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  1. I can confirm that, if you drive get off 95 before the border and drive some back roads. Spent 10 weeks down there during the brunt of the initial Covid. We were in the glades so pretty safe.
  2. In the summer we turned the heat to 84 and soaked in it to cool off...really going to miss it.
  3. I have a roto-molded hot tub that needs dissection. Was going to go at it with a sawzall. It was working great now a leak and no way to get inside the tub as it is all insulation. Too bad, really miss my night time soaks.
  4. Not deer tick as mentioned. Move on.
  5. The relationship you have with your doc is important, if you are confident in him and know his experience use him. My wife's cancer we were told to go to the city. She is not a city gal, the doc that did her procedure (HIPEC) was doing the procedure 3 years longer than The city folks. She stayed in Poughkeepsie and got the best care I think she could have received! So stick to who you are comfortable with. I agree with the do it now, the day the heat attack hits is waiting just one day too long. Be young be healthy, save all that cardiac tissue and live a less worried when the other shoe will drop life.
  6. As I understand the east coasters bombed the beaches. Too many people.
  7. Fished yesterday 10k’ islands, snook, trout, reds. Good day!
  8. Andrew Wakefield school of research graduate
  9. Negative, can’t freaking buy a trout, lots of trash fish. Going to get some black drum though, some big fish! Snook ends Friday
  10. Actually no, the locals, I’ve only been here 17 years, would also prefer they not be here right now. They take from our meager grocery supplies, bring disease with them and fish the hell out of our local waters. So right now, no, most would like them gone. One coast, when red tide was rampant was bad enough, but we got wing-dingers down here big time right now from the east coast. Big boats, no local knowledge, and lots of fishing pressure. But alas hopefully the ramps will reopen and life will return to normal.
  11. Been getting hammered here in EC by boats from the coasts. Hoping they open ramps soon so people stop coming here.
  12. This wind has made our bay extremely muddy. When out I’m getting trash fish with an occasional snook, some. Trout nothing big enough. Haven’t seen a red in forever.
  13. Pffft...toe Owsies. I made kidney stones with my attack, passed 4, largest was 7mm, surgery got rid of the 1.25” stone in the right kidney. All precipitated by a diuretic called HCTZ. What a fun time.
  14. My hand is up as well! An effective treatment and a vaccine and we are good to go.
  15. How’d the ray end up on the surface. That’s not their home. I bet they had been working it over for a bit.