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  1. Price drop to $125 shipped
  2. Have a few duplicates. Selling to purchase a roof rack for my pickup. cyclone wonderbread 6”, 2oz $140- NOW $125 shipped
  3. Sure. Sending pm
  4. Bump
  5. Offer?
  6. prices are shipped. $63 shipped for both Gibbs Bottle/Needle and SS Needle (think just storage wear) $35 davis swimmer $35
  7. Let’s bump this back up. Big display was opened to welcome a new member. Cyclone spoon lip.
  8. Sorry. The fjr is not available
  9. Have a purchase pending so have to come up with some funds. Prices are shipped. PayPal. 2 or more lots take $5 off GRS parrot slim (new) $140 FJR handcarve NOT AVAILABLE BM Spin $40 Davis swimmer (some storage) $37 Gibbs Bottle,Needle/Super strike darter/bottle (all 4; storage)- $50
  10. Bumping this up. Hoping I can shake one of these Dakine packs out
  11. Oh wow. That’s who I was thinking of for sure on the yellow One. Nice call!! Thanks bro
  12. Folks. Trying to help ID a few plugs for a friend. needle and the yellow pikie are same builder. I thought tattoo or habs? He is saying friends are saying no to tattoo. any thoughts?
  13. Pumped to add a Dmag to the trout/frog collection. Really pretty rainbow trout
  14. Closed
  15. Great. Pm coming.