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  1. Two torpedoes $87 shipped Donny diver $ 47 shipped $123 shipped as package firm prices - PayPal accepted - add fees happy holidays!!!!
  2. I will pass on that offer. Very good price I just have too much going on here I shouldn’t even be looking at lures
  3. How much for the Conrad’s only?
  4. I would take the black and white if dplit
  5. Dexter boning - not fillet - 7” or 8”
  6. Are you kidding? why not throw a hooked plug into some water? My head is spinning here guys
  7. I’ll take blast needles
  8. Pm sent
  9. $55 shipped
  10. Respectfully passing. Nice plugs
  11. I have one 6” and two small ones left - needle available but not cheaply the 6” is new in original plastic
  12. $60 for the Conrad and the blue white above it? $65 if the blue white is newish...?
  13. Park on the street a block down - no permit needed.
  14. They came with feathers only - I have a yellow and white and both had color coded feather tail hooks.