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  1. I learned to fly fish with my dad's old Tonka Queen cane rod. It's still one of my favorite sticks.


    This thread is a perfect example of the inevitable conflicting information that results from asking an opinion question on a forum. What's right for me may be only OK for you and downright awful for Fred. 


    There are no wrong answers. Only the ones that are right for you.


    Steve Culton

  2. Those flies are breathtaking. Yowza!


    I appreciate all the love, too. Here's another view of the same fly. I generally fish much simpler shrimp patterns, but there is something inherently satisfying about catching a fish on a proper GP. I'm looking forward to hearing about titleguy's experiences.




    Steve Culton

  3. My money's on the Spey flies, particularly in estuaries/current where there are shrimpy things or small baitfish.


    It's not a traditional Spey fly, but this Black General Practitioner does very well for me.



    Steve Culton

  4. FBW,


    I was excited to see you resurrect this thread as I'd long forgotten about it. The great old patterns endure.


    To clarify: Ken Abrames, the creator of the modern saltwater flatwing, didn't start experimenting with them until the late 1970s -- and didn't share those patterns and ideas with the Rhode Island fly fishing community until the 1980s. So Bill Peabody, who has credited Ken and his flatwings as being the inspiration and template for the Rhody Flatwing, likely developed the fly sometime in the 1980s. That still makes it an oldie and a goodie.


    For those who are interested in flatwing history and some hard-to find Peabody flatwing gems, do an interweb search for Tom Keer's excellent article "The Art of the Flatwing" and for "Bill Peabody's Flat-Wing Patterns."


    In the meantime, here's a better shot of a dozen Rhody Flatwings as today's Blue Plate Special.



    Steve Culton


  5. I've been fishing a 10' 5-weight Hardy Marksman II for Housy smallmouth for years. It is currently mated with an 8-weight Sci Anglers Anadro floating line. I'm throwing everything from size 12 wets to Woolly Buggers to Gurglers to bulky deer-hair head streamers to dumbbell-eyed crawfish.  


    Hope that helps,





  6. 'Twas a rousing success! What a great group Dan has helped to create: passionate anglers, nice people, and I had a blast with the presentation. I'm told over 50 people were in attendance. If you were there, thanks for coming out. If you're in the area but haven't yet joined, this group is worthy of your time. Thanks again for having me.


    Steve Culton


    We had not one but two Q&A sessions after the presentation. Good stuff, people. (Dan's photo.)




  7. Raffle swag for tomorrow night's meeting. These tie in neatly with my presentation, "Trout Fishing For Striped Bass." Hard to go wrong with a properly presented team of three when the bass are keyed on small stuff. Four options here, clockwise from top: Deer Hair Grass Shrimp, Micro Shrimp Gurlger, Orange Ruthless Clamworm, Eelie. Hope to see plenty of SOLers there!



    Steve Culton

  8. On 2/2/2020 at 9:26 AM, jalthoff said:

    I suspect The Fisherman may chime in in terms of floating line and getting flies deep.  He is very skilled and one can't argue with his results.

    This is very kind of you to say. 


    Several years ago I wrote an article that appeared in American Angler called "Mainly Misunderstood." It explored some of the popular misconceptions about floating and intermediate lines. For those who are interested, it's easily found in an internet search.


    And yes, Mike, I enjoy and value our fly fishing discussions. Sure you don't want to come to the Cape this spring? :-)


    Steve Culton