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  1. So I really enjoy audible books when driving. Does anyone here have audible and did I understand you only get one free book a month??? Everything else is $$$?
  2. they do end up cue ball round
  3. Most like plagiocephaly, could be positional, the helmet will come off as soon as the anterior fontanel gets close to closing.....or he learns to rip it off
  4. Sorry there is an overnight rest built into the home trip. On the way down, full of a need to get there I can do the catskills to chokoloskee, by myself, in 23-24 hours.
  5. Goes from Sanford Fl to Lorton Va. Anybody here ever done it? Any thoughts? I know there will be comments. Why I am doing it? First work will reimburse me, second, it is the end of vacation and I am usually exhausted by then. Turns a total 30 hour trip with sleep into a 26-27 hour trip with me not driving 16 hours of it. Never done a train trip this long. Might be kind of fun and my son will be with me. S
  6. Without hesitation, the worst movie of all time is "The God's Must Be Crazy". If there had not been guaranteed sex afterwards I would have left in the first three minutes. She was a bat-****e nuts but the romps were worth sitting through the movie. She thought it was funny . Knew that was not going to play out for a long term relationship.
  7. Well I live in the western world so I would probably rule out western civilization illness first. The OP on this was about what ultimately was seizures. The opportunity to make that diagnosis was lost to an eastern civilization remedy. More probably a western medicine trained physician who just didn't care enough. I think there is plenty of value in eastern medicine homeopathy, both physically and mentally...after I am sure western medicine has ruled out something serious. You can certainly choose to treat your western life style with eastern medicine healthcare but know what you may get. I believe that the cost was the same when we were looking at DO vs MD (private) school costs. We ended up in a public school, DO programs tend to be private as do many MD schools.
  8. It's funny my son was accepted into a DO program (NYCOM) and was kind of poo-pooed by some of his advisors. He was wait listed for med school first go around but accepted before the year started. He is in his second year at Jacob School Medicine in Buffalo. In my opinion they are completely interchangeable and I would much rather have a janitor that is interested in helping me than the world's smartest physician who didn't give a crap.
  9. Seadogface - Thank you, that is an excellent point and one I will be sure to add to my discussion, Providers often forget what gravity their tone, tenor and information carry with little jug heads and their big ears. SiM I am doing Atrial Septal defects, Ventricular septal defects, Atrioventricular septal defects, Patent Ductus Arteriosis, as well as Tetrology of Fallot, Coaractation of the aorta, Pulmonary stenosis and Transposition of the great arteries. And how they look and sound when you see them
  10. A homeopath (MD or DO) usually advertises themselves as homeopath's. A totally different view on medical care and intervention. DO's and MD's not doing homeopathy have accepted that western medicine does a better job most of the time. Not to say that all homeopathy is quackery, but you better be damn sure they know what it isn't before blowing you off.
  11. So I am going to be doing some guest lecturing on pediatric heart disease in the next couple of weeks (a local Physician Assistant program). Haven't stood in front of a class in 25 years but teach on a daily basis. To this day it amazes me how much I can still learn about things I do on a daily basis. Hoping this goes well as I would like to do a bit more lecturing on a regular basis. More as a fun thing to do than actually getting rich off of it.
  12. I looked it up on Google maps. I wonder if that address really was expecting to get an iphone xs? We're shipping your order to: "my wife's name was here" 5895 CENTRAL ST DETROIT MI 48210
  13. Both people at the finish line were very excited.
  14. Checked my email this am and someone had purchased an Iphone xs to the tune of 1300 bucks on my ATT wireless account. They were having it delivered to their Detroit address. I was able to cancel the order. Have spent nearly the monring changing passwords and being sure I was on top of all my bills, fortunately I am usually fairly good at checking charges. I wish they would all just die.
  15. will pay an extra 75-100 to use airport rental