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  1. Who? Who cares...
  2. Number one son finished his Doctorate in Nursing Practice today. He is now a DNP, FNP. One more small graduation ceremony for number two son when he finishes residency and we can stop this non-sense.
  3. Like most everything these days: Garbage in, Garbage out. No wonder this society is on a one way street to failure.
  4. this should be a very Steve like travel blog. Could you count steps between the buffet and head for us as well?
  5. Comeon up and my treat
  6. Got a [place here that does "peanut butter and jelly" wings, actually very good, too much sugar for me but in a thai style of a peanut sauce and spicey jelly
  7. That is awesome news. The power of youth.
  8. Glad to hear things are better. Did she recently have an endoscopy? Fatty liver/Hepatomegaly and pancreatitis, have seen one cause the other and vice versa. Glad she is improving!! Prayers for her and the team taking care of her. S
  9. no worries just let me know. I can also include a nice baby bag/backpack for diapers etc. S
  10. Sounded like ARDS when you described it at the beginning. The ICU nurses are also fonts of knowledge/translation or at least a good resource for sorting on the confusing "docterace" language you get so don't be afraid to ask them. Also the increase pressure for ventilation could be causing some vagal nerve stimulation, kind of like bearing down to take a crap and you feel your pulse kind of drop and get a little light headed. The vagal nerve runs through the thorax and increased pressures there could cause increased pressures on that nerve. Good luck to her. Good luck to you. Be sure to get a little quiet, reflective time for yourself, so you can recharge your own batteries. When My wife had appendix cancer it was amazing how much it took out of me for a 6m to a year. Good luck!
  11. Charloots...I found three cans of the puramino in my other office today. They have a October 22 expiration. Can you pm me an address to you or the mom and I will get these out on Friday cheapest way possible? And how old is the kid?
  12. I have no neocate but looking one more place tomorrow. Sorry!
  13. I will also check my stock tomorrow, I have seen neocate pass through but not sure we have any now. we have some enfamil products but after the recent formula scare we tossed nearly everything I was told. Scott
  14. I assume nutramigen and alimentum were a no go? Those are usually easier to find, if she is that milk allergic they may not be for her, but the milk protein is so digested in these that many can tolerate them when nothing else can be.
  15. thats pretty cool