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  1. LOL! This still goes on. Been watching the Elon Musk show of Space X launches. Can see them from here and have been spectacular! I really should go up to see one much closer. Last one I could see first stage separation and burn backs, lost them just as they did re-entry burns. Very cool. Bernie, keep digging at this! you will get to the bottom of it eventually.
  2. Sold the j16, found a 2010 CS 218DLV. 2008 Yamaha 150 2 stroke. Going to be a good ride here in Florida. Slamming deal on the boat. Been looking for nearly two years for a boat, finally found one in the right mind with price.
  3. Great to see you again! Amazing how many KFS folks are around here! Catch ‘em up in the am!
  4. Putin: Making Russia Great Again
  5. gonna be a lot of unhappy red lobster folks. Stone Crabs just started harvest in Everglades city. I think mediums are like 26 bucks a pound, and jumbo's like 50 bucks.
  6. I call BS, Bernie says we should all see it at the same time. Just another scientific teet sucker allowing time for the loop of video to be rewound in the different color zones so it looks like a curved earth. I call hogwash and ask Bernie to offer his intelligent argument here.
  7. Not reading it all, but what is VFC? Vaccines for Children. Can you share that?
  8. Can’t wait to get back to Florida and see a launch or two. Typically about T+ 45-60 seconds we can see the rocket get over the horizon. Very cool to watch and amazing how many directions they go in. No always absolutely east but maybe NE/SE.
  9. I consume 20-25 carbs a day. On those meds and insulin and last A1c was high for me at 6.0. It is a crappy disease. But for us type “1.5” - 2, carbs are the key.
  10. Your licking the window in the car, as usual, and the roadside attractions are flying past ya. All of a sudden you see a sheep in a field and as you are licking you turn your head to see the sheep. Did you stop driving down the road? No you focused on a point and kept driving. Did ya happen to notice the mechanical movement in the device that is there? Probably not, too busy licking the window.
  11. And yet, it works perfectly. The oceans can walk any way they want, just like a human. we can walk side to side and down, but unless we use stairs we can't walk up. Neither can the ocean, but if you ass had the mass of an ocean, and the pull of the sun, it would swell much more than it does at a Bee Gee concert. Lame answer Bernie, really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Same old same old. you think in mm's and the world exists in kilometers.
  12. Eliminate lobbyists. If a pen can influence my prescribing habits, imagine what a few hundred K can do to a politician.
  13. First the earth is not a whole solid, second, gravitational pulls pull on the earth pieces and cause distortion, particular on the water. Really? You have no idea? Color me surprised.
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