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  1. Sorry did not reply right away, got the reel.
  2. Looking for a “Shimano Ultegra CI4 Plus ULTC145500 XTC” with extra spool (new or in excellent condition. Thanks,
  3. Still have it? What's the last price? Cost of changing name?
  4. Can you send me contact to:



  5. My mistake on info, need a: 1 oz to 4 oz or better a 1/2 oz to 3 oz in 10.6 or 11 fert to cast with a 25 or 30 pound braid with an Abu c3. Was looking at a St Croix Avid 10’ but considering building a castum casting rod, might get all parts and have built in Chile or USA.
  6. Hi, need help on getting info on Custom Rods, would like to contact someone for quotes. Thanks,
  7. Still have it? Last price shipped to Miami?
  8. Braid to Fluoro with Peixet knot and then swivel, swivel to lure with small Leader and Rapala Knot to lure. Other take the option of using a Duo Lock Snap in order to change lures faster. Personally my lures are already rigged with 2 feet Leaders...............
  9. Braid to Fluoro: I like using Knot (Peixit) to Fluoro (8 to 9 feet), then swivel........ (for working on my spinning reel, this knot as a great response and runs through guides with no problem).
  10. What’s best: • Pre-rigged big lures with 80# fluoro with leader sleeves • Have several 5 feet lure leaders with loop at one end with leader sleeve and duolock snap to lure? Suggestions are welcome, Regards, Scuba69
  11. Not what I wanted (Wind On Leaders), just found what I wanted: Hollow Braid to Fluoro Leader (Fluoro in the Hollow Braid w/no knots). Regards, Scuba69
  12. Great day, great view, and sure you had a lot of fun. Regards, Scuba69
  13. Never used Hollow Braids, have been reading on Forum for the connection between the Hollow Braids and leader. Want to use 80# w/80# Fluoro. Do you just splice it and get the Fluoro in? How much Fluoro in the Hollow Braid? Do you need any type of cement? Looking forward to your advise, Regards, Scuba69
  14. Where can I find a chart of diameters for "Jerry Brown Hollow Core Braid"?
  15. Biggest in boat was 68 lbs (others ranging between 30 lbs & 50), the one lost was huge, it sure looked much bigger. The reel can be loaded with a lot of 80lb braid, just want to get the best. At present in my spinning reels I use Power Pro 30lb and on the Penn I've been using 50lb, never had a problem before but it was not enough for two of the Tunas we found last week-end.... (probably the braid was damage), just don't want to experience loosing a big tuna again....