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  1. Happy Easter. Bump for a trout or 2
  2. Thought I posted this. My middle daughter made this in shop class. (We don’t use the lights after advice not to)
  3. Willing to pay $$ for a cyclone trout I don’t have. Also have stuff to trade.
  4. Used cat litter? Sprinkle it around the boat. Maybe leave a tray in the boat?
  5. Bump. $85 shipped for the rare chum Needle
  6. Gary2 no longer available. Chumbucket- now $85 shipped
  7. Gary2 Peanut- mark on bottom is under epoxy. Rare plug- $130 shipped Chumbucket Needle. Pretty cool shape. Colors are sweet. Cool faint pink flash on the side. Normal/minor yellowing on bottom. Think I’ve seen 1 maybe 2 others like this. $95 shipped
  8. Think we traded on that xl right?
  9. Monday morning bump. Gary2 Peanut still available for $140. Never seen another for sale...
  10. Great. She’s a nice one. I will miss her. Chum sold. Gary2 Peanut still available
  11. Would you do 225 and pickup fees?
  12. I’m awful with guessing weight. I would say it has to be 6-7oz?
  13. Pic of the lip on the Chumbucket
  14. Hey bud. Thanks. They are both really cool pieces. The gary2 is new. I would say not mint but more that it’s old. Not really a pointer on the bottom but there is something there- looks like under epoxy.