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  1. When nearly everyone was vaccination the incidence of exposure was so low we didn't need to do this. You will see a pre-college lab panel and vaccine schedule reappear. I wonder of a class action lawsuit against unvaccinated children would fly.
  2. Dive this many times. I make Darien, ga my sleep over place. Leave the catskills at about 3 am, I arrive at Darien, Ga about 8pm. Sleep a few and out at 3 am and arrive in Chokoloksee before 11am. On the way I want to not waste time.
  3. Had my knee done in '14, number two guy ar the time in NYS, Dutchess county area. 64 minute long procedure. Out of hospital in 31 hours, on a stationary bike within 96 hours. 10 miles bike rides within 6 weeks. Only first day home was painful. No meds on time. PT is a must. Still can't kneel on the sucker without a pad. not even for the catholic thing. It just flat out hurts to kneel on it. Doc some can most won't.
  4. Cuomo has said he will sign into law, if it reaches his desk, allowing illegal immigrants to get a NYS drivers license. To me this seems nuts. Am I missing something? The reportedly illegal immigrant interviewed said it is everyone ones right to have a license and be able to travel to work, school, doctor etc. Huh??
  5. Good luck mybeach! you may have caught and corrected early enough to enjoy some assemblance of a regular life style. Good for you making the changes!!! No remember and never go back!!!
  6. Could give the parents some tetanus but odds are they are already vaccinated. See it everyday. Parents are vaccinated and kids are not. Hopefully insurance helps them then dumps them as too high risk.
  7. And if you are going to pay for it shop around for the best price.
  8. Paying for a test is different than approving the need for the test. Your provider says you need insurance has a criteria algorithm that must be met before they pay for it. You may have to be older or sicker or who knows whatever. Their decision to lay out the cash. You can have any test you like if you are paying for it.
  9. We are in the lenten season here at the house. Brutal for someone that eats a lot of meat and is not a big fish fan. Going to try and find some shrimp today to make tonight but it is nuts going to the fish monger around here during lent. The wife is doing mac and cheese and tuna casserole....grrrrrr.
  10. That is good pete. Just a reminder, my goal for BS's is right at or below 100 when I awake, 140 one hour after eating max, 120 after 2 hours and back below 100 three hours and longer after eating.
  11. More protein and fats red, skip the carbs. go five guys and get a triple bacon cheese burger without the bun. Tell them to put it in a bowl and dress it up with the toppings.
  12. Since when did wearing backpacks in the front become a fashion?
  13. You can purchase them
  14. I think the general consensus is that the statins help with inflammation, in general so good move to be on it all around. Went out to have Mexican last night. No rice, did have guac with my personal wraps and fajita's. Chicken and veggies. This am the sugar is was 142. Have no idea what was in that meal last night, sugar in onions? Who knows. Will work that number down today.