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  1. What’s up bud. I’m in fla right now. Home tomorrow. I think it’s a slim though
  2. No one has 1 to sell?
  3. Still trying to add the perch(s) to my freshwater group. Shocked at how difficult it’s been. Switching up the plan. I need to trade to trade. So offering any of these up for slims/medium slims that may help with a trade. (Newer colors?)
  4. All good bud. Just let me know
  5. Just looking for the herring? I have the mullet in slim
  6. Still trying to add the perch(s) to my freshwater group. Offering this awesome Enzo/Arsenal swimmer or this GRS bluefish jr (1/1) for a grs Perch (any style, blue or green)
  7. Anyone need a little extra cash for Surf Day? Blue or green GRS Perch. Immediate PayPal
  8. Bluefish jr?
  9. Bump. Immediate PayPal ready
  10. Is there a color or colors you are looking for?
  11. Hey- if you are willing to sell, I just started a wtb thread
  12. Just this one as of now. I also started a wtb, if you are willing to sell.
  13. I have a WTT out there but also willing to purchase. Any style of Grs perch. (And either blue or green)