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  1. if you really need a 5pc rod (there isn't a whole lot of difference in overall tube size with a 4pc) and if you can find one, i can highly recommend the 5pc Powell AXS. very similar speed and power to the STS (i have both.) one caveat, all 5pc rods (IMHO) have a slightly funky action--not bad funky--just different than 2,3, & 4 pc'ers. it's something in the bend--can't put my finger on it. anyway, you get used to it quick and once you do, the rod's a cannon and surprisingly forgiving. put an 11wt line on it and let er rip. your results may vary. good luck.
  2. sent you a pm.
  3. say it aint so, jack. say it aint so!
  4. holy smokes it popped up right next to the boat and scared the bejeezus out of us. just a hundred yards or so from the rocks. wasn't a beluga. dark grey with a very small swept back dorsal fin. 25-30 feet long. what kind was it? it hung around for a few hours on saturday morning. [ 10-27-2003, 12:10 PM: Message edited by: feltman ]
  5. he's due february 27th. we just found out he's a boy from the sonogram. that, or it's a girl with two imbilical cords.
  6. Dylan and Dorian are gaining traction.....
  7. CHF: "...my only regret is that i have but one middle name to give my son..." To the rest of you: i wonder how many of your wives would go for some of these suggestions? sluggo? mullett?? clams??? yeesh. alas, "DANNY," the best of the lot, is MY first name. and naming after the living is prohibited in my circle. the search continues. my ( and lil' nate's) thanks to all.
  8. wow. thanks for all the congrats. this one being my first, i guess i got a lot to learn--beginning with names. i think any "dick" related names may have an adverse effect on his graduating elementary school without therapy. lefty's a great one, but what if he's right handed? keep 'em coming.
  9. well, i'm having a son. found out for sure the other day at our latest sonogram. we are set on his first name, nathan (nate), as that was both of my grandfathers' names. as for a middle name, i was thinking of giving him something fishing related. i'm open to any and all suggestions, however my wife has already disqualified the following: plug or plugger morone saxatilis gamakatsu yozuri lami loomis hopkin s montauk van staal nautil heaver smiling bill jigmaster kastmaster bassmaster sandy or vis clouser jetty and rip. fire away, guys.
  10. worthless. in fact it may be highly toxic!! you'd better let me dispose of that one properly.
  11. been seeing a lot of upside down spinning reels on commercials lately too.
  12. Awesome john: the bias is the point. i want to see all the various biases on the "abu c-5 6500" for example. but i want to see all of them on one page. doing a search and picking through the various threads is tedious and often confusing as threads have a tendency to stray from the original subject. give people credit for being smart enough to figure out who's giving an obligatory good review and one who is genuine. beside's once you get 10-15 reviews on a particular item you get a pretty fair score. and another thing, as a manufacturer and marketer myself (non-fishing products,) i would want to know what people honestly thought. it can only help the various tackle brands to make better products. C'mon, Tim. Fastrack "SOLreviews: real ratings from real fisherman!"
  13. something like epinions.com or outdoorreview.com. i don't see how this could cause you headaches. in fact, it could tip you off to new merchandise to stock in your store. i think it's great that YOU like all the stuff you sell as a fisherman, but as a businessman you might be more interested in what WE like (or don't like.) plus think of all those repetitive "what do you think of....?" threads. with a rating system you'll first see a number (ie: 4.5 out of 5) and then all the individual voter's thoughts and reviews. i'd buy that for a dollar!
  14. Tim, i've noticed on some other enthusiast sites that there is usually an organized product review section where people can write about and review various types of equipment. it'd probably require another module for the site (and perhaps another expense) but it would eliminate some of the repetitive "what do ya think about the XXX reel....?" etc. as SOL is not too beholden to advertising $$$, you could have the only objective fishing user review/ratings on the web or in print. what do ya think?
  15. $5 says al catches a fish on a rod and reel before the end of the year. even in the state he's in right now, he'd catch more fish than any of us.