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  1. for his dog? PS, did you even look up the article associated with the photo you posted? Probably not, because you're not that into details. You observed a photo and posted it therefore it is real.
  2. Get enough people infected and those that survive are immune and no longer pass the infection. It's a traditional cheap way of getting herd immunity. The only problem is that it kills a lot along the way. Now not all infections do that, kill a lot, but this one did. Could have kept everything open last year and let the chips fall where they may. It is a valid management system and one most poor countries use. But you have to accept the death tolls and live with the long term illness associated with that decision. Americans aren't big on being told it's ok, some of you will die and no, there won't be any treatment.
  3. A year ago "30 people get admitted tot he ICU for covid respiratory issues. 25 over 65, 3 over 45 and 2 over 21. This year 6 people are admitted to the ICU for covid. 1 is 65+ and the rest are between 21 and 45. "more young people admitted for covid 19". 2 weeks after the mandate lifted here in NY our weekly positivity doubled, it is now drifting down again. And yes, I still wear a mask at crowded facilities. For damn sure the unvaccinated are not. Just taking care of me.
  4. So let me get this straight, been out of the mad house loop for a bit. The current argument is whether a river is tidal or not. From Bernie's point of view, yes, it is tidal, it is an easily observable phenomenon that yes indeed the river does rise, that is tidal, much like looking out on the ocean the horizon is flat therefore so is the Earth. From the other point of view, the river itself is not large enough to have an appreciable response to tidal pull. IF it were the are above the first dam would also be tidal. Obviously the body of water that the river is emptying into does have enough mass to be tidal and the river is therefore affected by the pull of the larger body of waters effect. So in essence, both have easily proven the others thoughts and for ever for ever forward shown that the "truth" lies in the observers interpretation. Both of which are right and wrong here. Great discussion, lets move forward.
  5. 5.4 life is good
  6. Don't give him that much credit.
  7. Your concept of size is extremely limited. Lake Michigan has 1.3 x 10 to the 15th, volume of water. The Atlantic ocean has 82.0 x 10 to the 21st, volume of water. The fact that Michigan has a tide clearly points to the affect of the moon on the earth. Stand closer to the toilet, it's smaller than you think.
  8. Yeah, Bernie is trolling all new folks, same old Bernie.
  9. I agree, I have had a dozen kids under two with covid all did very well, the only bad outcomes were with older kids. IT would be interesting to see the transmissibility from kids...but if I am vaccinated I am not overly worried about that. IF the kids get covid and they do fine maybe we should skip the vaccine with them and just get them all ill.
  10. Never got into the video games but, after 45 years, I looked into the RPG table top again for DnD and was surprised to see it is still very much alive. My son's and brother and I have a weekly 90 minute session that has been really great as we are spread out over a 10 hours drive time. Has been very enjoyable. Better than a zoom session to say hello, lots of yucks and some mindless adventuring. With that said, did very well with smallie's at the Ashokan, half a dozen to 4'ish pounds.
  11. C'mon, some of you gotta be playing something. Way too many nerds in here to not be at least interested in it.
  12. I was talking table top.
  13. Man made as in the other corona viruses we have are man made as well? The question is, did a virus, that came from animals, and became transmissible to and by humans, have an assist in spreading and being released. This is certainly not the first, or the last, corona virus we are going to see. What role did/do humans have in the transmission of the virus through natural movement of humans to perhaps nefarious administration of transmission of the virus. Maybe that is a better question.
  14. Unfortunately we have been duped to believe there is only one way, one right way, one correct way, and that is the way you believe. I don't think there is a person on this forum that, push came to shove, wouldn't help another human being.
  15. He and his partner had dropped a car out by our place (satellite station) and they were headed back to the barracks. speeding vehicle in the other direction, he pulled over, let three cars pass then pulled into the path of a tractor trailer killing them both. Every year we go to the crash site where we have set up a memorial and are usually met by several of his friends and newer troopers and celebrate his service. At the that exact time, 7:31 pm, the sun is a perfect blinding object on that road. We believe he saw the three cars and did not see the tractor trailer that ultimately killed them. The driver of that rig described it as trying to make his rig fly, he also knew both troopers. So a stupid mistake and one gone at 49 and the other at 23. Damn shame.
  16. Actually a two pronged approach, the ruskies down our infrastructure and the chinese down our military. Better to rid the top three of one, then the last two can battle it out for world domination. Don, joe, bill, doesn't matter who is there. The division has been cast, doubt about "America" is in place. Only a matter of time. Until then I will live out the rest of my years fishing and enjoying the freedoms that our hero's have given us. Today is also the 21st anniversary of my BiL and his partners's last call for the NYSP. Two line of duty deaths in one shot.
  17. State law changes as they pertain to the practice of medicine outside of the state nthe person being treated is in have changed a bit. I am working to parlay that into a semi-retirment form for the next four years or so. 6 months in person and 6 months remote from another state. Fingers crossed it will start this winter. We will see.
  18. Mick, this did not help your argument. Although it is very impressive. Fascinating even.
  19. NBC this am reporting a carrier or carrier group buzzed by numerous UFO's. Anybody have any over/under's on the Chinese and new technology? Here's a theory, Russians through our computers and Chinese through our military. First one to the white house wins.
  20. Looks to be interesting. Thanks for the heads up
  21. Prove it. just flat our prove it. There are hundreds if not thousands of photos, scientific articles, human witness, etc etc proving a globe earth. PROVING a globe earth. And your best defense is to say not true. Show me a photo of a flat earth, show me a photo of the wall of Antarctica, show me anything that proves a flat earth. Otherwise your'e just another crazy person. If you don't have a flat earth photo or an Antarctic wall, then move along. Regurgitating the conspiracy cud upon which you chew and spitting out the same nonsense does nothing.
  22. I have to say the verbal masturbation going on is getting quite boring. Bernie will never pretend to understand, or believe in, anything other than what he believes. When faced with hard facts he comes up with new imaginative impossibilities all in the hope of have some kind of verbal orgasm in the process. Let it die.
  23. Sure it does, why do you say it doesn't?
  24. EB, I think it's the ability to think abstractly. To understand the sheer magnitude of size, hell, he can't understand curvature of the earth 6 miles away from his head.