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  1. or... a small redfin pickerel.
  2. small chain pickerel??
  3. hope not doing cholesterol, triglycerides might ride a bit high
  4. over 2600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year lone. He/She, if taking estrogen will increase its risk for breast cancer. Good on it for getting it checked. BTW I assumed it was the preferred pronoun, if they and them then substitute they for it .
  5. lipoma's
  6. I think the CDC has some solid advice and recommend everyone at least read through for the technique in removing a tick. How you do it is important. I remove dozens a year from kids in the office. Retained bits? Leave them alone, anything red up to a quarter size is normal. Look for the rash everywhere. Can occur from nearly day one to about day 30. Don't panic, meds work well. Go enjoy the outdoors but do a daily tick check, whole body, best in a shower all soaped up. Might be hard for some of the folks here to conceive of a shower daily, but give it a try.
  7. correct not testing for those two.
  8. not near a window, can change the light schedule. Water kit brand new. Can do more water changes. I can also do something to change the surface O2. Will see how it goes. Do I need to pull the plants with algae on them or can I leave them there for the time being. Scott
  9. So good questions. Light is on about 12 hours per day. No bubbler in the tank, nitrates nitrites and ammonia all zero. I change 2 gallons about 25% every week, have well water. I can believe the invert's are more sensitive. Wanted them as they can graze on the tank while I am gone.
  10. So I have had a 10 gallon fish tank for several years. A large pleco and tiger barb have recently been moved to bigger surroundings and I dropped in a dozen glass shrimp and a couple of mystery snails. All was good until about two weeks ago when shrimp started to die, not uncommon, and now the snails are nearly dead, very sluggish. In the tank are a couple of live plants, java fern trying to take over the world and Anubias which is doing the same thing. I have a water test kit and aside from a 7.6 ph, everything else is perfect. The anubias leaves have a heavy thick dark colored algae growth on them, the newer leaves do not, and i have started seeing some very fine bubbles attached to the top of a couple of leaves that are very shiny. maybe a mm to 2mm in diameter. As I sit here right now looking at the tank I would say it is a dying tank but the plants look awesome except for the algae. Any thoughts on why the live animals are fading so fast? It is a 10 gallon, regular water change. A back o the tank filter, cleaned regularly...could there be a lack of oxygen in the tank? The pleco grew to 10" and the barb to 2.5" which is why I had to get rid of them. Thans for any insight you may have. Scott
  11. ya know.... a low dose insulin is not the end of the world. Gives you a little more flexibility to eat, and you can micro manage the crap out of it. Scott
  12. Don't think I would call your wife A Broad....might be a little upsetting
  13. And was the deal with Black Widow. Sometimes she looks really hot and sometimes really below average.
  14. IMHO not the best, good but not the best. Wish we had 3-D here I love these in that presentation. Dehydrate yourself before the movie, then drink well during it
  15. Find a guy better hung and tell him either freshly shaven or old school.