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  1. I have been tying on one of these for years. If I didn't already have one, I would pick this up. A great vise at a very good price!
  2. I will buy the Loomis 4wt fly rod. Please pm pmt info and i will pay by PayPal. I'm getting ready to turn in for the night, but will be up for another half hour or so. if i don't hear from you tonight, i will send payment tomorrow morning. Thanks, richard.m
  3. Bump for a very nice watch! Somebody please buy this thing and remove the temptation for me to buy it.
  4. Thanks for the information. I am going to pass, as I wear a 10 1/2 and I don't think they will fit. I was hoping they might run large. Thanks again.
  5. i am interested in these, but concerned about the fit. What size shoe do you normally wear? Thanks, richard.m
  6. Just a comment, I have these same items and use them with my Dyna King Barracuda. They are great! Good luck on your sale!
  7. I have been on 15-20 Caribbean cruises, always in the winter months, and think they are great. They are a great value and you can be as active or sedentary as you like. There are differences in the cruise lines, some cater to the party crowd and some are geared more to older adults, take your pick. I was hesitant to go on my first cruise, back in '90-'91, but was pleasantly surprised. Didn't go this past winter, but have already booked on for next January. Good Luck.
  8. i will buy the rod. please pm your pp info. thanks, richard.m
  9. very good! payment sent on the Fishpond waist pack. thanks, richard.m
  10. i am interested in the Fishpond waist pack. i am not sure of the model, but if one of the zippered compartments folds out for a work station, i will buy it. thanks, richard.m
  11. i'd go $40 shipped. thanks, richard.m
  12. Moving this sale to the auction, please close this listing. thanks, richard.m
  13. 1. i am selling a Valentine 400 Classic Planetary reel with extra spool. the reel is in very nice condition, a few light scuffs and a couple of very small nicks on the frame, (see pics) the extra spool is loaded with line and backing, i believe the line is an 11-12 wt, but make no guarantees about the line. the reel is set for left hand retrieve and i am also including an extra ratchet and instructions for converting to right hand retrieve. Valentine's web site says the 400 reel capacity is a Wf11 line and 300 yds of 20 lb backing. this is a tough USA made reel. price for the reel, xtra spool and lower 48 usps priority shipping is $200. 2. i also have for sale a Valentine 375 Classic Planetary reel spool. (NOTE! this is just a spool). the spool comes in a Valentine box and is in very good condition. i do not have a pic of the spool in this listing (i will try to ad one later) but it is at least as nice as the spools shown in the 400 reel pics. no backing or line on the 375 spool. spool price is $60 shipped. paypal is fine, or check if you prefer. thanks for looking at my ad. richard.m
  14. please close this post. thanks, richard.m
  15. still looking for a Valentine 350 spool, in addition to a trade, i am willing to consider buying a used one. (fyi, i spoke with Len Codella and the reel w/extra spool on his site is a Val. 375 ) thanks, richard.m