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  1. And you could stay at Legends on the Farmington, which is a top-notch lodge. Steve Culton
  2. An all-time classic. I once wrote a piece titled "Everything I Needed To Know About Steelhead I Learned From 'Animal House.'" I used some of the subsequent lines from that scene. You can probably still find it on the internet somewhere. I think we're in violent agreement on several things, such as staying positive and not rehearsing defeat. An optimistic streak is surely an asset for anyone trying for bigger bass. Speaking of catching big bass, I'll be presenting "Targeting Big Stripers From The Shore" at the Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough Saturday, 1/19 @ 10am. Hope to see some SOLers there. :-) Steve Culton
  3. I'm not basing outcomes on that poll. I'm speaking from my experience and stand by my statement. Very few anglers specifically target large stripers on the fly from the shore; if I happen to hook a single 30-pound bass in a 365 day period, that, my friend, is a darned good year. :-) Steve Culton
  4. The vast majority of striper-on-the-fly anglers will neither hook nor land a 30-pound striper this year, especially if they are fishing from the shore. Here's a simple straw poll from this site: Steve Culton
  5. Hi RJ, I'm doing three different presentations in Marlborough; one of them (Wet Flies 2.0) is a seminar in the Catch room Friday. The other two (Big Stripers From The Shore & Lost Secrets of Legendary Anglers) are in the Destination Theater Sat and Sun. I'm only in Edison for one day, Friday, doing WF2.0 as a Seminar. Looking forward to seeing you! Steve Culton
  6. I was really bummed that it didn't happen, and the spot where I was fishing it is usually money in early December. The problem, I think, was unseasonable cold plus a massive amount of rain 48 hours earlier. I was fishing it with a full sink line along the bottom when the river gods decided they wanted a Betsy for their collection. I still have one, and may try it again this month. Good health and a good year to you, sir! Steve Culton
  7. It's intuitive that the bigger the fish, the older it is. So your 14" schooligan is probably a couple years old. Once you get into the 25-lb class, you're looking at a dozen years old or so. There are length/weight/age charts all over the web. And thanks everyone so much for the kind words and support. A little perseverance and I'll take all the good fortune I can get. Now, we need a little January thaw... Steve Culton
  8. To clarify: what I'm using is a five weight. I can't tell you if the rod you speak of is "enough rod" for what you want to accomplish. All rods are not created equal, even within a specific weight range. I have a five weight that is a telegraph pole and I have a five weight that is a willow branch. The only way to find out is to fish it. That may or may not be feasible (economic, practical or otherwise) but it's the best answer I can give you. Good luck, and have fun. :-) Steve Culton
  9. If you do a search of this forum, you should be able to find plenty of photo reference of Dick's fly.
  10. Having tried it three times (I failed the first try in 2007) I can tell you that it's not easy. It takes planning, perseverance, and -- this cannot be underestimated -- luck. I had planned on getting my December bass on Bonefish Dick's Betsy fly, a nod to our brother who has been through it (and them some) this year, but 'twas not to be -- I lost one of his flies to the bottom gods and decided to save the other for another day. Here are some fast facts about 2018's successful campaign: Number of months I got my bass on the first try: 10 (January-Sept & November). There's that luck I was talking about (Jan & Feb). Number of tries in October: 2 Number of tries in December: 9. Wow, December was tough. Bad timing, bad luck, bad weather, high/cold water. For some perspective, it had been 10 years since I went 7 or more outings without catching a bass. Number of blanks in December: 7. Not a touch makes for a long evening in subfreezing cold. Youngest bass I caught: About 2 years. Oldest bass I caught: About 13 years. Months I caught a bass on a floating line: All 12. States where I caught a bass: 3, (CT, MA, RI) Some of them were small (like January's) ~ Some were a little heftier. ~ I caught them in salt ponds and estuaries... ~ ...and on open beaches. ~ There came a point in December where I was beginning to feel like it wasn't going to happen. Then, one night I was dragging a deer hair head fly across the surface to change it out, when WHACK! I was excited until I got the fish in closer. Wait a minute. That's not a bass, is it? Nope. Northern pike. I can't remember the last time I got so depressed about catching a quality fish on the surface in 34 degree water. At least I didn't try to lip it! ~ On the ninth outing, mission accomplished at the 11th hour, both literally and figuratively. If you see tired and cold (and relieved!) under the smile, you win. Steve Culton
  11. Confirmed for Edison on Friday, 1/25. I'll be doing a seminar, "Wet Flies 2.0," Catch Room, 3:15pm. Please come say hello. Steve Culton
  12. "A Perfect Fish"
  13. I've been fishing (and catching with) a Magog Smelt tied in Ray's Fly format for many years. Steve Culton
  14. I don't ever use the EC253 1/0 when I suspect bigger fish are in the mix. Try bumping up to the 3/0 size. In the last ten years I've yet to have an issue with them, and that includes stripers to 30 pounds. I even use them on smaller patterns like the Big Eelie. All 3/0s. ~ Hope that helps, Steve Culton
  15. Attaboy, Dick! Steve Culton