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  1. Nothing like those banana handles on the nautils! Is an oversand permit worth it? I've got a 4runner that I would love to take out there, but it's 206 bucks! No weekly permits available in nauset. Looks like the beach is open from the birds.....
  2. Encouraging info. thank you very much. I am bringing the gear. Man some of it is old, is the Mitchell Nautil 7500 still considered top of the line? I've got one brand new, still in the box... As for the canal, I think the strangest thing I ever saw was a sea turtle swimming by the fish pier.
  3. Been absent from the boards or a long time, but still read and try to catch up from time to time. So nice to see some of the long time posters still contributing to this site. My family demands have really cut into my saltwater fishing. My 45 year old self should have told 25 year old self to fish longer and harder... I am headed to the nauset beach area with my family and am gonna dig out my gear and give it a go. i know there are sharks. I know there are seals. I know it's not what it used to be, but there have to still be some bass or blues around there right? How bad is it? I haven't fished or honestly been to that area in years.... I fish alone, don't post often or much at all anymore, I'm not looking to spot burn. How bad is it out there? Is it even worth bringing the gear? Any advice, updates, or sources of info. that I should look for are very much appreciated. Happy to exchange PMS or emails. THANK YOU Stroth
  4. Thank you all for the replies! I am going to start at 12" and possibly make it even a bit shorter. Have you all had any issues with rod breakage or just feeling like you are high sticking fish every time? It seems to me that with the handle that short you would have a tendency to keep the rod tip too high. I believe the St.Croix rods have some extra bend built into their yak rods for this reason. This rod isn't going to have that. It's just going to be an off the rack 7' with the short handle.....
  5. Disgusted with maintaining his boat, my cousin sold it on a whim and bought himself a pedal kayak that he fishes from almost daily in the summer. He loves the thing! I am in the process of building him a kayak rod. I have all of the components, but need a bit of help with the handle. Does anyone out there own the Mojo Kayak rod, or something similar and can share with me how long the handle actually is? If you could measure it from the tip of the butt to the center of the reel seat that would be ideal. THANK YOU
  6. I added some oil, put muffs on and started it the driveway. It blasted smoke out like a two stroke at first, but seemed to run well. I am now worried that I have added to much oil. The oil reads as just over the line on the dipstick..... Should I leave it or try to take some out? Thank you for the replies! So appreciated!!
  7. Well I started my 'vacation' with two major mistakes today. Tried to pull my boat on an old trailer and snapped a leaf spring. Thankfully no one got hurt and I was not far from my mom's house. Three hours later I arrived back with a new trailer, but unfortunately I hasily stored my motor not on the tiller side, but the other side. I know. I won't make this mistake again. There was some oil in the cowl and on the lower part of the motor. I took out the plugs and they were bone dry. I gave it several pulls and no oil came out. When I check the oil level with the dipstick it is super low (just barely registering on the stick). I belive this motor holds 3/4 of a quart of oil and it does not seem like that much came out.... What other steps do I take? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  8. I love how this topic comes up from time to time. I do not spend enough time in the woods to have a solid opinion either way, but it is certainly fun to hear both sides. If you are at all interested in this topic there is a terrific article that is a must read. Search Mountain Lions in Massachusetts by Tom French and the first link should be a PDF of the article. (Links are still not allowed here right?)
  9. I bought a lund wc 14 DLX in Sept and am just starting to use it more often. It has been awesome so far.... I just bought a Cannon Uni Troll 5 downrigger and am hoping someone out there has put one of these on a WC14 before. I have the clamp mount for it, but I just can't seem to get it work and stay solid. My gunwale is big enough so that three of the four bolts for the base plate will fit, is three enough? Any help / insight is much appreciated!!!! stroth
  10. Is P&J bait shop still around? I think if you drop some $ in there and chat them up you can get on some intel. that will lead you to fish. I have very fond memories of fishing all over near you. There are great spots and nice fish. Pick one spot and fish it hard. Low tide -- high tide -- dropping -- incoming -- full moon -- half moon -- etc . Then when you know that spot -- move on. Go to the island where Edgar Allan Poe was a solider and find moving water. Too bad Daryl Youngblood is not around. He would have loved you and he always had a ton of local knowledge. I learned a lot about fishing bait from him. He would make your head spin a bit, but after you thought it through -- he was usually right. Somehow he always had nice worms and fresh pogies. Man I miss the days when I would get pizza next door , bait from Darryl and fish for 5 or 6 hours. A wife and two kids later -- that time doesn't come as easy....... Google Jack Gartside and try to get his books -- I am sorry that I never got to meet him......;; Tight lines ,
  11. I did some yard work marathon Monday. Cut down a few small trees and moved a lot of leaves / downed limbs. Checked myself after -- took a shower -- didn't find anything. The next afternoon I found two ticks attached. Both near my armpit. Supposedly they like your armpits, or the backs of your knees. One came off like nothing and there was no pain. The other one hurt and left a red mark. I called my doctor. 20 people had called that day with similar symptoms. Was sent to urgent care. Nurse practitioner gave me 10 days of doxy. 2 doses a day. Her husband had lyme disease she told me. "Ten days of antibiotic is worth it compared to that...." Apparently you can get a rash just from the tick saliva itself. I currently have no symptoms. Am I in the clear or will they still show up? What is the best product to put on my lawn to eradicate these things? These tick born illnesses are no joke!
  12. I have never used an isolation tank. I usually buy my fish from uncle ned's in Millis. Love that place. They are usually really nice to my kids too. Let them feed the koi fish sometimes. My kids used to love going, but they have learned --- "we'll be in there for hours".... Today I bought the pictus catfish and the neon tetras from petco, just because I was nearby. One change that did happen this week, was the automatic timer for my light broke and the tank was dark for most of the week. Maybe the dark just brought these snails out and they been living in my tank all along?
  13. I have two rainbows, 5 or 6 Neon Tetras, 2 pictus catfish, 2 other congo type tetras (not really congos, but something like them).... I tried to take some pics, but they came out terrible..... fish aren't as still as snails.... Red Rimmed Melania look like them -- good call -- thank you! The fish I added today were the first I have added in nearly a year. Could the snails have been living in there all of this time and I have just never seen them? A few weeks ago I did a major water change and cleaned the rocks. Maybe I just stirred them up?
  14. Here is another picture. I found a few more on some rocks. It looks like they are eating algae off of stuff. Where would they have come from? I just added some fish today -- maybe they jumped aboard? Or do they just hatch themselves?