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  1. Bump. I’d also look at a jointed Danny
  2. What about a Jointed Danny?
  3. Still looking for this elusive one to complete my RM Smith Danny Trout collection. I have a WTB up as well. I have a good variety to trade plug below is the color pattern, not the plug style. Thanks
  4. Ok. Trying this again. Trying to complete my RM Smith Danny trout collection. From what I know, he made a few in the regular Danny style. Picture below is the color pattern- NOT the plug. Would also trade.. have plenty of stuff
  5. Great. Thanks
  6. 115 and I got fees?
  7. Sure what are you looking for?
  8. Any luck Kevin Kloza?
  9. This is for a friend so he’s checking stash. Has old run bm wadd needles to trade.
  10. Cool. Thanks Kev. Let me know
  11. 70 for pearl?