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  1. Meet me at 120?
  2. $125 shipped
  3. I have a river herring slim. Trying to see if I have a pic on my phone
  4. Price drop. $200 shipped.
  5. This is apparently dmags favorite out of his leopards. Gorgeous plug. Pic does not do this plug justice. Blue eyes are sweet. Pearled body is scaled. Really a special piece. Tough to part with but thinning the herd. $210 shipped
  6. TB sold Dmag pencil, swimmer and needle available. Striperbites needle available
  7. Great. Pm coming
  8. We were in LBI a few weeks ago. I was fluking and my 2.5 year old niece was with me. We were using a 7-6 st croix with a little penn ss. I would cast, hand her the rod and she would reel in. Few minutes later I see her struggling trying to reel and realize the rod is bent and she has something on. Pretty quickly realized it was a cow-nosed. She “helped” me for a few min. Then I took over and fought it for maybe 20 min. The st croix was great. The ray made numerous runs. Very fun fight.
  9. $5 price drop on each Dmag.
  10. Thanks Ivan.
  11. Tattoo sold
  12. What’s up bro. Going to pass for now. Thanks
  13. Pm sent