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  1. Two torpedoes $87 shipped Donny diver $ 47 shipped $123 shipped as package firm prices - PayPal accepted - add fees happy holidays!!!!
  2. I will pass on that offer. Very good price I just have too much going on here I shouldn’t even be looking at lures
  3. How much for the Conrad’s only?
  4. I would take the black and white if dplit
  5. Dexter boning - not fillet - 7” or 8”
  6. Are you kidding? why not throw a hooked plug into some water? My head is spinning here guys
  7. I’ll take blast needles
  8. Pm sent
  9. $55 shipped
  10. Respectfully passing. Nice plugs
  11. I have one 6” and two small ones left - needle available but not cheaply the 6” is new in original plastic
  12. $60 for the Conrad and the blue white above it? $65 if the blue white is newish...?
  13. Park on the street a block down - no permit needed.
  14. They came with feathers only - I have a yellow and white and both had color coded feather tail hooks.
  15. You could buy a discman on eBay and plug it into the auxiliary jack
  16. I think the third one down is an old Habs night n gale , someone added stick on eyes and changed tail hook.
  17. shopping for ten years, wife is decision maker and she isn’t with you..... where’s that going? have you made friends with your local Toyota guy? Is your plan to go everywhere in the northeast to get the best price? Has anyone explained rebates and incentives to you yet? Learn about that before you look at an “internet” price and expect anything similar when you go to buy. good luck i work for an automotive group based on Long Island that owns over 20 dealerships including three Toyota stores.
  18. Offer $65 for the remaining swimmer
  19. Hi scrapper, ill take the remaining plug just toss in whichever trebles you would use yourself ( I’ll cut them) please pm me a better pic of the plug and your paypal
  20. I’ll take Venmo
  21. I would go $50 shipped for the top and bottom lil guys - white/purp head and blue/white
  22. please pm me your address...
  23. is The bottom all white no stripe? That would be preferable
  24. You pick the two best ones and I’m ok you know what I’m looking for