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  1. Anyone want to swap?
  2. This is an older bunker pattern giant. Hardware looks ok. Minor scratches. Looking for a Slim in a lighter color
  3. Bumping this back up. Looking for a signed Spin for this signed needle
  4. If you cover fees I’ll do that
  5. Looking to sell these 2 darters. Don’t believe either was thrown- but they were in storage that got wet. Tattoo (original) squid Choopy small $50 shipped/PayPal.
  6. Great. Thanks for the info bud. I was checking those ospreys out.
  7. Thanks bud. I have 1 and just want another for a different use. I’ve been checking around on REI. do you know of one that you could recommend?
  8. Bump. Anyone have this backpack?
  9. Looking for a Dakine Patrol backpack. They used to carry them at The Surfcaster. used is fine.
  10. Sorry. Missed the reply just sent a pm. I’m in Montclair and have the Rod with me if you want to take a look.
  11. I have 4 older conventional reels I have no use for. All work, but assume they would need to be serviced. Penn 160 Penn 209 Levelwind 2 Penn 85s $65 PayPal/shipped
  12. Bumping this back up. This was helpful for sure. But I was looking to see if there was truly a breakdown of each type of lip and it’s “original intention” was. I’m messing around with a small Danny. Put a lefty hi slot in. Original design I had called for a Pikie. I’m just trying to gauge what each was meant to do?
  13. Still available. Meetup in LBI?
  14. It’s been too long for this thread. Let’s bump it up with an updated pic of the Wonderbread and toasted wonderbreads.