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  1. I’d take the bottom left depending on price?
  2. Tight lines Bill!!!
  3. Thanks bro. Just looked up “driftwood” styles. Basically a dark stain base. Then a sunbleached stain that is quickly wiped off. Shocked it came out so well on the first shot
  4. Wow!!! Another empty stand filled. Sick flap tail squid crackle from Gremlin!!! Always nice to open up the display to add a new one!!! only a few empty stands remain!
  5. $40 shipped
  6. Think this got a little wet in storage. Don’t believe it was fished. Think it’s 15-20+ years old.
  7. Awesome Mail day today!!! An empty stand is now filled. Ted at Darby Creek sent me these 2- he, nor my family, can choose so they both go in!! one of the nicest guys around. These 2 look sweet!! I also keep moving stuff around haha.
  8. Hhahaha. Sorry Kevin. Very good point. Don’t want to embarrass The Herd!!
  9. Thanks bud! Very siked
  10. Here is a video IMG_0593.MOV
  11. Ok. I’ve been waiting a long time for this haha!! All done. For now. Few more builders I’m hoping to add!! glare is awful...
  12. Ok. Take it tomorrow to get the glass sized and ordered. My wife is pumped! I am really siked with how this is coming out. I can’t wait to get the plugs loaded in!!
  13. Nope. Just will hang on the wall. We have a bigger one in my office. Will have a glass door as well thanks bro
  14. Stained it with a dark walnut. Then used a sunbleached color over the top and wiped off fairly quickly. Supposed to be a driftwood technique Came out pretty sweet