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  1. I was using a whip finisher beforeat first, then Saltyh20fly showed me how to do it using my index and middle finger. It was so simple. THANKS SALTY!!! Sometimes one method is more convenient than the other.
  2. Ok, thanks for all the suggestions and I hear your words of caution. Started with the rice and gonna let them go for a couple of weeks and see what happens. If I dunk them again, I will use the Dove dish washing liquid only.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will probably start with the least risky and move my way to the Borax. The only thing I mixed with the Chlorox was water and a dash of laundry detergent.
  4. A little while back when the weather was unusually warm, I opened my bucktail drawer and it smelled like really bad toes!!! Since the weather was warm, I decided to give all my white (non-professionally dyed) bucktails a bath of about 4 oz of chlorox bleach to 3 gallons of warm water and a dash of laundry detergent for about 1/2 hour. Then, I hung them out to dry on the fence. No problems until I brought them into the house to let them dry further on plastic container lids. A day or two later, I noticed some of them has some "sweat" on them. I'm thinking some of the tails still has some fat cells in them and the oil went rancid and that is what caused the smell. What I'm seeing now is the remaining fat cells oozing out oil. I took a snapshot of it for you to see. I have a fireplace and I can hang them on the spark guard and gently toast them to get all the fat out and them give them another bath in bleach and soap. What should I do?
  5. FYI. I was in a Wal-mart this weekend and came across these halographic sheets that I think will do well on my Crease Flies and other stuff.
  6. Plasti Dip is available from the folks in the left corner as you enter the exhibitors area.
  7. I use Congo Hair too. I have a whole plastic drawer full of this stuff in many different colors and shades. Love how the white turns translucent when wet. If you blend in some Angel Hair to make like a SF blend, the other fibers peek through when they are in the water and looks great.
  8. Who makes this vise? I would love to see the rest of it.
  9. What about the Thompson Cobra Vise? I think this is the one I was talking about (but without the shiny balls).