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  1. I was just under the Triboro today on Wards Island and was wondering about fishing there. Is it more bait or lures there? It is definately a spot for me to try out in the coming weeks. Thanks for any help
  2. I wish I would have known that they had a lifetime warranty. I broke mine over the summer and the wife threw it out and then I found out I could have gotten another. That was a bummer.
  3. I agree with all of you..... There are no fish in Montauk... I arrived Mon. 1:30 am left at 7:00 pm and did not see one fish caught by anyone.... Whats up with that?
  4. My condolences to the family I am in ..... mailing check tomorrow.
  5. Species Line Class Weight Catch Date Angler Bluefish M-01 kg (2 lb) 17 lbs. 4 oz. - 7.82 kgs Dec. 1, 1992 Steven Benson
  6. Hi all!!! Just looking for a little help on finding a motel in the Montauk area. I will be making a trip in Sept. for few days and Im sure some of you have a few ideas. And if you have any fishing tips.....
  7. HI Mike..havent seen you in a while. Sent an email to your wackey email. David
  8. Ok some good ideas. I will be checking a few of them but seems I cant find the keys to the Hatteras so I will be looking at others than the top end. Thanks for all you help and maybe Ill see some of you out there.
  9. Hi all I am coming from New York to Nags Head for the week coming up and just curious of any surf action? I do have a 4 wheel drive and will go out to the beaches. So can anyone give any advice on what tackle to bring and what I can expect to find?? Any help will be great. Thank you all David
  10. That was truly a sad looking Yankee team there last night and the last month for that matter. Torre is not done unless he does not win the World Series and then his time is over.
  11. Im in I like shiney yellow!
  12. Way to go Dave!!! Congradulations
  13. Dont worry.. I have heard this is day number 32 out of the 40 days of rain we are suposed to be getting. Can anyone confirm this? And whats with all the animals pairing up all over the place?
  14. This is easy!! ALOT
  15. They are here???? Ill bet they smell like fish. Am i Right????
  16. Wait Did you say the Habs are here??? Let me know if any left. He He
  17. Can you guys explain to me where our stripers migrate from? Do they Stay in the Hudson during the winter and make there way to the sound and south during the spring?? I always here of the fish first in the sound and river before anywhere else. Or do they come up from the Chesapeake or do they come fromthere later??? Thanks for the help
  18. Ok thanks for the replys.. but tell me this, Do the stripers from the Hudson go into a hibernation during the icy cold winter up north then spawn and move south?? I am just trying to understand how the fish are moving..Thanks
  19. Thanks Count me in too.
  20. Keep supporting the troops over there fighting for us. Just found out that my nephew is with the 2nd Marines moving into Iraq and saw that one of them took a shot in the hand today. Just hope for the best to all of them.
  21. Good to hear she is safe. In this case he should have been shot and a gun laid in his hands.
  23. They Are Watching!!
  24. Thanks Im in. Really liking these spring-giveaways.
  25. Went by yesterday and picked up the Empire and 4x4 permits. The 4x4 is the wrong color (same as last year) so she gave it to me anyway and said she will mail the new one when it arrives. They expect them by the end of next week. Empire Pass $59 4x4 $49