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  1. On 5/30/2021 at 11:15 AM, Irishfire18 said:

    Nice collection and I love the finish on the display case


    Thanks bro. Just looked up “driftwood” styles. Basically a dark stain base. Then a sunbleached stain that is quickly wiped off. Shocked it came out so well on the first shot 

  2. 4 hours ago, JBay718 said:

    Looking for 2 oz beach master darters. Also looking for some juniors and eelys aswell. But mainly the 2oz darters. Fan of dark colors (gasoline , blurple, raccoon etc.) but open to all colors. 

    Think this got a little wet in storage. Don’t believe it was fished. Think it’s 15-20+ years old. 




  3. 1 min ago, ReelPeeler said:

    Is it gonna be recessed in the wall? Looking good. Love that banana, one of my favorites :th: 

    Nope. Just will hang on the wall. We have a bigger one in my office. 
    Will have a glass door as well 

    thanks bro 

  4. 36 mins ago, Good2Go said:

    I have a pristine jetty swimmer NIP 2.2 oz in weakfish, but to tell the truth it's my favorite color and model as well. Any chance of you adding a kicker to the CCW bunker to make the trade? 

    Hey bud. I could do that sure. Let me take a look and will be back 
    can I see a pic of the jetty swimmer?