some hairlines in the epoxy.
  9. Felt does not move the same way and probably degrades faster. Felt, pigskin, and goatSkin are other options but this is about getting closer to the behavior of uncle josh. For those who think that the Otter tails or Fat Cow are as good as pork are missing some of the subtly in the differences in motion. A bucktail dressed with anything can work. Hackle, rubber, jelly worms, balloon ribbons, cloth, etc...you name it. I just feel that the pork works the best and the absorber thing is a close second and far better than other alternatives. Some guys have posted other pork strip options on this thread. Believe me I tried them all and none of are even close to the motion and durability of the UJ products when they were in their prime,and now we pay more for less. All the new strips degrade faster because Uncle Josh had them treated with some formaldahide type solution. It was not just a normal brine. Anyway, I encourage everyone to give it a try. Your wallet will thank you.
  10. They sell natural which is an off white. Someone told me they found lime. The company advertisws a true white but i have never seen it. I have a link above in the thread to my Chamois tails post that proceeded my article in otw and the demo i did in ct. I also like tying them onto the shank of the bucktail. Sometimes after a lot of use and fish tugging on them the hole can open up and they can slide off. it is not an often occurance but it can happen. Otter tails and fat cow do not have the same motion at all. i tried them and did not care for how they present. In comparison it is just plastic dragging behind the bucktail, not as much life as pork or the absorber.
  11. I have all three 1321m blanks. The pre 2005, the post 2005, and the OS. You can say I drank the koolaid on the GSB. A lot of guys get hung up on modern high graphite designer blanks and focus on sensitivity. Where these GSB blanks shine is in fish fighting, the rod does all the work on all fish. So much fun to leash a nice fish on these rods. I have a pre 2005 but it is roached and have not had time to rebuild it to fish, so I cannot compare it yet to the other two. From what I hear the pre 2005 is an animal. I cannot wait to get it rigged up. It seems like every winter I want to but it gets pushed. Take what I say with a grain of salt because I am neither a rod builder nor an expert on blanks. Comparison of the post 2005 model with the recent OS model. The post 2005 and the OS are two totally different rods and I suspect that the OS is misnamed as of the two I would say it would be more of a goto for lighter plugs and normal conditions, but that is only because I own both. Of all the other rods I had if I did not have the post 2005 the OS would be my snotty conditions rod. The OS is more crisp on cast and recovery, It is slightly more sensitive than the post 2005. I use it the most when I bucktail lighter weights 1 - 2oz. and throw plugs to 4oz. I feel it struggles more on plugs over 3.5 oz than the post 2005. It is not that it cannot handle them as I fish plugs up to 6oz on the OS, it is more that I feel the post 2005 loads up easier on heavier weights and is less labor to cast. The post 2005, I use the most in really big water when everything I am throwing is a bit bigger. I have been making some plugs that are 6oz and it handles them nicely. The Post 2005 is more dull in feeling and feedback but I dont mind it and prefer it to any modern blank as it is a 100% work horse. Both have handled large fish with ease, both can handle plugs from 1-6oz without and issue. The OS slightly favors the lighter end and the post 2005 slightly favors the higher end of plugs. I have owned the CTS vapor trail 3-6 and currently still have a fiberstar 1329 maurader. These are great rods and far more sensitive, but feel that they are a touch too stiff for what matters most to me, fish fighting. I have also broken both of those rods, where the GSB line just continues to handle whatever fish I hook or the punishment I put on them. The GSB is a battle weapon. To get back to the original question. Yes I would build one as I feel it has all the durability qualities of GSBs and is different enough that you will find utility in it.
  12. Yeah, I posted it here and OTW published up my article too a few years ago. It probably has been getting around. I never cut them the way I describe any more....too much work and waste. I do this instead. 1. Cut a rectangle that is 5.5" wide and and even inch length long. 2. just eyeball alternating cuts from about a half inch to an eight inch, from one side to the other along the 5.5" width. So alternate which side the thick taper starts. First cut would be thick to thin left to right, second cut thick to thin right to left....back and forth until I run out of material. Matching the profile of an actual josh strip makes no difference and this is just faster.
  13. Timely bump for a winter project and to be 2021 compliant. Tight lines my bucktailing brothers and sisters!!!
  14. Been using this for a few seasons.
  15. I think the tip is a different size/diameter