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  1. Thanks for the replies. In case people are curious I ended up getting a Fin-No OFC 16H. It's kind of funny I wasn't seriously considering this reel but put in a low offer for it and got it for 103.00 shipped. When I made the offer I did not expect it to be accepted. I just got it today, it is brand new. Initially impressions are very positive. It just looks and feels"nice". When I found out I was getting it I was concerned it may be too big. However, it is just the size I wanted, spool is just slightly larger than my thumb. Very obviously narrower than the 113H it will be replacing which is what I wanted. Also much narrower than my jigmaster.Very sharp looking reel and packaged nicely. Just looks and feel solid. I just got it and have not even placed line on it. Free spool is not nearly as fast as I assumed it would be but I'm not sure this is a bad thing. It has a "spool adjustment knob" which I did not know it had. Drag adjustments click and are very positive. Can't wait to get it spooled, I have a marathon booked on the 19th. Think I will get it spooled with 50 braid and 100 foot topshot of 50 mono. I live in southern NH and not sure where i will get line. Was thinking about getting 50 braid and 40 topshot but I don't know, boats I fish with hate light top shots. Honestly I am thinking I may sell my 113h. I just don't need a reel that size. I like simple set ups and the mono backing to braid to mono topshot seems like I'm just filling a spool much larger than I need. Wide spool makes line management difficult too. I have also been looking at the avets which look real nice. May try to sell the 113H and then buy the sx for a striper reel that can also do double duty for light cod/bottom fish. Funny, I have just recently started to come around to appreciate more quality reels. For years I have focused on line/ lures as opposed to reels or even rods. Many times the lures/line I have used have cost much more than my Okuma reels throwing them. Though I still feel the lure/line is more important than the reel I am seeing the advantages of quality rods/reels.
  2. Sorry to post another "what do I buy?" thread but I just can't decide between these two reels. Reel will go on a 8 foot heavy Ugly Stick mainly for jigging (cod haddock etc.) on the party boats out of Hampton harbor. Looking to fill it with something around 300 yards of 50 or 65 braid and a topshot of 50 mono of about 80 feet. I fished with a 113h for years and after using a jigmaster with braid last year I am sold on a lighter set up with braid for this type of fishing. Originally I was going to get the Penn Fathom 25N but after holding both the fathom and squall it's hard for me to justify spending more for the aluminum frame (tell me if I'm wrong). I was about to pull the trigger on the Squall when I saw the Okuma Cortez in size 10 which I can get for less than 100 shipped. Normally I would just buy the fathom but my wife's 9 months pregnant and I'm a little more careful with my cash. I like the Penn because there are a lot of very positive reports on the net and after handling one in a store it felt great. Really everything I am looking for in a reel. Not that looks matter but I like the looks more than the Okuma. I like the Okuma because it appears to do everything the Squall does but I can get it for about 30 bucks cheaper. I don't like that I don't know anywhere I can actually handle one and there are not nearly as many reports. However, the reports that are out are very positive. It also offers magnetic cast which may be nice if I ever use it from the surf. The vast majority of my reels are Okumas or Penns and I have been happy with both brands and find they both offer good bang for the buck. I know people have strong opinions on the Okumas but my first "serious reel" was an Avenger 65 bait feeder and I love the thing. I've dragged it through the sand, dunked and it still works well. Not the smoothest but more than functional. I think I'm leaning towards the Cortez. What do you guys think? Or tell me I'm offbase and recommend something completely different.
  3. Thanks for the replies.I talked to a guy today who had some jigmasters for sale locally and I'm going to meet him after work tommorow. He says there in good condition and as long as they are I will buy one or two tommorow. Your comments about line and spool size got me thinking. I had my 113H filled w/ 50 lb big game mono for two years. I switched to braid last year and had a ton of mono backing, 300 yards of braid and then about 100 yard topshot of mono which I would tie my pretied leaders (w/swivels) to. Seemed complicated.. First drop I let about 70 feet of line out and line stopped. I didn't have a backlash but it appeard the knot going from mono backing to braid got caught. Was a huge pain. Honestly I don't even remember what knot I used.I do remember researching lines and knots forever and thought I had it rigged correctly but knot may have been too big/not correct etc. HOwever, ever since this happened I was hoping to simply do braid to a top shot of mono and tie droppers straight to mono. I believe I can do braid without backing as long as spool is not plastic? I like my gear simple. But maybe with the jigmaster I will need backing? The jigmasters I'm looking at are super cheap so if they are in good conditin I am considering converting to narrow. However, after doing an internet search it sounds like it may just be too expensive. I can't imagine spending over 100$ to convert it. Would just buy a new smaller, graphite reel. Or maybe i should stop wasting all this time over thinking how to catch cod and just use the darned 113H w/50 pound mono as tons of people have been doing for years. Nah.
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for a new reel for the 3-5 trips a year I make out of New Hampshire on party boats, usually Al Gauron, for bottom fish. I am currently using a 113H w/ 50 pound mono on a 6'6 Ugly Stik boat rod Heavy Action. My main motivation for getting a new reel is it seems just too big and heavy and I want to switch to braid. I think I have been over researching the new reel and have looked at a lot of different price points. I was looking at the Daiwa Saltist and single speed Avets. Then started looking at the Penn Fathom but now I'm thinking the Penn Jigmaster may offer what I need at a much lower price but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything. I'm about to order the Jigmaster but can anyone convince me a more expensive reel would be better? I see some of the other reels are a little lighter but can deal with a few extra ounces for a 100-200$ savings. I would prefer aluminum but can't picture the graphite resulting in less fish. I like how the gearing is higher than 113 H but not too fast. I def. will be using braid so braid friendly is a consideration. I jig more than bait but use both. Thanks for the input.
  5. I've been surf fishing for years but never really targeted stripers on a boat. Have the week of the 11th off and was thinking of doing one of the striped bass trips offered through some of the larger boats out of hampton (Al Guaron, Eastmans?) Anybody have any experience with them or other suggestions. Really need to keep cost down but want a chance at a decent fish and just want to try them from a boat.
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  8. It was the marathon. And yes they gave us all rain checks. They tried their best to get out there, certainly can not blame them. It was not very crowded. Maybe 20 people. Would have been a lot of elbow room.
  9. Thanks for the updates. Unfortunately I went w/ Al Gauron's today. We slowly made our way out 14 miles and then turned right around. Too rough seas. Feel bad for the boat, they must have lost a lot of money.
  10. Hey, I had good luck jigging for cod a few weeks ago and am seeing if I can improve on jigs I have . I always go out on headboats out of Hampton Harbor and have two questions. First I always thought you were only allowed two hooks but on my last trip I was told there was a new regulation and you were allowed more than two hooks. I ask because I'm curious if I can do a treble on bottom of jig, single hook w/ worm on top and a teaser. Saw a guy killing them on this rig and no one said it wasn't legal but I want to make sure. Second question is regarding replacement trebles. I'm fishing mainly w/ Solvkroken jigs and the trebles don't see that sharp. Anyone know if a 5/0 Owner stinger would be a good replacement of is it too small? Any other good replacement hooks or just sharpen originals. Thanks guys I'm doing a 12 hour marathon on Sunday and looking for any tricks or tips.
  11. I'm going out with Smith and Gilmore. I've been out with them twice in the past year. I really like their staff. I'll post the results tommorow. I bought a few different pre-tied rigs. All are two hooks rigs with different attractors. Might try some jigging , never tried jigging before but would like to try to get a larger fish.
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm going out on Monday so should be fine. May try some jigging for first time also.
  13. Hey guys, I've been on a handful of party boat trips for cod/haddock etc, sailing out of Hampton in the past. I always used the rental rods but recently purchased a Penn 113H and an Ugly Stik Rod. Used it first time about two weeks ago and for the first time did considerably better than most. Could have just been luck but my guess is the rigs I were using were helpful. They were high low rigs with a small amount of bright (red and green) shrink tubing. I also bought some bait rigs with squid teasers. Do people find these effective or is the shrink tubing the standard? How about cod flys for bait rigs? I plan on simply using the clams provided. Found a lot of information on jigs for cod online but not as much for bait fishing. What are some tips for baitfishing on partyboats? I will be going on a 12 hour marathon this labor day. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the tips guys. Especially the heads up on the MA law. Hopefully I'll post some pics of some nice fish caught on alewives soon. A man can hope.
  15. Hey guys, a few years ago I used to work in downtown dover and remember seeing guys catching big fish on alewives. I've head the best way to catch them is on sabiki rigs. People tipping the sabiki rigs with clams or other baits or using as is? Any other tips on catching alewives for use as bait? I have been fishing PI and RYE but am clueless as to fishing the rivers. I know they have some big fish but don't know how to start. Feel free to PM me. Thanks.