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  1. For all inclined to comment, please consider post #7 in this thread: They haven't yet published their position, but I'm hoping for one this week. Steve Culton
  2. Hope to see some fellow SOLers there! Steve Culton
  3. Please see post #7 from member ASGA in this thread: Steve Culton
  4. If I could get rid of the damned quote box, I would. To answer the above questions: 1) See movie poster in thread starter. Documentary. 2) Save for a few archival photo stills, it is all new or recent footage. 3) There's a short review on my site. Hope that helps, and my apologies for the formatting gremlins. :-) Steve
  5. A very enjoyable evening. Great to reconnect with some old friends. Steve Culton
  6. Our strength will be greatest in unified numbers. The ASGA has their act together and is doing a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes legwork on this issue. I would like to suggest that if you support the ASGA's efforts, wait to hear their position -- it should be a matter of days or hours now -- and then respond reaffirming that position. If you're not signed up for email updates on the ASGA website, you should be. Steve Culton
  7. What a privilege to be able to write about my home waters. Thanks for reading. Steve Culton
  8. From the lobby of our hotel on Loch Fyne. That's some reel, too. Steve Culton
  9. Is that the new one on the Farmy?
  10. Next time, browns for sure. We had one take separate fly from leader...and we were using 2x... A couple more photos from the day: Steve
  11. The only lake in Scotland, Menteith. We were supposed to fish a loch but the manager wouldn't let boats out due to the weather. Menteith suited me just fine. I didn't expect the rainbows to be as large as they were -- they were like junior steelhead. I had a couple of hits that qualified as crushing. Steve
  12. The Kate's original purpose was to be a bob fly -- to create a wake and/or help suspend the team -- but it's got enough buggy and attractor and contrast going for it to stand on its own. Steve Culton
  13. Yes, I've used it on the Farmington with success...I would also think it would drive wild brookies absolutely out of their mind. Steve Culton
  14. Cam's first fish. You can see from the photo what the weather was like...a little Scottish sunshine. Steve Culton
  15. Cam and I did a day of loch style fishing (story is on my site) and we both got into fish. I even managed one on a Kate McLaren I tied. You're right about the rain. It poured on us all morning, and we did the loch thing because the rivers were blown out. Steve Culton
  16. Thanks to everyone who attended. We appreciate the first hand feedback. Steve Culton
  17. Bump. This is important.
  18. Ken is just the subject of the film. He has nothing to do with its production, show schedule, distribution, etc. Anyone's best bet for finding out future plans for the film is to try to contact the director, who I do not know, or know how to contact. Perhaps an online search will be your best bet in that regard? Sorry, I wish I knew more! Steve Culton
  19. Just started a new thread on how you can help the ASGA go to bat for us against the ASMFC:
  20. Hi Dick, I still have the Betsys you tied for me, and once fall arrives I will use one to catch a striper at the mouth of the Housatonic. You should know that many, many people are thinking about you and your family, and we're all pulling for you. Steve Culton
  21. Yes! Mike and I agree on something! Woo-hoo! Here's what I teach my wet fly students: the fish has said yes to your fly. Don't say no by pulling the fly out of the fish's mouth. Atlantic salmon anglers across the pond are taught to say "God save the Queen" when they feel the hit -- then set the hook. The thing is that by that time the fish has already turned away and has hooked itself. Here in the US, we don't have a Queen, we have a President, and depending on your politics you may or may not want God to save the President. So when you feel that hit, ask yourself "Are you still there?" If fortune has smiled on the placement of the sharp hook in the fish's mouth, the answer will always be yes. btw I've been using that joke through two administrations and it always get the same amount of laughs no matter who's in the Oval Office. :-) Hope that helps, Steve Culton
  22. Yup, different strokes, etc. There are some areas I bushwhack through where a 6' rod is a Godsend. You mentioned roll casting which is a cast I also use a lot on small streams. The OP should definitely try before he buys since all rods are not created equal when it comes to roll casting (and that also speaks to line weight and taper). Btw, it's worth mentioning that these small stream sticks vary greatly in flex and line weight capability, so the OP may want to not necessarily lock into any certain weight rod. I have a 6' glass five-weight that feels to me like it's a 2-weight (whatever that feels like). I have a 7' that handles a range of line grains. Both roll cast like a dream with a five weight DT. Steve Culton
  23. Having bushwhacked around small streams for many years, I'm very happy I have a 6' option and a 7' option. Different strokes, etc., but I'm not sure why anyone would want or need a small stream stick larger than 7'. DT floating line. If you're a glass or cane fan small streams are great place for those materials. Hope that helps, Steve Culton
  24. You’re welcome. Feels good, doesn’t it? :-) Steve Culton
  25. The pocket water in a stream is a great analogy. Let's start here: on that stream, would you use a line that you cannot mend and cannot control the presentation (other than to strip) -- and if not, why use that method in this situation? I love fishing the rock gardens, structure, and reefs around Block Island. The bass are almost always looking up. Hope that helps, and good luck. PM me if you'd like some more insights. Steve Culton