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  1. What year is th 1321m?
  2. Thanks. I was hoping it was an earler blank...pre 2006 or whatever the switch was made. I already own that same model and the OS version of the 1321m. They are both my favorites. Someone should buy this rod. I am even tempted at this price even though I already own one. It is the best fish fighting rod I have ever owned. if I venture into LI some weekend and change my mind I will track you down.
  3. what year is this blank? what year was it built? Might be interested.
  4. tough crowd. How about $45 shipped for the pair? MSRP is 28 and 32.... I just have too many plugs. Someone please buy these...hahahhahaha.
  5. Part of what i was getting at was that there is always variance. Exploit the attributes handed to you. A nuance of an inch in most cases will not matter much. How it behaves in the water is much more crtitical. Then how you decide to fish that plug. I know a plugmaker of needles. His needles are all over the map. Some float, some sink..and they definitely are different diameters and sizes. I use each one for what its attributes are. I crush fish on all of them even though they technically are not the same plug. The only thing that sucks is when you buy them you have no idea what they do. For $20...try to make a needle yourself and keep track of your time and materials. Consider your hourly rate. It is insane that we can buy wooden plugs for 20 bucks.
  6. There isnt a wooden plug on the planet that is consistent...and even the SS plastic darters have variation. This is not just a tsunami thing. Recommend that you test all your plugs and use their attributes to your advantage. Some are heavier...some lighter...some float higher...some dig deeper. Embrace their differences....
  7. Beachmaster danny and RM Smith Large metal lip swimmer both are new. $55 for the pair shipped...pp only
  8. I do the same. I fish a 3mm farmer john the whole season...June through November. I find 5mm too hot for the summer and the 3mm allows to layer and be more flexible.
  9. My appologies...you are right. sorry. I normally do not do that, but a couple of experiences were just ridiculous. To be fair I have not been there in a couple years, it could be that I just got unlucky or they straighten things out. My experience was that I would go there twice a year for over a decade and then about 5 years ago there was a noticeable change, to the point where I would not recommend the place anymore. It could be different now as TroutGhost notes. I miss all the other shops like black beards. Nelsons in P town...there was a place in Chatham...that is gone void for a while. A new place turned up in its place and I visited it and it is nice. Red top is awesome!!! I love that place. Just packed with stuff. I am not all doom and gloom...or wish to be malicious. I just want to share an experience.
  10. Its a shame, most of the cape cod tackle shops I liked are long gone. I like blackbeards as it is a hold out. Its way out in eastham though. Its selection is appropriate for a small shop, and I dig the character of the shop and the guys who work there are genuine. On the flip side the Hummock has a good selection but the environment and staff is a big turn off. I think the change over in owners that happend 6 years ago is when I noticed the change of service. I used to like the hummock. I dont mind paying extra to the tackle shops, but I do mind rude service and arrogant/pompous attitude. The hummock is inconsistent and sort of a roulette wheel on weather you are gonna get some blow-hard.....hahahahaha. I love the cape. One tackle shop that I always dig but is out of the way in the Newport area is Saltwater edge. Middletown, RI.... Now that is a fully stocked tackle shop that has a great staff. If you never have visited check them out and do go...make sure you get out and fish Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge. Beautiful!!!. If you go, get some takeout from Anthony's seafood after you stop at the SWE and take it down to Sachuest and have a feast.
  11. I have checked rods onto fights post 911 in a homemade rod tote. I have not done this in years so you might need to call to find out the extra charge and dimension limits. Mine was 6' as I was transporting 2 piece rods. At the time there was no extra charge, but this was back in 2008. Hancor corrugated pipe...it is much much lighter than pvc. Usually you find it with holes...for drainage and water managment. end caps...glued one...and labled the other...open this end...and just taped it so the TSA can open it. I put foam on the insided of the endcaps to prevent the rod ends from crashing around. bolted a couple handles a and a place to attach an arm strap for transport...to and from airport. this is the stuff. I think the whole thing cost me under $20 to make. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Hancor-4-in-x-10-ft-Corrugated-Solid-Pipe/3523674 good luck
  12. I would agree with your simplification if all you were interested in is numbers and schoolies. I am a bucktail nut and will fish them in place of sp minnows and the like....for a number of reasons. Usually I search with them and a few other plugs. So yes...there are three or 4 forms that I lean on especially to locate where fish might be holding.....but if that is what you limit yourself to, you may never turn the corner to improve especially when it comes to larger fish. It is not to say you cannot catch a large fish on a small offering. Tony Stetzko's 73 was on a teaser...a few years back I remember an article where an angler landed a 64# striped bass on a bucktail in the daylight at ditch plains. I have seen and caught my share of nice fish on bucktails and small lures, but most of the larger have come on larger offerings. When I say larger plugs I mean much larger than most typical 2-2.5 oz plugs....more like 3-6oz. I have casted regular plugs into water with not even a tap and then switched to a profile that is a little bit larger and then start converting fish. What I consider in simplification...removing redundancy, and focus on variation of profile and carry only colors appropriate for conditions....dark or light. I carry about 7-9 plugs in a three tube bag. roughly 2-3 plugs per tube.....and a bucktail pouch. Sometimes fish get keyed into a profile. As of late, there has been a lot of bunker/pogies around. Consider they get up to 12-14". I always carry small, medium, and large profile lures. 4-12".
  13. I dont surfcast my avets...and I am not the best caster so I like the MXL over the SX and use mono topshot braid backing. The bigger reel and the mono just make it easier to deal with if there is a backlash. I cannot imagine the mess a braid backlash must be. My reels are not magnetic controlled...they are pretty old. Perhaps the controlled ones remove the probability of a problem....but considering the wind and weather we have....I do not think I would go braid only unless I was sure of my skill.
  14. Never anything serious....just minor chafe. I wear rashgard and rashgard types like underarmour compression under the wetsuit. Wrinsing and properly drying your wetsuit is important. Some shampoo them. I do not and have not seen any ill affects. I fished California a bit and like any coast...there are places where sewage gets introduced. That is a point of concern. Some guys will pee in their suit. I think that is pretty nasty. I remember fishing with a bunch of guys and one guy peed in his suit and we all jumped into another anglers beach buggie. I could smell it...disgusting and very strong smelling....hahahaha. maybe he ate asparagus. ....and I cannot help but think that some of it leaked into the vehicle. Using your wetsuit as a toilet is an option, but probably not healthy....hahahahha. I think I would worry about getting an infection from the fish over from wetsuiting.
  15. I have had decent repsonse on the bullet. I disagree with that it is like a needle. It really responds well to embellishment and can dart and walked. I like the heavy bullet as you can really get the thing down where the other sp minnows cannot get. I actually like the bullet more than I like the sp. I used both the sp and the bullet for a while. Rigged canal style. They work...but I prefer bucktailing and have worked both out of my bag. Most of the time if the fish are responding to the sp or the bullet ....they respond to a bucktail which is far more versatile....and a single more reliable hook. Small trebles are bad for fish.