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  1. Looks like the "Family Truckster". Reminds me of the old Jeep Wagoneer. One of my college buddies had one. Loved that thing!
  2. My mom drives a Kia Sorrento! She's 75 ! I've checked out the Subarus. 4 cylinders? Not for me. Maybe there is a six out there that I haven't been able to locate. Service manager has checked in with me 3x today. Issue seems to tie to the mass air flow sensor. Code: P0101. Symptoms seem to match up with a problem there. As it stands I am into this truck for an 18K and change loan. It'a 2014 with 60K miles. I can't find anything else out there that even makes sense to move into. A 2011 4runner with over 100K miles for 25 grand? I've got a limited warranty on it for 60 days or 2500 miles. I'm gonna let it ride! I actually really like the thing! It moves right out and handles well. I actually like it better than the 4runner. I'm 6'2 - 260ish --- I always felt a little cramped in my 4runner. I do miss the sliding rear Window though. Once I saw that up close, I had to have it. Hopefully my suffering is helping someone out there!
  3. Well, picked up the frontier on Monday. Drove it around town a bit no issues. Yesterday I take it for a two hour drive up the gauntlet of what is 95 North. About an hour into the drive I start to feel what seems like a transmissions slip as it downshifts from 40 MPH down. Get off the highway and it's worse. Rough idle at stop light, hesitation - stall. Turn it off and back on and get it to run. Contact the dealer and say I am dropping it back off. On the way the check engine light fires. I've got to walk away from this right? Can anyone give me a reason to stay into this vehicle?
  4. This may be the most popular thread I have ever started here on SOL ! Hopefully, someone else gets some useful info here. I signed a P&S on a 2014 Nissan Crew Cab SV Friday afternoon. 21K for the frontier. It has 60,000 miles. 4K for the 4runner, which I was thrilled with. On a Friday afternoon at 4:15 PM the place was jammed and that likely helped me. The Frontier certainly has flaws, but it can do 85% of what I was looking for. It was the lowest price crew cab pickup I could find with that number of miles on it in a 100 mile radius from where I live.
  5. 2016 4Runner 100k miles — 26 k 2013 Sierra 1500 crew v8 - 65000 miles - 28 k 2013 Tacoma double cab 97k miles - 28 k 2014 Lexus gx 460 112k - 28k 2014 frontier crew - 60 k - miles - 20k Which one should I try tomorrow ? I The frontier intrigues me.
  6. My 05 4runner is done. Terrible timing, but I have to move on..... Family of 4 with a dog. Daughter = 11 & son = 14. Our other ride is a 2012 Highlander with 120K. FYI: I hate the thing - drives like a boat. We live outside of Boston. I've got a 14' Lund Hull that we putz around with sometimes even though as my kids hit teenager life they want to do their own thing more. I know the timing is terrible, but we need a new vehicle. If you were in my spot right now with a limit of 25K what would you get? I was not prepared for this truck to go so quickly, but I just cannot put any more money or time into it. I am all over the place with ideas: GMC Sierra / Silverado Toyota 4Runner Colorado / Canyon Rarely on the highway more than an hour. 15 miles of 'backroads' to and from work
  7. Truck is now showing CEL for the 4th time this month. Dealer pulled a bait and switch on me and wouldn't do the pressure test for under a hundred bucks. Whatever tech made the appointment with me likely got overruled by some 'boss'. My local O'Riley store ran the code for free: PO300 : Multiple misfires. I am out. I've read a bunch on forums and talked with a former toyota mechanic I know well. I've got too many indicators of a head gasket issue to stay in this truck. Head gasket issues are noted in these trucks, I think they changed something for 06. Now, what to buy next? Another 4runner, GMC Sierra, Colorado? Time for a new thread!
  8. Correct. I forgot, had the radiator replaced about three or four years ago.
  9. I got a buddy who is a mechanic. He is one the one telling me to get some diagnostic work done at the dealer. The frame looks good to me, but I am not crawling under there very often. It was new to me in 2011, other than brakes & oil changes I have not done a thing to it. It has been a very fun truck. Up until this issue my wife preferred it to our 2012 highlander. I might be losing my mind, but as of today I'm leaning towards picking up a GMC Sierra..........
  10. I cannot see any white smoke. It feels hot to me, but the temperature gauge doesn't read super hot. If the gauge is broken it just stays at cold right?
  11. I should have searched harder for the v8. I think that is the better engine. There are lots of online reports of the v6 blowing the headgasket.
  12. Exhaust smells funky, but I cannot locate any water. I've pulled the oil cap and it has a bit of sludge, but nothing wild. The coolant has to be going somewhere right? How much cash can I put into this thing before it's just not worth it? There seem to bee a good number of used truck around me. 4 or 5 GMC Sierra's in the low 20K range. Even a few 4runners around in that range as well. Loan rates are currently very low - 1.5 to 2.5. Am I off base?
  13. I've got an 05 4runner with 160K on it. I have had it in to my local shop 3 times this July. Check engine light, brakes, etc. I've had to fill the coolant reservoir 3x this July and I capped off the radiator 1x. Right now, it starts a bit rough and feels OK -- but maybe a little sluggish. The AC also will only blow cold for 5 or 10 minutes and then shuts down. I am thinking I could have a blown or leaking headgasket. I see no leaked coolant anywhere I park. The AC issue is secondary to the head gasket right? I just cannot figure out why it would leak coolant. I am bringing it to a dealer on Wed. to try and diagnosis / estimate repair - but I am wondering if I should just cut my losses and move on. Any 4runner owners out there withy advice? Thank you all !
  14. Thanks for all the info! Much more encouraging news than I thought. I’ll have at and hopefully post some updates. The oversand access has limited time windows so I don’t think it’s gonna work with my family. JJ18, you got me it wasn’t top of the line then, but it was to me. Carl, great to hear from you and see that you are still actively posting. Stroth
  15. Nothing like those banana handles on the nautils! Is an oversand permit worth it? I've got a 4runner that I would love to take out there, but it's 206 bucks! No weekly permits available in nauset. Looks like the beach is open from the birds.....