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  1. When you go to the range what are intentions and purposes. What items do you practice or drill? I know there is fun associated with just putting holes in paper etc but do you have planned goal of the visit? What training do you participate in at the range?
  2. Weather channel is selling this scenario this morning. I mean really humping it hard 6 days out.
  3. Awesome update Mike, Stand straight and puff out that chest as a proud parent.
  4. I wear bifocals and had this problem at the range on Friday. The head tilt needed to find the front sight was annoying. I ma going to use my computer glasses and use the front site acquisition next session toe see if it helps tighten the groupings. I was doing target acquisition then just guessing on sights. Decent grouping but think I can do better. Also going to put a small laser on the ccw. Will solve the problem completely.
  5. Went to a new range that opened very recently in the Kingston NY area. What a great place!!! Clean, well lit, 3 bays with 8 lanes each. "Safe shoot NY" A walk in yesterday for an hour was 45 bucks. That was lane for an hour, 100 rounds of 9mm ammo, and 5, 18 x18 targets. Auto distance target trolley, a guy cleaning the brass up around your feet, and nice place for the Mrs's to sit and watch if interested. Overall a pleasant indoor experience.
  6. I bought myself a Smith and Wesson Shield, 9mm 2.0. Waiting 3-5 weeks for the judge to give the nod I can actually have it before I pick it up. Tryin gout a new range in town, safe shoot ny. Local doc and a couple of partners opened it. 24 lanes? Anything up to a .306 I believe is allowed.
  7. So let me see if I understand this. The first ticket suggested you are paying 47.6 cents per day, 2017-18. Your '18-'19 ticket is telling us you are paying only 41.3 cents per day A freaking 15% tax break!!!! How the hell are we going to take care of everyone if you folks in Mass are giving away the goods for free!?!?!?!?!
  8. Problem is most of these have already shaved before. If original and never shaved it would still be that fine downy like hair. Been there and done that. Then she shaved and had to keep doing it. She's gay now so probably not shaving anymore.
  9. So I helped set-up the on site hospital up. A three tiered tent with AC. Highest level was ICU, mid level was step down and first level was urgent care. The drug OD's were intubated and placed on Vents on the third floor, when breathing on their own left intubated and moved to second level and when they extubated themselves they were sent out the door. Initially was told my services as a provider were not needed but about half way through got a call that most of the medical folks had left. Santiago II and myself drove up in his truck and I took a medical tent center stage back of the crowd. Did a little suturing and some wound care. Watched the walking dead leave Monday morning. it was interesting. most medical care was provided on site. Some choppered out to the local hospitals.
  10. As I understand it Michael Lang owns the rights to the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. The bethel conference will be a hack job. Michael has something planned but not sure what it is yet. I worked the medical for '94 as did Santiago II. Very, very, interesting.
  11. She needs a therapy pet. Maybe a salamander that exudes bodily fluid as it dies. She can keep it in her shirt and absorb the humidity. Also consider a little vodka in the humidifier...everyone wins.
  12. Hi Everyone, a quick scan and I did not see it posted.... The new ENP rules are now "in-effect". Any visitor using the park will be required to have a pass. Driving/boating/biking/hiking, no matter the activity. Right now the pass site is shut down due to the partial government shutdown. You can do the National Park pass for about 80 bucks a year(if over 62? Can get a lifetime for 80 bucks), an ENP yearly pass for 40 bucks and a weekly pass for less. There is also now a requirement for a boaters permit, free this year, $50 a year thereafter. It is provided by a third party vendor, unsure if I can link through SOL. Some good info on the park as well as rules of the road etc. This has all generated several questions. I have a residence "inside" the park. I mean the island we are on is surrounded by the park and paddling off the island 50 yards or so puts us in the park so we are pretty much screwed with needing a pass. We yak a lot. So if my family of four is in my car, which my annual pass gets my car and 3 friends plus myself into the park, with four yaks on the roof and we launch, do we all now need a pass for the park since we are not together in one vehicle? I am assuming my park pass will cover my skiff and those in it but we have not heard any clear cut rules yet. Just wanted to put this out there. Entering the park form the EC, Flamingo or the Keys will require a ENP pass and boaters permit if using the water.
  13. Hey Mike, still going back and forth, but in about 2 years... This was at the 10k island state park observation tower. Since irma there is now a very large rookerie there. My first visit with a real camera so was playing a bit with the light. That changes every sunset of course but can be interesting.
  14. what bout the alien gear ankle holster. looks ot be a few steps above everyone else's offerings .