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  1. If you put a pump on the blue lube bottle it’s easier to do one handed.
  2. Got out to the front today before the impending rains. See if this works...
  3. Vacationing in the Everglades. Sugars running well. This am 101, steady through the night. Still using the libre CGM. Last A1c 5.5. You guys are all doing much better! Every bit you Lowe you A1c to normal the longer you go without diabetic damage. Keep up the good work!
  4. A very wet trip so far. Lots of rain. Got the new engine mounted on the skiff and she runs like a scalded dog, I chickened out at 34 mph. Just too fast for a J16. Then the rains and storms set in. Hoping to get out later this week, Wednesday afternoon, the poons are in the passes. The fishing is off a bit int the bay due to the large amount of freshwater. Outside points are going off, reds are coming in.
  5. Own a lot at Outdoor resorts of America on the island. But you can get a room at the captains table or look at verbose for some rentals, lots of places to stay. 40 minutes to Marco about the same to Naples.
  6. So for the summer the water is rather tannin stained. Also large influx of freshwater so mostly snook and poons in the back country. For trout and reds more towards the front is better. Winter time the water is still stained it summer worse. For winter and summer a kayak will suffice. Lots of fish around Choko and in choko bay. A boat is fun, more places to go but for the last 12 years have fished with a yak 95% of the time and had great success.
  7. Jim ask away. I have a rig here on the island.
  8. Thanks Al, it is hot and of course get here and over do it a little. Today is a lay day of chills in and catching up on fluids. Bugs are minimal, Irma apparently took most of them away. Lots of dragon flies minimal mosquitos and some no see’ums at sun rise and set. Hoping to fish tomorrow, big tarpon are in. We will see.
  9. Will be down for three weeks of snook and tarpon and looking forward to a nice time off!!! See ya o the other side!!!
  10. You guys have no idea. It is so surreal...and I have not cared for one yet that I would say was of solid mental health for sure.
  11. 3 weeks in the everglades starts next Saturday. Working 7 days prior to and then another 7 days when I get back. Crap is all pulled together. It's the paying the price of work that has to be done to get the time. Next Friday get home, load the car, 45 minutes, then bed and out at 3 am. Driving down. Work on the boat a little, do some bike riding. Several fishing trips planned with friends. And a lot of kayaking as well. Next trip already planned....2 weeks in November with three days at hawks cay.
  12. Red, did you get this tick off your eye?
  13. "More than a mouthful"
  14. there are six other tires. Two on the ford pick up that is on blocks, two behind the chitter and one each on the rusted ride on mowers.
  15. "The Clipper La-Bia"